I remember I used to really be engaged in a conversation when it came to women. I would listen to every detail that spat out of their pretty little mouth until my brain had been replaced with a library full of information about her. I would try my best to remember everything from previous conversations to what was happening on TV as we talked on the phone. My focus on solely her would bring me to a  point that it would distract me from more important matters like reading, writing, focusing on school, family, learning about myself, etc. All of that became replaced with them and what was happening to them. It was like I was studying for a test or the SATs. I would remember the exact food she would talk about, the clothes she thought about buying, what kind of hairstyle she would wear the next day at school, who her friends were and what “crazy” thing they did, stories from her past that nobody else knew about, and finally, their ex or current boyfriend that they hated in that moment. 

That would always become my downfall. Yes, I was a good listener and it pays off in certain aspects as long as you know how to use it correctly, but in the beginning stages I was way too caught up in the moment and really living inside of their movie. It would lead to nowhere but countless sequels about her with me as a barely a co-star, and towards the end damn near a extra. I was basically a human voice recorder for her. As the Bill Cosby quote goes “Women don’t want to hear what you think. Women want to hear what they think in a deeper voice”. It was never really about me and never was going to be while I stayed in that position of just being a good boy and never questioning their decisions. It could of been any man (to an extent) in that same spot and it wouldn’t change the fact that she was going to use him as a seat cushion while she shitted out everything she had ate that day.

I can’t blame them for it because that is just how the game goes. Looking back, I can understand myself and her better, but in that moment I remember thinking in the back of my mind that it would land to something. This was going to be my golden ticket into pussy kingdom. All I had to do was just listen and wait until she allowed me the chance to grab at least a snack from the pink plate of fish. A little bread crumb from the dinner table. A ounce of liquid from her Hello Kitty Fountain to calm my thirst. Something, anything. Not just only from the pov of gaining sex but, also in the hopes of making her my girlfriend. My queen my sunshine. My everything. The person that would cause my suppose darkness to vanish after she gave me the secret to life that she supposedly had stored in her brain and heart like the media loves to tell us. I wanted to make them my center of the universe. I, in a nutshell was balls in and committed to trying to impress her like a little kid begging for some attention so it can lead to a relationship. Of course, this would not be the case. I didn’t know it back then but, I was too invested in the outcome and never focused on action of the present. This lead me to be shotgun blasted in the friendzone. This of course was a great thing. It taught me to look at my flaws and see what I was doing wrong. Which was, taking the game too serious. 

I see a lot of Feminist videos on Youtube. I remember I would watch these videos and become upset. Real upset. It was like they were doing everything in the boom to bash men and make us look like clowns. It was as if every man out there was a rapist waiting in dark alley wearing a Batman suit in hopes of one night snatching up our own catwoman and going Dark Knight on that pussy with our hidden swords. You would think each man out there just opens the door and yells “BITCHES ARE JUST TOYS FOR OUR DICK. BOW DOWN CUNTS AND COCKSUCKERS. Men were the enemy and deserved to have their balls hung from a tree and thrown rocks at it until their sperm scattered away as quick as they can until they found a sperm bank. Were are the big bad villains in nit only these YouTube videos but, articles, rants out in public, on TV in the media, songs, etc. There is no escape from it and it would drive me mad. I am not out here trying to hurt women and cause them psychological damage while I shout from my throne made out of m Favorite NBA team while a slave girl from BDSM or GOR kneels holding a sandwich and the latest season off Mad Men snugged tightly up her ass.  While that still sounds fun that just simply wasn’t the case. Why was I being bashed and treated like I just Facebook added Casey Anthony and supported Beyonce’s claims that she really had a baby a couple years back. Then, one day I just stopped and realized something: Its just words. 

Watching the videos and all other sorts of rants from women made me see that its a waste of time to try and force them to see it from our perspective. Why? Why am I going to try and force my ideology and facts inside of their brain when feelings are just going to rule out anyway. My silly logic will be smashed to dust and used as glitter for their tampon stick before they say “Yuck gross” and discard it. My logic and ways of viewing life from a masculine perspective means jack shit. Its not about trying to fight them. Its simply about learning what right pieces to fill in. 

Not just with feminists but just women in general. Its really just one long test to see if you as a man will understand what is happening and get it. She throws out a unfinished puzzle. It is simply your job to find the correct piece that is going to fit. Its not about what she is saying at all. What she is saying in the long run means nothing. It doesn’t matter if she claims to be a strong, dominant, independent, modern day Wonder Woman. None of that matters once you stick your dick inside of her. When she ask or talks about something she likes, it is just up to you as a man to find the right words to respond with. Its like a MC and a beat. She will play as the beat. All noise without any words behind it. Just sounds. 

You as the man must play as the MC. If the MC’s words are all over the place and doesn’t compliment the beat well the song itself will come out horrible and hard on the ears. Same with the beat. If it is off and you can’t find the right style that is comfortable to you, then you must pass on that beat and find one that suits you. Overall, you as a man must find the right pattern of words, flow, tone, content, etc. If she asks about what you do, goals, hobbies, etc you can tell her but, have some passion behind it. Have some knowledge behind what you speak on but not in a corny Math teacher like way in which you are explaining instead  of doing. Make it fun and exciting. Make her become jealous for not learning this on her own already. When she wants to talk and then waits for your response, make sure you add details and engage in the conversation as if you are a actor doing your best to snatch a Oscar. Its not about what is actually being said. She can care less herself. She is simply seeing how you move and how much of a rock you are. 

This of course comes off as manipulation and as if women say nothing and don’t deserve to be listen to. No. That is not the case at all. Women do deserve to be listened to and shown respect on both ends if DESERVED. You can’t expect to be mindless as she talks and then when she finishes say something slick and cool and expect her to want to take your dick later and wrap a photo of Ray Rice on it, then place a photo of Janay Rice on her face and pussy. You do have to listen and show her the respect SHE DESERVES. Meaning, if she is being a bitch than act accordingly. If she is being a cool chick than again act accordingly to her actions and reflect it back on her in a masculine way. Don’t waste your and her time if respect from her and the game are not present. If you stay for some pussy you will always be a slave to it instead of a man that appreciates the joys it brings but, can walk away at any time. So no this is not manipulation. This is in fact helping like other men have helped men. This in fact is for the betterment for women. If more men knew the game better this would save women a lot of money of dildos, time reading relationships advice, being miserable at past encounters and relationships, etc. The only issue women I believe have is men needing help. I am sure when they find out about blogs like this and other ones with the same theme like “TRP”, “MGTOW”, etc they cringe and call men like that weird or losers. They want Santa Clause to still be real and have something honest and genuine from men. Not robots and simple minded drones. They also don’t want outsiders invading the club. If every men knew the game how will she ever tell who is who. I understand their “concerns” but, just like women are aware of their power, men are as well. Its just the natural reaction when you are getting defeated. The best thing to do is to find new ways in which to win and survive out here. Again, by men knowing these tools and skills it helps out both parties and causes less trips to either the Police Station or a Divorce court. 

Finding the right pieces are really all its about in the end for not just conversations but as a whole when it comes to women. Each next step is a trap you as a man must walk around or jump over. It may seem like much and it is but, they can’t help it just like when can’t help but watch a Nicki Minaj video and stare at her ass even if the music is trash juice with a side of cat liter and a tall glass of two month old expired milk with a face of that chick from that movie Precious at the bottom of the cup. Its not about what she is saying at all. Its about having the right flow and making it a experience for you and her. She even knows that deep down it is a test to see what place he will fit in on her life. Make sure you as the man is in the one that will be in her bed chilling on her laptop naked enjoying her Netflix account while she is in the kitchen making some breakfast. 


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