When it comes to the “game” between women and men, there is always one common theme that will always be apart of the interaction between the two, and that is, women simply will never like nor understand it from a pragmatic angle. Even though ironically that is how their sexual strategy is when you look at it from a more scientific approach. The fact is, women hate the term and concept of “Game”  for two reasons that involve two types of men. One type is, because its saying that she is apart of a system in which she is a simple prize to be won. A part of a game that really has no meaning towards the end expect for the man to win. Her true feelings of trying to find “real love” are seen as just another level for the man to get to and win. The fact that its called “the game” just turns a woman off completely. Where does the line between reality and fantasy end and begin? It makes her seem like a simple “object” that is on the same level as a blowup doll or game at a local fair. Once you can’t win you toss her as a person to the side or, one you do win you get bored and want something else to play with. The see game as men playing with dolls and then getting bored with them as they place them on the top of the shelf to collect dust and spider webs until its time to pack them up and pass them around to someone else that wants to deal with them. 

That type of man gets the treatment of “player” and “womanizer”. He is the type of man that they dream about yet on the surface still claim to “hate”. This, is simply not true when it comes to these type of men. The way I describe them is actually quite tame and even fun in a weird type of way when you think about it. Its fun from the sense that yes, he is a player but it still brings attraction because they know deep down this man has been with a lot of women. They know he plays games and has a lot of “bodies” when it comes to his bed, but at the same time he has a lot of women around him for a reason. Why be with a rookie cop in a shoot out when you could choose to be with a cop that has some experience and can protect you a lot more? Simply put this man gets the lighter treatment when women and men discuss “The Game”. The second kind of guy however gets a much more harsh treatment. That treatment is one of disdain and anger. Simply because that man needs “help to get pussy”. He is not a “real man” if he needs another person to guide him on how to win her affections.  He has no true experience with women and probably has no idea what he is doing. Granted, it is not his fault because he grew up on false logic on what it takes to really attract a woman from his mother, father, family, TV, radio, books, movies, etc, yet women do not care. That is just not their problem they have no idea how to find the bread crumbs to lead them to pink pussy paradise. A real man doesn’t ask for help. This, deep down is their thinking of such men.  


Its also their thinking because when you think about it from their POV, how are they really suppose to feel safe with a man that is not really himself? He is simply a robot and not a actual “man” in their eyes. Meaning yes, if he is able to succeed in gaining her panties, what then? How will the relationship last once he gets comfortable and decides to let his guard down and show his real self. A real self that is nowhere near the guy she feel for at the club or many months ago if it gets taken to a relationship level. This person that she knew from the club and up to that point was simply a robot in human skin. This is not the man that seemed like he was ready to take control of not only his life but hers as well. He seemed like a man that was ready to guide her to a life that deep down she wants. Guiding as in, a man that wants to go on the journey with her that she has created in her mind and is willing to lead the way, or least be a equal with her. That was the man she thought was apart of her life. What then will happen if he stops playing game and decides to just go in autopilot thinking he has found the magic pill of success.  She will feel like she has been duped and will either dump this man, or make him fall into a role once he starts to act like a simple prop in her life which is a complete turn off to her. This information at a certain point must stop being a character and become HIM. It must become who he is at a certain point or many relationships are going to fail after he is found out. Internalization of the materiel of “The Game” must be apart of his life until the point he is hiding in plain sight and become genuine in his actions and not a human version of Johnny Bravo.  


This all leafs right back around as to why women hate “The Game”. Therefore as a man you have to ask: “Well, if I play the game and get found out I am fucked, but if I don’t play the game there is a good chance she wont look my look, or worse just seen me as a back up plan or emotional blood source for her vampire like needs when her “jerk” boyfriend isn’t behaving right”. With that said, the best answer I can give is, if you have to ask you shouldn’t be here. Basically, the worker bees and human rugs of the world are not apart of The Club. You as a man are not suppose to know certain information as to how women and their inner hidden world works. You are not suppose to understand why she likes what she likes. It is not for your eyes. The fact that she likes certain men that display dominance and strength are suppose to be for her and his eyes only. The fact that she has blown multiple guys and done some very kinky and x-rated porn like things with certain men are none of your business whatsoever. Your job is to keep your head down and keep on walking when you see her alone by herself if you are not really a VIP member of The Club. This access to pussy paradise is strictly for private invite only buddy. By men learning game and having a cheat code to jump further levels pisses women off because now they wont be able to tell who is who a lot more sooner. They want to be able to separate the real from the fake. By men learning game and finding a way into the secret club it destroys the balance that is ALWAYS suppose to suit them in the long run. Its not your time as a man to have a chance at her. Your time is much later when she needs someone to heal her heartache from the scars of the man that just wouldn’t commit, or fuck her silly and never called her back. Stay in your place boy and let the real men work.  club-entrance

The Club suits their needs for better reproduction and sexual bliss in the end. Of course,on the surface this is not how it is seen. The fact that I am even talking about it on this blog would get me looks and glares from women. They don’t want the game to be talked about. They, as I have always said want to enjoy the show and let things just flow. Cool. Problem is, when men try and do that it is not the RIGHT way to flow. It is your way and not the RIGHT way in their eyes. The RIGHT way is how they want it. They just want YOU to do it on your own even though it is still how THEY want it. How you want them is not important. That is why you men have your silly porn and comic book bimbo fantasy. You want me, then you have to play by MY GAME. Only, I can’t tell you because if I do, it is not attractive anymore if I can control you. Even though that is what I am really doing deep down….

Yeah, insane right? That is why the best thing for you as a man, and also for her benefit as well is to just focus more on action and internalizing. When talking about “The Game” with women and men, its best to just smile and nod your head as you listen not knowing what is going on. Act as if you have no idea what this “The Game”: thing is and just become part of the moment. You in the back of your mind once you understand some basic principles knows the ins and outs of how the interaction works knows this is a game always so, there is no need to beat your knowledge and logic into her head. There is no reason for it because no matter what she is not trying to her the rules. She is just trying to enjoy the movie and let it play out. Do that for her. As long as you are aware of what is going on that is all that matters. The Club can become part of your life too as long as you don’t try and talk your way into  it. Don’t get made when you get turned down. That is just part of “The Game”. Don’t get upset when you see women being “sluts” “whores” etc. That is just a word to control them and give other men a chance that were lucky enough to have a more natural state of mind when it comes to life and women. Unless its your girlfriend or wife, there is no reason to shame them. They were allowed to do this during the caveman days without any shame because that is just how things were, No rhyme or reason to it. Just “is”. Accepting the way they are will help you start to understand how to move better with women. Embrace the fuckery that is the hook up culture of today. Throwing rocks at a yacht while you are struggling in a small boat wont help you get a yacht for yourself faster. 

Become your philosophy don’t just talk about it. Only then can you be allowed in The Club. 



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