After my first encounter with the true nature of women, mixed in at the same time with a growing awareness of what I as man was doing wrong when I found “TRP” at first, didn’t bring out the usual anger phase that most men deal with when it comes to finding this philosophy. I wasn’t mad about what I was reading nor was I even really upset at myself too much. The feeling I really felt when reading all of this information was one of simply, confusion.

Confusion is what I as a man felt. That was the worse the feeling around that time when I started learning because, what I was lead to believe about women, love, girlfriend, relationships, etc had not so much been a lie, but more so a tool. Meaning, it was never really HERE to begin with. Love is not something that grows from the dirt. It was a creation for a much larger purpose that realistically had nothing exclusively to do with me.

With that said as I continued learning, like my father and I am sure many other male influences or role model’s in y’all lives, when things became broken, I had to fix it. That is what I was set out to do as a man. I wanted to fix it. I wanted to fix what I was doing wrong. I wanted to make sure I never felt hurt or embarrassed again by another woman. I wanted to make sure as I read all of these blogs that I can became the man she wanted. I would never have to worry about ever doing anything wrong in her eyes again. I would be her Superman, Prince Charming, Hercules, etc all rolled in one once I master this Red Pill ideology. There would never be anymore problems again after I take this pill and unlock the hidden secrets of HER……

Yeah. Uh huh.

I am a human first and man second. Focusing on the male side what I am in a metaphorical sense is a building. I am a building that is trapped and at the same time free by a concept. A concept, philosophy, ideology, etc all drive man to some type of purpose. Big or small every man is a prisoner to his own idea when it comes to himself and the world around him. I, am a building. Built to stand in one spot and support a greater good. From birth to death every man becomes a building.

The woman, the woman is of course Mother Nature. It doesn’t matter how many times we can predict what is going to happen when it comes to the weather channel. The fact remains is that its STILL going to happen regardless of knowing first hand knowledge. We can dress in warm clothes and tell parents school will be closed as well as work so stay off the roads, it will still snow. We can tell kids to dress in raincoats and to have a umbrella before you go outside, Its STILL going to rain. And so on, so on, and so on.

The weathermen can spot what is going to happen before it does. That is the equivalent of PUA, men in swallowing the Red Pill, MGTOW, etc. Theyknow what to expect before it happens yet, that doesn’t mean it will change anything in the long run when it comes to the big picture.

A woman will still show no respect to the hard working men that literally kill themselves working jobs that no women REALLY want as they claim to want. The woman will still find a way to flirt, cheat, and still find a way to rationalize it. The woman will still be disrespectful to those that offer her nothing of use (Dick, money, attention, etc) and not be shamed for doing so. The woman will still dress in certain ways and go after any type of guy that suits their needs at any age, yet shame you as a man for doing the same thing. “MAN UP and date someone your OWN age”. The woman, in the end is chaos seeking chaos. There is grand purpose for what she does. It just is. Anger is of no use when it comes to things that just are. Being mad is simply a waste of time. 


“You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with it one when I caught it. You know I just, DOOO things” -The Joker (The Dark Knight)



Granted, to say all of what they do is random is silly. That is not my point. Of course there is a reason why she is fucking you and not her husband of 18 years. There is a reason she is sucking your best friend’s dick even after you told her how much you liked her. There is a reason why that best friend looks SOOOO sexy now when that 35 hits the birthday cake and her younger sister is now the queen B of attention. There is a reason why another man is believed to be raising his own kid when really in reality…… Well, you know the rest. Simply, there is a reason for every move she does.

That reason, is known to us because we study them. They, simply do not study themselves. These things to them just, happen. There is not as much thought placed into it from a pragmatic sense. Its something guiding them. They really do believe this fairy tale, Disney-equse, love will conquer all lie. It is REAL to them. Which, is more scary when you think about it.

What I mean by “Just do things” I mean it from a sense of it never stops. Chaos is chaos. There is no purpose or end game for what they do, or how to stop what they do COMPLETELY. They are, a female version of “CSI”, “The Simpsons”, “South Park”, WWE, etc. They have no goal in mind they just keep going, and going, and going.

Arguing, yelling, challenging you, flirting with other men, teasing, roleplay, ignoring you, etc. These things are known to the red pill, PUA, etc men but it never stops no matter how much game is used on them. It simply settles it down for the time being until she needs another reset. In BDSM, punishment would be of no use if the woman after getting spanked once started to behave forever. They know (Doms, Masters, etc) the reason the whips and paddles are still around is because her behavior will need another reminder. No matter how many times she promised to be good girl last time. The love and relationship concept we as men force and build into women was motivated by a submissive woman. She was submissive and more respectful because she HAD to be. Women then had no independence as they did now. They “ACTED” a certain way because they HAD too. It was never REAL. It was about survival.

Fast forward now, and the game has not really changed per say. Its simply became more clear and honest. Buildings and weathermen are no match for tornadoes, rain storms, hurricanes, fires, wind, etc. Trying to win as a man is the game we have been fooled to believe is real and therefore has a prize at the end once we complete it. Well, I am here so I ask you: 


What do I win?  



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