The main reason why we as men feel that women shouldn’t follow our leads when it comes to sex is mainly due to ego. No man wants to be in a relationship with a women that can compete or, conquer him in terms of getting sex if she wants. Sure, on a attraction level if he is into a cuckolding fetish it will work as long as they both understand its a game in order to enhance the sexual pleasure. If not, there is a chance he as a man will lose more than his girlfriend or wife if things drift too far apart. The game can become reality if she ends up enjoying sex and time more with the “Bull” in the sexual game, so as the man in the cuck role you and her should have a safe button when he senses things getting too out of hand. If though, the situation isn’t in that realm as I said, I doubt a man would want a woman that can pull the switch any time she wants for more dick. Letting it show it makes him nervous on a subconscious level in the woman may cause her to poke a dog with a stick just to see how far she as a woman can push it. If it gets worse, she may start to lose some respect for him  and attraction because he feels so worried about his girlfriend leaving him for someone else “better” or “bigger”. In that regard it is best to keep a strong frame and not let your girlfriend’s attractive level phase you. It, should be embraced by you to the point it seems like you are madly in love. Just, keep it on a pragmatic level in the back of your head so not too fall too deep in the pussy. 

The other ways in which a man hates when women want to compete with them on a sexual level I believe is others finding out. That, has got to be one of the hardest things to deal with as a man. It is when others know you were not able to keep a strong hold on your woman. I have been in similar situations and let me tell you, the pain is brutal. Even if in my case it wasn’t exactly as the same as the subject I am talking about, but none the less I felt the sheer embarrassment of not being seen as a “Real man”. From the outside it looks as if you are not a strong enough male to handle any shit. A woman being controlled is seen as easy. That is the perception we as men send out to each other. You should be able to control your girl if you do this, that, etc. I am sure we have all heard it in one way or another. Being able to control your girl is one of the main fears every man worries about one way or another. By being seen as a man that can’t you come off as a weak dude that on a deeper level would be seen as a guy that no longer has any balls. It is almost on the same level as being raped as a man. Not on the EXACT level of course but, none the less the pain is still there in others knowing you let another man come through and invade your castle. Not cool. 

Second is other females knowing this. Knowing that you as a man had your girl taken away from you by another man or, even simple one night stand cheating will have them look at you in a much different way. Guys that are not close friends will talk about it but, not in front of you. Women, the same as well but, in the back of their mind they still see you as a weak man but only worse. A lot worse. They now view you no longer as a sexual problem. Problem in a good case. They see you as a man that will not be able to handle his chick at all and more than likely lose the steam and flow of a relationship. Not every man a woman hooks up with is a prospect for relationship but, overall every woman deep down is looking for her own man to claim as hers. By her knowing you let someone else invade your “space”, she has no reason to be with you unless you use that cheating aspect as a game tactic to show vulnerability. It must not be seen as something you are deeply invested in. You as a man must view it as a tactic to use for your benefit. Becoming too Donnie Brasco and not enough cold blooded sniper will cause you to lose a shot at gaining her trust in heart and unlocking some room in her head. This is, of course for women around you. You can easily pick up and start somewhere else. Yet, it is not always the case due to money issues. Which then means sometimes you just have to hustle through the pain and find a way to use it to your advantage. Have a “fuck it” attitude be developed and use the fact you got cheated on as a tool to gain a woman’s attention. Being depressed as if your girlfriend took your balls and soul will just make you come off as weak. 

Bottom line is, no man wants to go one on one with a woman they like in the sexual department. Its just not in our favor in these times. Back then, a woman that cheated would be criticized on a much more harsh level then any young girl of this time could ever imagine. Reason being is because in order for us to have ever get to this point in life is due to order. Order that is required for us as a society to help build towards this point and beyond in life. We would of never been able to have all of these things such as phones, computers, buildings, cars, etc, etc, etc without order for being established and, it starts with the woman. The woman must of have been chained in order for us to be where we are at now. Her sexual energy being able to be free would cause more damage than good. She would pick the only strongest resource she could find to reproduce with. Not every man is created equal so a plan must have been made in order to keep things in a balance. Which was the reason for marriages and relationships. Control. Not love but control. This control has build the civilization we have now. Keeping the female bound to a concept was the only way in which we could build a stead road to follow. A man becoming controlled by a concept of protecting her also was the key in this plan working. It gave the worker bees a chance to compete with the dominance level that most men were bless with naturally, that connects with women’s love of being taken by the strongest male. Both are natural things such as trees and air that are not planned out. They just are. If a woman were allowed to make her choice she would choose the most secure male for her genes. 

We, are at a point now in which women have free reign more than ever to do as they please without any judgement what so ever. There is even “Slut” hats available to women to own and wear in public. If you as a man say anything you will be seen as a “weak man that can’t handle a woman taking control of her sexual energy”. The plan that once was is not needed because we have MORE than enough people on this planet for resources that will keep the 1% in power. Once that is the case nature will now be able to take its course with more rapid speed. In this sense, women have more control over what type of man they want if they can afford it. Cool. That is great for them but, what does that really mean? Well, it means the men they chose will not be the stable and safe man for the rest of her life. The invisible men will remain more invisible than ever before. Nature will take over and, the question I ask is: “Why are you mad?” This is how things really are. A woman was not meant to be with just one man just like a man was not meant to be with one woman. It is not natural. And, by one man I mean for the rest of her life. The only reason marriages of the past worked is because a woman didn’t have any control of her sexual power at all or, was not aware of it. Marriage was what Facebook is today back then. It was a popular thing that men and women kept together no matter what. Now? That is not the case as marriages continue collapse more and more each year. Nature has taken over. There is no reason to be mad at this. As I said before, to be part of the club you have to act like you are already part of the club.  Women are now allowed to be more loose than ever before in this hook up culture. Men as well but, it can NEVER be on the same level as a woman can get some dick over men’s chances to get more pussy. The genie is out of the bottle at this point and there is no going back. A woman cheating or upgrading to something better has and will become the norm. You as a man must understand this and stop trying to change it back to a old system. 

This is why knowing game is so crucial and at the same time crucial in more damaging ways for us a a world.  As more men wake up to the true nature of female it will more than likely kill the term of love and have it be replaced with “Fuck and duck”. Cool for men and women in the MOMENT but, at the end of the story nobody is going to be there for her. If more men become aware of game, why would they still want a marriage if their “precious flower” has already been an through by every alpha bee in the field? Women and men’s double standards are needed for a reason. A man being able to sleep with who he wants shows he is a competitor in the sexual market, which then leads to attraction. A woman doing the same leads to chaos because she is the object of desire. If everyone can have her what would still make her special? Porn and call girls are the only exception if men need something different for a LIMITED time. They still want a wife at home just as much as the woman wants a man at home. We both on some levels want our cake and to eat it too. Problem is, though nature is starting to take over more and more. No, this is not me bashing women and telling them to stay with boring men even if they are not happy. I am just pointing out the consequences of letting freedom rule over rules and structure. Of course, women these days don’t see this as their problem and it shouldn’t. Would you get mad at a tree for growing? A tiger for killing? A tornado being unleashed? Britney Spears making bad music? This is nature being nature so again as a man in these times I ask once more: 

Why are you mad? 

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