“I’m not a troll just because I don’t lick up your shit. I’m actually quite sincere. And I’m a woman willing to tell you woman-truth. But everything I’m seeing here is about vicious hate towards women and castrated self-pity for men.

Women don’t want to fuck a guy who can’t convince her to fuck him. Now was that so hard to figure out? If you ain’t getting it guys, it’s cuz you ain’t closing the deal!

I mean come on. Longwinded bullshit about evolution? Really?

What if you’re a car salesman and you can’t sell any cars. You gonna whine to your buddies or up your game?

And by upping your game I don’t mean manipulation tactics. Manipulators attract their own kind.

But that doesn’t fit your misogyny does it? Tell your mother how much you hate women, Rollo. As far as I can tell you need to get back to her tit and start over cuz you missed something there” –The Rational Male (Comment section) 



 The overall failure in me not succeeding with girls back in my grade school days was due to female’s awareness when it came to individual breakdown from a surface level pov being more advance than most males. Like I addressed in this post a while back, I was more so known to be a class clown. I was more so known to make people laugh with my off the wall humor and light hearted approach to everything. In that, being taken serious was a hurdle I would never be able to over come due to me being extreme in my sense of humor style. It came to a point that, if I was being serious no one would really be able to tell. By trying to be smooth, mysterious, dark, and alpha like it would come off as more so a comedy routine. The girls knew that this wasn’t the man they have grown to know in school and would simply laugh it off and not treat me with the same attention they would other guys that started from that point of view of being alpha and serious. 

Its amazing back then I knew that me being just me would not get the kind of girls that I was really deep down seeking, instead of being left with the bread crumbs of the dinner table I really wanted to invade when it came to the less attractive, yet more easier to get girls that were in my tax bracket if you get my drift. I knew me being JUST the the guy that liked wrestling, being funny, talking and making songs about food, being lazy, embracing being fat and stupid, etc would not get the job done. I knew this even more when I would have conversations with the popular guys in high school that seem to just get it. The guys that didn’t seem as if they were “acting” when it came to girls. It was more natural and seem as if they were just being them. Anyway, It would be as if I was talking to a whole different person when alone. They would become more real, honest, humble, and just overall human. Once other people came around though especially women, they would turn back into that bad boy rebel type. Yet, as I said before it wasn’t a act it was still crisp and came off as natural.

They understood the duality without really understanding what they were doing. There were no guides back then on how to speak with girls. You either “got it” or you didn’t point blank. Sure, you could talk with friends and older cousins but, the way things are explained now is not as it was back then. The most you would get would be surface level phrases like “Be cool”, “Don’t act too attached”. “Be a asshole”, etc. While great, more substance would of been needed to explain exactly what needed to be done, while also mixing that in with experience and knowledge of the mind that, more than likely our close friends at that age had no real concrete understanding of. 

 It always funny to me when woman or men find out about PUA and “The Red Pill” they react in a disgusted way as if they are reading something as bad as child slavery stories, or a script from M.Night Shyamalan. They seem as if we men are practicing some sort of black magic or terrorists acts on these blogs and Youtube videos by trying to look at genders from a logical manner. The reason I think for this is because of two factors. One being the “idea” of love, and the other being the concept of the word genuine. Both women and men without any knowledge of The Red pill still have this idea that love, romance, soul mates, etc is something that just magically happens. It is something that is all apart of GOD’s bigger plan as if happiness is the end goal for all of us. Even if there are glaring reasons that prove otherwise that not everybody leaves this world full of joy.

Genuine being the next because when men and women read about blogs as this and many others they claim us men or “little boys” are using scripts and acts to get in a women’s pants.  They think its is merely just about bangs and bragging rights with no other long term investment involve. Sure, some guys want just that when it comes to women due to not getting a lot of success while younger, but overall just like I described above men have a deep investment in the idea of love. Even more so than women. When it comes to women and the concept of genuine clashed against the red pill, women feel as if, if men are using help then they be default are not real men to begin with. A real man doesn’t ask for help he just simply gets it on his own. Genuine is one of the key helpers for women picking men because it shows who is real and who is not when it comes to picking relationships. For just sex only,  genuine comes into play and works as long as they guy is display traits of attraction that will spark her inside mentally, and physically. Any other way the guy comes off as creepy, weird, or simply someone that will remain in the friend zone or orbiter for attention. 

So therefore I ask, what exactly is the alternative then? I have a video and a comment from The Rational Male website comment section that adds more layers with this question. If a man doesn’t seek out some type of help how is he suppose to be able to gain a girlfriend and maybe later on a wife? Sure, he can be born a natural with women due to his environment and traits from his father and mother, but realistically not every guy is going to win the genetic lottery. Being lost and listening to a women’s advice about ignoring these type of blogs will do nothing in the end to help a man. He will still be caught up in this dangerous “idea” of love that has caused many divorces, suicides, and many lonely men that end up dead and alone without ever having a girlfriend, or even just merely sex unless it was paid for. Being nice, sweet, passive, safe, non-confrontational will not gain the attraction of a woman for sex nor stable relationships during her younger years. The video above at times is what women claim they would love in their man but, deep down that is not what is going to keep their women around. The man in the video above from a women’s point of view may SEEM great in theory but, as you can see towards the end of it, nature trumps this forced ideogly that really in hindsight is there for control of the sexes for women’s benefit. 

Its okay to upgrade your car if it needs a tune up but, if a man wants to help his chances with women he is seen as a loser. If a woman wants to upgrade her looks by buying a new face, ass, breasts, dress, heels, etc it is okay and even embraced. Yet, if a man is not being genuine and tries to have a game plan he is seen as a joke and not worth the effort of being labeled as a man. Its bullshit at its highest level and on great big shit test for men as a whole. So again I ask what is the alternative but this? Women and men may not like what the red pill teaches, but at the same time what then are we suppose to do? Admit defeat and move out the way while everyone else has all the fun? It seems as if this is the plan sometimes. Apologies for coming off as a conspiracy theorist but, sometimes it feels as if the reason women shame men that need help is because now everybody gets a pass to the club. The once exclusive treats for certain men would now be able to be gained by everyone. Women’s idea of love and relationships would be shattered and seen as just a game as it truly deep down really is. Like this post from The Rational Male states: 


“However, on a subconscious level, the latent purpose of fostering the JBY social convention in men is yet another sexual selection filtering mechanism. Actually it’s more of a filtering failsafe in that by socially mandating a genuineness in the general populace of men, women are more secure in the accuracy of their sexual assessment of men. If all men are Just Being Themselves and are encouraged to be the person they ‘truly are’, this then aids a woman in determining which man will best satisfy her hypergamy.” –The Rational Male 


Basically what he is saying is, by women knowing who is who, it allows them to pick the best male as far as relationships goes. For sex as I stated before, as long as he is being a good boy and performing certain traits that will sexually turn her on, his genuine ways is allowed to roam free a bit. By telling men everywhere to just be you it picks out the good and the bad ones. The bottom is there is no alternative when it comes to gaining attention from the opposite gender. You either try and advance yourself as a man by gaining more knowledge, or stay locked in in La La land hoping that GOD has a plan for all of us  to have a soul mate and a wonderful life towards the end. There is no alternative. You either play the game or start saving up money for those webcam and call girls. Or, just wait until a woman is desperate enough to throw some pitty pussy your way. But with the way of how thirsty men are in this era, that line will be very, very, very long.   



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