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I just wanted to make a quick post about me recently reaching 10,000 views on my blog. I never thought I would receive so many views for a blog I had lost interest in as soon as I created it. My first post which can be seen here was created in October, but not posted until May of this year. Yeah I know, I really don’t know what happened and why I stopped but, more than likely it was due to just being lazy and not catching a spark to write (Plus, Netflix, Internet, and Women can be quite a distraction). Once I started to write though there was no stopping me. 

I wouldn’t say I found my “voice” persay but, I had and still have so many ideas that I thought about and wanted to share with the blog world. Ideas that have stayed in my brain for quite some time but had no outlet to really release them to. Conversations with other people are great but, when it comes to the internet and having more eyes on a topic, idea, concept, or philosophy it lacks in comparison. My voice I believed is still being searched and soon one day will be found. I have exclusive posts like my “No Filter” series“Distractions”, and “Behind the Blog” but, I still feel I have some searching to do in order to really grasp on what my sound really is. I have been inspired by a few blogs in the Red Pill world so, its not hard to imagine why at times I feel like I am just repeating the same things with a new twist. This I believe though are just the building blocks for me to lay down and rise higher and above exceptions.

On my journey to 10,000 I have had some mild success I believe by having a couple posts so far that have gotten well received likes. Sure, its not the biggest things in the world but, none the less it still feels good to know that other people appreciate the work and decided to give it a internet head nod and throw me a like. Below so so far are my most liked posts that I will in the future shatter and reached double digits in due time. As for now, 6 is the most dominant number. 







 This list will not be the same in due time. As I said, I believe this is just the starting point for me and will push me to continue to work harder and post more and hopefully better posts than my previous ones. I am learning more and more each day and it is causing me to have feelings and thoughts about the world that have really left me with a “Is this all there is” feeling that is hard to write and explain at times but, I believe with each post I write I become better at doing it. I am currently only 25 now but I believe in my transition to my 30s, 40s, 50s, etc I will have even more knowledge and wisdom than I can imagine now. The stereotypical “I know everything about the world” feeling is in me and hard to shake off but, I know I still have a lot to learn. I know I still have some ignorance in me that helps and hurts at the same time. I am glad because it pushes me to keep going and write.

I know 10,000 is not something to really applaud but, this is only the beginning yet still somewhat of a great feat especially for a lazy and narcissistic fellow as myself. More posts and videos (Shocking I know) will come. I just wanted to extend a internet high five (Yes I still do those in 2014) and say thank you for viewing my blog and stroking my ego a bit. All jokes aside I really appreciate it for it has given me motivation to want to achieve more in my life than what is expected. Stay tuned.   


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