Not every woman wants to slit their husband’s or boyfriend’s throat until the blood starts to flow like a river from a busted dam. Not every woman wants to grab a gun and flip their husband’s or boyfriend’s wig back until the white meat is exposed. And, not every woman wants to get her Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley game on and cause internal damage to their husband’s or boyfriend’s stomach after sprinkling some rat poison inside of their pasta. Point is, not all women are murderous individuals plotting on trying to have their man taken off this planet in Mortal Kombat fashion. I said “not all” because, well, there are women out there like that. I am sure you can find many stories about a woman trying to collect on her man’s death and cash out. Or, simply women that find themselves snapping over a abusive partner and decide to send them straight to the dirt and the worms and kill them. Overall, its a gray area when it comes to relationships but, overall, most women just want to go about their day as they deal with work, kids, family, bills, their man, and overall just the stress that everyday life brings. 

I wanted to address that early because, after watching the video I didn’t want to seem as if I am trying to paint all women out as psychopathic killers. Far from it. My main point in this post though of course relates to the video above or I wouldn’t waste my time in posting it. One of the main points I am trying to make is, is that women are very (and more) emotional than men. Shocking I know. But in all seriousness we all know how our mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt, cousin, etc can be when it comes to their emotions. Women place more emphasis in things that we men would look pass and not even give a second thought about unless there was some sex at the the end of the deal. Most men when it comes to most things are the more logical one of the two genders. Of course, that is not all the case in some areas but, overall, men are the more logical ones majority of the time. Expect of course, when it comes to love. We men, as I talked about in this post a few weeks back are the buildings while women play more so the mother nature role. We see their behavior as crazy and pass it off as a spoiled child not getting her way. By doing this, this gives women the pass to roam free and do as they please. By us seeing this as “All women are just crazy don’t waste your time” this gives them the perfect escape plan to do as they please. Its even been joked about several times as I am sure you have heard about the “Emotion vs Logic” joke when discussing the sexes. Here is a perfect example from Comic Legend Chris Rock: 

Who is this person? She is so, hard to figure out. A puzzle that seems was never meant to be solved. A long mystery story with so many twists and turns that should leave you exiting the world and back to something more common and easy to understand as far as story goes but, you can’t. You just simply can’t. She draws you in with her ways. Her looks, make-up, style, heels, personality, etc. All of these things leave you tangled in her web and slowly pulled into her basket of goodies as she slowly devours your energy and time. Sure, as a man you are strong enough to push her off and simply leave her if you please but, you chose not to. You chose to stay and be apart of her world. A world in which leaves you trying to solve everything. Everything when it comes to her past, story, reasons for doing this and, reasons for doing that. You want to embrace her and tell her everything is okay. No more bad men will come in and try to stop you from your mythical path that we men simply can not and may never understand. We are merely spectators watching from the sidelines hoping to get a chance to even be seen or become part of your show

While a bit mockery and even humorous, this right here is the jump off point for a good chunk of men in the world when it comes to love and women. This is what is taught to us from movies, TV, music, books, older men and women, etc. This point of women being these mysterious beings that were never meant to be solved is one of the key weapons they use in their arsenal of many other tricky gadgets, that we men don’t see due to us believing in everything they say. Its why the boyfriend of the first above video and many other men including myself at one point are easy targets. To give a quick recap, Mike Dippolito’s wife Dalia Dippolito back many years ago tried to have her husband murdered by setting up a operation to have someone kill him. Why she wanted to is still unclear to my knowledge but in the end, she failed and was caught red handed as you see from the video above and was sentenced to jail on June 17, 2011 for 20 years. The video I am about to show down below shows a man that was shocked and confused as to how his loving and, former escort as I found out in this article could do something so cold and calculating without a ounce of remorse and breaking not even the tiniest of sweats in her approach. Men as I said earlier are the more logical ones in most areas but, when it comes to love and women are blinded by the fairytale concept of what they should be verses what they are. Even towards the end despite what he went through with his wife Dalia, he still believes in the concept by still dating and hopes of one day being married again. Like I said above not all women are crazy and want to kill but still. To not keep a third eye open and still walk blindly in another marriage situation shows he still believes in something that is not really there.

Porn stars, escorts, call girls, webcam models, sugar babies, older women, etc. I believe all these types of women have the game figured out. Sure, they still may believe that Santa Clause is real and hopes of one day landing the dream wedding they always pictured when younger but, all and all, they know the deal when it comes to what men want and use their bodies and perception of what they are as a weapon. They know men want a product and do their best to sell them that product for a price. They know the game and learned from a early age or, in older women’s case much later in life that they are objects of desire and have something in their advantage they can use to make their life easy. I respect them in that regard and understand you have to do what you have to do in order to survive. I don’t blame them for it and neither should men who wake up one day and find out the harsh truth about women as a whole. Men play the game too with songs, TV, movies, etc trying to place them as higher than they actually are. We both play the illusion game. Problem is men become more invested in it and end up either lost or dead as to how to overcome waking up from a long coma they have been in all their life. A coma that doesn’t want them to dig deeply into what this is all about: Survival.

Nothing more nothing less. This is simply about surviving and moving pieces along the board in hopes of not ending up alone in the cold as a bum on the streets glaring at Thanksgiving food and Christmas lights. This isn’t GOD’s fault that they are out there in the cold. Its theirs and no one else. If you are not willing to play the game and still think there is some sort of plan for the world that will magically pick you, and another person out of a billion people on this planet and place them together so they can live happily ever after then, well, I wish you all the best. Dalia Dippolito is a beautiful girl and lives a different reality than most men and some women. Taking responsibility for her actions is foreign to her and many other women who are blessed with such looks and think the world plays by a different set of rules for them. Just like a article I read about when a (I presume older or less attractive) woman slams another girl for cutting in line at a bus stop and breaks down the weapons she uses in order to get closer in line. Women know women more than some men ever will so, they understand the BS some girls pull off in order to get what they want.


All in all, this is not a post to bash women and say that some never take responsibility for what they do. That is not true and not my objective. My point is in men’s aloofness when it comes to some women and how it can end up costing them big time if they are not aware of how the game goes. The illusion of love I believe is a concept that has cost many men and also women’s lives due to both believing in something that is not really there without the effort that we BOTH put forward. That effort is still shown by most men but, women now more aware of their powers play by a different set of rules. For men, the time is now to wake up and get a copy of that rule book or end up confused and shocked as Mike Dippolito was before he was almost killed. 



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