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Chris Rock. Future comedian legend is known for his controversial bits when it comes to his comedy that I am sure currently you can find on Youtube and watch for yourself. He holds nothing back as he talks about race, politics, genders, media, etc. His comedy remains as one of the ones you “have to see”. Meaning, while comedy is subjective and people laugh at different things, his, in my opinion adds a little more layers to it that actually make you think a bit more instead of getting a quick laugh out of it. Again, comedy is subjective and people laugh at different things, yet, just like with classic movies, TV, music, and classic foods like pizza, hamburgers, pasta, etc, there are certain things in life you just have to try before you exit out of this world. 

Back to my train of thought though. Chris Rock last night on November 1st, 2014 was guest hosting on SNL. His old stomping grounds where he really got his first break from. He was the first person to open the show and did a 7 minute monologue. This, is nothing new. All big time celebrities and comedians come on that show and do their usual monologue for a couple minutes, get a few laughs, applause, and then announce the special musical guest and head out as a commercial plays. Again, this was to be expected. That is, until Chris Rock started to do his bit. His bit as you can see above talked about the Boston bombing, 9/11 Freedom Towers, gun violence, and America’s constant and may never change materialism problem during Christmas. Overall, it was a funny bit and much needed boost of a shot in the arm into SNL, and overall comedy as a whole. 

As I said before in the beginning. Chris Rock is known for his comedy style that is not as green as say a Bill Cosby, or currently in the comedy world Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias. AGAIN, comedy is subjective and I am not saying those comedians are bad. Simply saying that they don’t “go there” as a Chris Rock, Bill Burr, or, Patrice O’neal would do. Anyway as usual with no surprise, once this aired on live TV and was snatched by the internet, Twitter went into a frenzy (somewhat) and click bait articles started to begin. It may seem like I am part of that CB movement now and, I wont try and bullshit you yes, to a certain extent I am but, I feel like I have a more use of this than to just simply get views and attention in the long run with this post. Anyway, his bit was seen as “edgy” and “controversial”. Some people scream hatred and disgust over the comments. Part of the influence for this post today started with Complex magazine when they posted this article about Chris’s performance. You can see some of the Twitter responses there that I am talking about. All im all, people, to be blunt about it were “too senstive” and for some reason forgot how the concept of comedy works. ONCE AGAIN, I understand its subjective but, you have to have a understanding of why he must do what he does in order for this world to not make everyone space cadets. 








“Hatred” is this new video game that I had no idea about. I was just cruising the internet and ended up finding out about this game. You can see the trailer above and watch 3 people discuss whether or not the game is too much. TLDW version though is, basically here is another game that is causing (somewhat) of a out cry from the world about it being too violent. Nothing new of course when it comes to video games and overall entertainment, but, with this game in particular, there really is no rhyme or reason it seems when it comes to this game. It seems like a man just decided to say “fuck it” one day and start shooting anything that moves. I haven’t found any other details about the game yet, but from what I am hearing from different podcasts and other discussions about the game, it seems that this (as for now) is just a brainless individual who goes around using humans for target practice without any real point to it. I am sure more details about the game will be released and, as these two video game lovers pointed out, may have a point and even be seen as a parody or sarcasm about our society as a whole when it comes to being desensitize about everything these days.  

My point in bringing up Chris Rock and the video game “Hatred” is simply this: We NEED these forms of entertainment and dialogue to happen. I really don’t want to be around this world once comedy, and overall conversial topics are banned from being spoke about. I myself use to be like this when younger whenever the topics would switch to sex, me, parents, family, etc. I would hate when my friends or, older family members would talk about these that I really didn’t want to hear about. I wanted to stay trapped within my own world and not travel down a road full of mirrors staring back at me. I hated when the lightness of a conversation would turn dark and “poke a dog with a stick” type of vibe would creep over. I would do my best to dodge questions and avoid going there. I wanted Santa clause to be real in my own way I guess by believing in my own world and not stepping out of that box. But fast forward and now, I welcome it (To an extent). I am still a very, VERY private person but, when it comes to certain topics I now talk about them more freely. I have a better understanding of why I need to be involved in those debates. This is why Chris Rock and the developers of the game “Hatred” should be applauded, and at the same time not.

Why not? Well, then that will simply become toe norm and lose its value. You see, its like BDSM in  a way. It is mainstream and will continue to become bigger with the release of “50 Shades of Grey” next year in theaters, but at the same time it still has a sort of Taboo feel to it that makes it more fun. I am saying Chris Rock and “Hatred” should be applauded for going against the grain. But at the same time it shouldn’t get to the point that everybody does it. It starts to lose its value and become a system. A moment of chaos would then be needed to break free out of that. Point is as I was saying with BDSM, its still dark and causes giggles and smirks from people because of the elements it deals with as far as the body, and mental aspect of sex. Its fun because its not so mainstream and accepted. It makes people feel uncomfortable and that’s good. We need to feel uncomfortable at times so we can break free when the world starts to become mundane and routine like. 

As much as we men tend to complain about women, I still give them respect for trying to blow up the building and create a bit of chaos in our lives. It goes to far at times but again, it is needed. As much as you may not agree with me, I feel like we all seek that uncomfortable conversation and moments in life. Like the Mike Brown shooting that happen this year. I am not saying that men or women need to be killed in order for a conversation to happen, but at the same time these events give us the form to speak on race, police violence, etc.  Again, nobody needs to be killed but, the fact that these happen are somewhat a good thing. Sure, these conversations do happen but, when a event like that shoot occurs brings more eyes and attention to the rascim that black america, and overall youth still face when it comes to cops. 

I feel as it what it all comes down to is simply us nothing wanting to be complete. Can you imagine a world in which EVERYTHING is perfect? A world in which there is nothing wrong whatsoever? “Hey, how was that new Kanye album?” (Perfect). “Hey, did you see that new movie? How was it (Sighs. Perfect as always). “Man, that new food at Red lobster was…. great. How did you lik….” (It was PERFECT okay damn. Perfect as always) This is just my opinion and I can’t speak for everyone else. Though, you must admit that when a little chaos from the norm happens it wakes you up a bit more and brings a certain fun element to a rather normal and stale complacent life that happens for all of us. A fight at work, watching a argument, car crash, etc. That moment of chaos as I linked earlier is what we will always seek. It makes me question at times if Heaven is real how would I be able to function? Would I really want to be in a world in which NOTHING bad happens after being used to bad shit happening most of my life? Am I just conditioned and, maybe if Heaven is real I wouldn’t seek a bit of choas every now and then due to changing my thought patten? Who knows. We;ll find out in the end. 

I’ll leave it here with a throwback video from the great Patrice O’neal that was fighting the same fight comedians and controversial entertainment is still fighting to this day. Clearly, the lady in the discusion had no idea what funny was and how it worked. AGAIN……… Oh nevermind. You got it the first time. Just watch. Thank you for reading. 






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