Lets face it, when it comes to the “game” of seducing women under the magic, wit, and charm of the male seeker, they, by the solid age of 20 already have a much more broader, and understanding of it than any man around that age could ever think about if he is not already in tuned with the subtle layers of interaction between the sexes. They understand seconds before the male comes to try his best to “woo” her out of her panties and high heel shoes what the breakdown is going to be with certain guys. They, can tell what type of “role” a male will play in their lives once the 10 second mark is passed. Is that enough to really judge a person, no but, when it comes to talking with them, a woman can sense if this guy understands how to let her “enjoy the show” and knows how to “balance” the flow of conversation, or, if he is just a guy that is just TRYING to get in her panties and move on to the next.

Both sides want the same from her, but the one that acts in a genuine way will have a much better chance at obtaining the said goal and prize that she is sought out to be. Both sides when it comes to the male are playing the game and she gets it way more than the men can ever imagine. She just wants the guy that can move around her walls without force nor tricky. Its the type of shit you see in romantic movies that women are seeking. They want the “spark” to be there even though deep down they know why the guy is there. They want the guy to hide reality as best as he can so she can be “swept” away. 

In the above video, you see this play out very well. The guy named Chip, as the video says perfectly, comes off as a voice recorder. Its not real and woman can smell that a mile away. He tries and fails repeatedly to the point as a viewer it starts to become cringe worthy, until Alex, played by Will Smith comes along and slips right in to save her from the copy and paste man. This, is where my point comes in. Finally I know but, you know I love my foreplay first. Anyway, Alex, even though saved her still hasn’t earned her attention because for a small moment you can see her look away about to not even care. Hell, even when he saves her she reacts to Alex’s save with a “Eh” response. Not even trying to engage him  around the 1:57 mark. But right at the 2:00 mark is where the “Backdoor” aspect comes into play. 

You see, when you are TRYING, women can sense this and get turned off. If you come off as too brash about wanting to fuck them, you are going to get shut down ASAP. Sure, you can maybe have this work for you if you have the right tools. Like money, status, looks, etc. But even then you are facing a uphill battle. I recently heard a quote from this podcast I was listening to when, Model Tahiry said “I don’t care if he has a billion dollars” when her, and two other podcasters were talking about if you would sleep with someone because they had a lot of money. Which, if I was younger would of made me confused and wondering how the hell can she say that, but with age comes wisdom and, that quote makes perfect sense now. She, as a woman can obtain that any time she wants from another man as long as her looks and body stays intact. Which, if you click the link you would see that without question her body will not become mush  fat and sloppy any time soon. Point being, having a lot of money doesn’t mean shit to some woman. You still have to have a good mouth piece to work some magic with certain women. 

If you come off as too robotic you might as well try and fuck a blow up doll instead and have better results. That is what Chip was doing and it caused the woman, named Sarah, in the scene to shut him down. With Alex though, this was a great opportunity for him as he started to talk about how bad Chip failed by explaining the game to her from a backdoor perspective. He knew as a attractive woman she deals with that all day and all night. How can he get her attention without coming off like Chip? She was already in a shooting spree mode when it came to the penis so, how else could Alex work his magic on her while her walls rose even higher. Simple, just hide in plain sight. In the scene he and her go back and fourth about how silly, yet very much wanted when it comes to women, about the game playing both sexes use with each other just to have a conversation. He is not trying to sleep with her or even at least get her number. He shows this towards the end by walking away “showing” he was just having a “regular convo”. Hiding in plain sight. He was talking about the game while also gaming her at the same time.  Alex was charming, witty, smart, mysterious, confident, calm, patient, etc. He had many, many layers compared to Chip’s basic one two punch combo. Alex was all that but at the same time he WASN’T all that. As I said, he was gaming her without seeming like he was. She knew it was game but, the way he presented it was HUMAN and not like other men. Not in a “Oh, I am not like those creepy guys” as if he is TRYING to stand out, and he wasn’t breaking down the “game” in a nerdy way that would bore her to death within a minute plus tops. He was simply REAL without being real. 

By this doing this he is showing he “gets” how to speak with women while hiding his true intentions in the process. Because deep down, when its all said and done, its not about the actual man himself. Its just the IDEA of the man.  Alex and Chip are both one in the same when it comes to talking with women. The only difference is with Chip, he shows his cards too soon and came off like the guys from the “Romantic Rape” post I did a while back. With Alex, the IDEA of him connected with what she EXPECTS of the men that talk with her, and he was able to just simply slip behind the idea and let the magic work. Chip’s failures and many other men’s failures with women work well with this type of action in the seducing transition. Its a tightrope balance that demands a zen like focus without really trying at all. 

Its really as simple as just talking with women like you would anybody. Its just a conversation and she wants to have a normal one. Only of course, by normal I mean a man that can do that, but also apply game tactics without seeming as if he is reading off a script. To put it in better terms, imagine watching a classic TV show like “Martin” or “Golden Girls”, and they were reading from their scripts in every scene. Would you still laugh and be able to get caught up in the moment of the show, or just become taken out of it because now it looks like people reading playing around instead of characters coming to life right before your eyes as if they was real? That is how it is like to just talk with women and build the attraction. You have to cook the food first before you eat it. The problem guys have, including myself  at times, is we sound like we are reading off a paper instead of just talking and building a vibe with the opposite sex. With Alex from the movie, when you boil it down that is all he was really doing. He brought it back to a GENUINE human level that chip lacked. Women know its a game but, like I always say they want to feel as if it is real and suspend belief that this love shit can actually work. Which, it can in theory just not in reality. The game never stops. Just don’t tell women that because they would and will never hear you. 


You can click on the title of the video and find even more videos from the Youtuber that shows more great material as this. Or, just wait until the end where he gives a link to his breakdowns of more movies. I am most certainly going to subscribe to his channel. You should do the same as well if you like his material once you check more of his videos out. I have no idea who is so, I guess ths is just free promotion in a way. I was just inspired and had to write about it, but also give credit to the source. 


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