Trying to speak with women about “Game” is a wast of time. This is nothing new and as the years go on may never be something you as a man can ever do. It is simply not attractive to speak about the rules of the game. It can be compared to religion in some way. Its not really about logic as it is about feeling. That is what its like when dealing with game and women. Its not so much about breaking down every angle and layer as it is about just doing it. Just living in the moment with her and letting the movie play. Enjoying the show is always the rule when dealing with women. Speaking about the flaws of women’s logic in a technical way makes you as a man either come off as a nerd or bitter individual if your status as a man isn’t above a regular dude’s status, be a “certain type of man”, or your overall frame from the start has always been one of sticking to your own guns no matter what anybody says. Meaning, you as a garbage man my deal with a lot of glares and stares from women and men if you step outside the box and present a new view on women that is different from the norm. Women and men as well view guys that are not above them in status as people that are not to be taken serious. They hear them sure but, they are not listening as my father would say. 

Being taken serious is one of the hardest things for men that are trying to present a new angle on women because of all the other men that follow the program. What you as a man wont do, there is another 15-90 men that will go further and beyond if her attractiveness can afford it. Its why women don’t view a new outlook on them as serious. There are men out there that will bend over backwards for a piece of ass due to not being able to get access to women as much as women have access to men. If given the chance, they will take it. Its not always a desperate act as it is nature being nature. So, you as a man trying to “battle” with a woman will end up in the losing in. Whether it be from a single life to relationship life. You are always dealing with that threat of her being able to get “1 Minute Dick” at any given moment if you are not about to pick a role by yourself, or follow the rules of the role she picks for you.  When you speak about men being men and women being women in this era you are wasting your breathe in their eyes because deep down you are not going to leave the hunt of pussy. If you are a boyfriend or husband and has no idea about “Game” then this is how your women views you. Not so much on a conscious level but, more so in the back of their mind they know you will always be run by your dick if you don’t have a alternative understanding of how relationships are, and how a struggle is always needed to keep things flowing in a certain direction. 

Are dicks to them are always the ones that are really in control and, more than likely they are right. Porn, despite the internet hostage takeover in recent years is still a billion dollar industry. Is it only for men? Of course not women as well enjoy porn just as much but lets be honest. The consumer that enjoys it the most is the male gender hands down. Women at a certain age don’t need porn. They are the porn in a weird way if you think about it. If they are attractive and understand their power, they can receive any kind of dick they desire. Or, better yet the alpha stereotype dick they truly desire deep down. Men or, better yet boys at that age if they are not gifted with natural abilities to attract the opposite sex will have to find different to achieve orgasm. That in itself leads to many different fetishes due to not being able to obtain “normal sex” as the mainstream would say. Sure, there  are still men and boys that do have sex and still have fetishes that are still brought out of them, but for this subject had the boys been able to get regular sex from the hot girl at school they desire, the chances of developing a fetish would decrease dramatically in my opinion. Basically, from there on whether the man gets regular sex or has fetishes or not, the fact remains that for men pussy rules all. Its the reason most men get out of bed to go out, get a haircut, fresh clothes, shoes, cars, etc. Its all about gaining the object that is the woman. They know this and understand how powerful their golden ticket in between their legs is. Which is why taking us serious about red pill this and, MGTOW that and, MRA this etc, is silly to them. Because what you wont do, another man’s dick will in a heartbeat.

It is seen in movies, TV, songs, etc. Men are always the butt of jokes when it comes to relationships. Women are allowed to joke about chopping off men’s penises and, saying how truly dumb and lost we would be without them but, have a man make a joke or, better yet “try” to make a joke about it and it will get passed off as “Awww. Is your little feelings hurt” type of vibe. Almost as if to say, “Man up and take a joke. You don’t talk back you just hush and DEAL with it”. It seems as if there is never a good time for a man to speak his mind on women if he is not attractive or has a certain status about him.  Even so, a man that is attractive and has status about him doesn’t need to try and compete with women on the issues because his reality is different. So, how then does a man revel a alternative to how women are and how they behave? Well, to quote Oscar Wilde: “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”. Comedy I believe is the last form of entertainment that is left to have free reign to have fun and push the envelop of free speech. Music, movies, books, etc I believe are just operating from a money only standpoint. Meaning, the focus is the sell not the substance. Yes, the pasta may have no meat, seasoning, meatballs, cheese, etc on it but, look at that box. Its so beautiful for the noodles. Who cares if the substance is missing. The box for the noodles will sell like hots cakes. Its so pretty. Comedy is not about that. Its about the materiel always. Sure, their are comedians that want to make money too and become a star but, overall in order for them to get there they have to be funny. Really funny in order for a movie studio to invest time into you. 

Comedy revels the truth that no one can say in regular conversation. You make people laugh and hide the facts behind the joke. With women, this is a alternative that seems to work pretty well because they don’t take it serious. They see it as a joke when a comedian like Bill Burr or Patrice O’neal makes a comment about women being in the kitchen, submissive, a object, crazy, un-logical, etc as simply things to laugh it. Even though, deep down the truth is layer deep inside the joke. Had these men just been in a regular conversation with women around and said their material in a regular fashion, they would get castrated and strung up to death by women for reveling another look on how to perceive their gender. But with comedy, they can laugh at the joke that deep down they know its true, yet while being ticked to death inside its hard to be upset while laughter is coming from them. Comedy has exposed not only women but many other bullshit situations that the world tries to feed us and take as real. I could not imagine how the world would be without comedy. We would just have to nod our heads and walk around the world as zombies being unable to speak our mind unless we are by ourselves around people that understand our view points. Women know they have their flaws. Its no secret to them. Its difficult for them as it is already due to tehir looks being their biggest weapon and weakness. I understand but can not feel what they feel. But at the same time the sky is blue, grass is green, and Eminem is black to some black people. We are not perfect and neither are you. No matter how many thirsty men claim you are. 

The best way to make your case without seeming as a crazy man or woman is to use comedy. Some people don’t want to hear logic and facts. Make them laugh and sprinkle in some truth along the way. Cover the medicine in whip cream






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