When it comes to the CONCEPT of the alpha woman there are many opinions on the subject. One of the main opinions is the type that is a mix of Tomb Raider and Wonder woman from a comic perspective. This woman is dominate, strong, mentally superior above her male counterparts, can beat them at any and every subject, etc. This woman can do anything she sets her mind to no matter what the challenge is. She is able to handle herself in ways that the average man simply can’t. I am sure you seen this type of guy on TV. He would be lost without this woman because she connects more things in her brain than the man ever could. This woman is blunt and not afraid to speak her mind no matter what. She is a “boss” as women like to call themselves nowadays. She handles her own money, makes her own choices, and doesn’t need a man to hold her down and tell her what to do. She has no reason to have much respect for male authority if he doesn’t bring a genuine desire in her to do so. This women is the Alpha archetype that is most common on TV and the world as a whole. She is able to have sex with whoever she wants and doesn’t need to explain her actions. This is the new age female of this era of the world that men have come to accept whether we like it or not. 

While respected from my view, at times it does come off as smug and arrogant in a way that is unattractive. It is  basically a man in a dress. It does nothing to attract us as men no matter how hard they try and push this agenda on us. While we admire it we as men don’t want to seem as if we are going into battle with a person we are trying to have a sexual chemistry with. It will start to feel like we are being bullied and living with our mothers again. It does nothing for her as well, but at the same time she gets to wield more power than she as a woman already has. Again, the fact that she has made her money and earned her way in this world is respected, but at the same time there is no balance with it. We are suppose to just accept it as normal and not complain. Yet, if we were to act that way without any other substance we more than likely would get left by her. The “boss” type of female can be sexy when she herself  still acts like a woman but realistically,what does that even mean anymore these days? The typical woman of the past is long gone due to women being let off the leash and able to free roam. There was a reason women were chastised and kept under control. It was for the better of society. Granted, its not entirely fair when you think about it but, at least it kept things in order.  

The alpha female to me is one that will more than likely get glares and eye rolls from both sexes. I understand this. This idea that a woman could be defined by men is *gasps* shocking I know. A woman should be able to define herself. She should I agree no doubt. Only if though, she understands what turns a man on. No matter how smart and witty a ugly girl is the fact remains she is still ugly. We men are shallow and enjoy looks over “deep” substance when it comes to women. Women are better humans than us when it comes to this because they can see pass looks. There is a pragmatic reason behind it but, overall it benefits us and that is all that matters. Fact is, we care about looks more no matter what. Therefore, when a woman defines herself as long as she can have a plan to attract a man of worth, I see no problem with it. If not, she will have a headache on her hands by only attracting desperate guys that will trade in their balls for a wiff of pussy. That will not make a relationship last long for her. Women want a equal or someone above them. Not a man perceived as below them. A man of worth and status wont put up with not seeming as if his thoughts and feelings are into consideration. With that said, I believe the real alpha female is not one that seems like she belongs in UFC, but more so one that seems like she belongs in a the barbie section of a toy store. That woman, is the bimbo. 

The bimbo from a SEXUAL standpoint I believe is one that is the real alpha female of the jungle. Glares and eye rolls as I said earlier will no doubt be sparked in both men and women when reading what I FEEL is the choice for the alpha female. I understand this as it should be for long term relationship goals. But, I am not saying she is meant for girlfriend or wife status. This bimbo is merely a entrance. A, more open and fan friendly entrance for men. I understand that as a full human this is not a character you as a man will see 24/7. That would be silly and absurd to think so. I say the bimbo is the Alpha female because of what she arouses in the man that gain her attention, and even those that don’t. She is open sexually, dresses in clothes that shine, fun, cute, causes anger and jealousy in other women, and most importantly, aloof.

Aloof, which sounds like a more fancy word for dumb are taboo and screams “Such a male. Too afraid of a REAL WOMAN???”. That of course is not the case. This simply raises the male’s confidence and sexual energy which deep down realistically helps both the sexes. She makes the male feel powerful and want to help her. We have seen this before in all women. The helpless damsel in distress act when she needs the pickle jar open, something heavy moved, or whatever else she needs that will benefit her. Which is always the goal of women. To train make a male feel like a man. This of course sounds like I am saying women should be doormats to men and no that is not my intent at all. By saying that is to say that being submissive and using her sexuality as a weapon are bad traits on women. Which, overall is what I mean when I say bimbo is the Alpha. I don’t necessarily mean the stereotype you find on TV like the video above, but at the same time what you do see above is a woman using the CONCEPT of the bimbo to perfection. This concept can be found on the stripper, gold digger, call girl, etc. The woman that understands that her best weapons  in terms of gaining a man’s attention, effort, time, money, emotions, etc is sexuality and aloofness is one that can move in ways in which a bossy, bitchy, arrogant, rude, and disrespectful woman can never navigate.  

In the end, I believe if a man is of worth that HE should be able to define what a Alpha woman is to him from a sexual standpoint. SOME women think being just like a man is suppose to turn some guys on but, MOST of us are not attracted to that. In some cases though yes especially in Femdom relationships and in some modern day relationships but, overall, most men want to feel as if they are the lead and their women do too as well whether they want to admit it or not. For men not of worth by not placing effort into attracting and arousing women, what is being offered to them as far as woman leading the way is a choice they will have to live with. That in itself will cost them dearly by letting her lead because deep down MOST do not want to no matter how much propaganda is shoved down our throats. A man that takes lead of what he wants and earns his place in this world has the right to make his own choice. The woman will respect him for this and that is more important in the end than the “idea” of love. 


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