The beginning is always the best part. The first couple of interactions always play out like a battle from the man’s point of view. From the woman’s, if the man is able to say the right things and keep the flow going mood wise it will play out as a romantic novel or one of her favorite R&B or POP songs she hears on the radio. Its all about being in the moment and just creating a situation of fun and light play between you and her. That is always the best part if it manages to go pass just sex if she interests you. You two rarely know each other so in way it is somewhat like a movie for both. When you watch a movie, you have no idea what the story is going to be if it is a original script (Rare these days) or, you have no idea about the back story if it is based off a book. You go into it just for the experience and enjoyment of being caught up in a world you have no idea about. You get to see characters and storylines that are much more exciting and different hopefully from your everyday life as a man or woman. Because in the end we as humans are always looking for a escape from ourselves. What better and healthy way to do that then to meet new people and interact with them on subjects that are new to you, or subjects that are familiar, yet have a different outlook on it from his or her perspective. Not so much a argument but, more so a fun debate that challenges your views. 

I have spoke about this before. When it comes to relationships it is all about keeping the bond fresh between you and her. If you constantly start to do the same things over and over again, she as a woman will naturally become bored and seek out someone that brings a fresh spark to her life. Sure, the new guy more than likely has the same goal in mind of having sex with her so, its not much different than how you started, but at the same time its the curse of newness that all of us humans deal with it, and also because he is not doing the same routine that you as a man are doing. He will sooner than later be “caught” and she will figure out his style, but until then he more than likely is hiding it as best as he can. This is maybe one of the best and worst advice when it comes to relationships. I say the best because, it leaves her guessing in what you will do next and always keep her on her toes. I say the worst because you will never be able to fully be yourself with her on a emotional level which can suck big time. The game never ends though so, its not much you can do about that, yet also it shouldn’t come to a point in which you feel like you have to “perform” like a bearded lady as if you are in a freak show to please her. It must be internalize in you  to the point you don’t have to think about what you are doing. It must be developed to a natural state. 

You as a man may end up knowing your role or become a prop in her show if you are not able to shatter her reality. She knows you are going to want sex off first met, and if it goes past relationships on a regular basis whenever you can get it. Its what they bring to the table and you as a man bring strength, support, dick, attention filler, etc to the table. Men who say women are dumb do not understand how smart they really are deep down. Yes, they may not be as wired as we are mental wise but, there are other things at play that they can spot that we as men are clueless to. Basically, they know us better than we know ourselves at times. Its in your best interest to understand this and never become a slave to your desires. Its like when you beat a video game or finish watching a movie on Netflix. Yeah, if its good you would want to play the game again or watch the movie once more later in the week, but sooner than later you will become bored and seek out something new. Its just the way things work. That is how women see us once we start looking like slaves to their sexual access of their body. You are defeated and easy to figure out. There is no fun for them in it. You may be thinking “Who cares” and I understand but, if you are not about to play their game then, you as a man are in for a rude awaking. Being in full asshole mode 24/7 or, super nice guy 24/7 will cause her to yawn and seek out a source more new and powerful than herself. You must have a balance   or end up alone, or worse trapped in a another job. 

This is what happens to the man above. Yes, this woman was playing him like a yo-yo (What’s that???? -Says younger generation) but, at the same time if you look much deeper into it you will see this is how it ends for most guys. Most guys at a certain point in their life just want someone to curl up with and have as their own no matter what if they are not able to have options. Same thing with women but, its more on a business level with them at a certain point in their life. This is a joke video, but for most guys this is everyday life. If you as a man are not about to break her reality of you and the relationship, you will simply become a employee while she plays the boss. It will no longer be fun or genuine. It will simply feel like another job you will have to deal with after busting your ass at the real job you hate. Women feel this “business” like atmosphere too which is why they feel the need to cheat just to shake things up. Only thing is though, they have a much better chance at finding someone new more so than a man if he doesn’t have his money together, or became too invested emotionally in her. That can lead to him being trapped in a prison of the mind and heart.Women can move on a lot quicker because they understand they don’t have much time to play around due to their looks fading faster than a mans.

The guy in the above video is the reality of most men. To avoid that, its best to always be going forward whether in, or not in a relationship. Never settle on being comfortable. Only do that when in death. If not, you will soon have another boss on your hand that you will hate and end up wanting to leave and quit the shift. If so, make sure you are ready and not act off emotion. Same goes for women. If you feel you can do better than end it on a respectful terms and not cold blooded like most would do. It will be hard but let him know things are just not working and you need something else. One life to live. Choose happiness over being trapped in another job you hate just to get a weak paycheck, or in this case sex and comfort because of being afraid. Its not worth it. 


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