You know what really grinds my gears to the white meat until the bone is exposed leaking out fresh blue blood from the obscene, stomach curling, disgusting, vomit inducing, forced eyeball slit, and hard to stare at like overweight female whales walking down the beach in bikinis that sound like its screaming out  for dear life as they get sucked into a black hole of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and prescription diet pills showered in wine and Pepsi one like a open wound? Well, its the term “Object” when it comes to the sexual dynamic between men and women. This word when used to describe the type of female most men would love to catapult their white, and thick creamy baby makers towards a pink and (hopefully) tight and moist pink center of fruity pleasure, has been deemed distasteful and overtly rude. The term, if used by a man, will have women wanting to wrap his balls around the same rope used on Emmett till as he gets strung up on a tree limb as they use Kendo sticks to beat the flesh and body hair off him until he looks like a fresh 13 year old beaten pussy, that most men in the sex trafficking business will find hard to sell like Atheists walking pass the religious section at Barnes and Noble bookstore. Women feel that the term to describe women gives them zero value as a person. They might as well be a human blowup dolls with cherry pink lipstick, space cadet eyes, brainless, and lacking any self awareness of the words and concepts of respect and self worth. Angel hair pasta with chopped up onions, garlic seasoning, and hamburger meat smothered in rich and deep red tomato sauce with round meatballs sprinkled with Parmesan and Romano cheese eaten by a blind mentally challenged kid in a white T-shirt has a better chance of coming out clean then men who have this “dirty” conversation with women and being in favor of it. 

Women want your eyes as man to get turned on by their Wonder Woman like character, as 90’s R&B group TLC influenced, one hit wonder Alanis Morissette inspired, Destiny Child fighting independence, and Feminist loving 2014 Beyonce music pumps in the background while they stomp through the landmines with their spiked heels as if they were Spartan warriors hopped up on Testosterone and 12 dozen Red Bull energy drinks. Being seen as strong and dominant as men while ironically like Eminem having the album “Jagged Little Pill” in his iTunes hate seeing actual men act in the same and even more comfortable vein is quite hilarious and at times just plain stupid. They, once they reach a certain age want you as a man to see pass the superficial surface level value that once offered them much success in their early and prime age. Them as a person is much more sexy and hot in their eyes. They want to decided what is cute and erotic for you as a man. The fact that you watch that filth and embarrassing Porn with women being tossed around and slapped stupid like Ray Rice having fun with a Pinata at a party should make you feel lame and worthless. You should want a woman that will battle you 24/7 like a live action UFC match everyday for the rest of your life if you place a ring on it. Something Carmelo Anthony may only see in his tub before his maid comes in and wipes it up.What they deem as sexy, is becoming the norm due to men just happy to get a sniff of some pussy and attention that has had more cock hot dogs in them than the former kitchen pot of Biggie Smalls and 2007 Britney Spears combined. Look, I give them credit for being able to see pass flesh when it comes to us because, most of us men don’t deserve some of this fresh piece of tender ass when it falls in our lap due to our “Swag” as my black culture would say, and personality. But the fact is we are not wired the same way and see the opposite sex in the same POV. They notice how we look and down the road can find more things in us. For us, the looks matter from now until are cocks stop working no matter how many Viagra pills and young “Barely Legal” porn movies we watch once the grey hairs and rusting bones start becoming the norm. Do we find other things pass flesh? Sure no doubt. Not everybody wants to be Kanye West and kiss the mouth of a woman that has had more black men in a small space than our DVD collection of the Maury show. But the harsh truth is looks matter more to us no matter what age. No old man with money and power snatches another woman his age that gets turned on when you bring her, her 12 prescription bottles and a fresh tub of Bengay. 

The thing is, besides being a ass man and a person willing to trade the life of my ex-girlfriend for a lifetime supply of Red Lobster garlic cheddar biscuits, I have also discovered that I am a materialistic son of a bitch. I love my Dre Beats, laptop, heater, TV, iPod, Phone, earplugs, CDs, etc. I value theses things in my life because they have been there longer then any female or even friend as been. These things are mine and I payed hard earn money for these things. But, the main reason why I love these items is simply because they are mine and I control them. I control them and take care of them because I know how hard it was to obtain these things. I treat them better than I do most people at times. If these items can talk, besides getting upset at the constant times they have to watch me waste a couple million sperm cells inside of a tissue or sock, they would say they are treated like Kings and Queens. The balance works because the male is controlling the movement of the ship. The item can just be a item and reap the benefits of being treated as royalty. The problem though as always comes when the items starts to break. Now, you as a man can no longer control the item. You now have to fight with it. I have headphones in which I couldn’t move my head a certain way or the cord would rip apart even worse and fuck up the sound quality. Now, I am not having fun. I am in a battle with the headphones instead of just enjoying the pleasure from it. The balance is now broken. To add more layers if I am too rough with the object it will get broken and no longer work properly. If I am too careless with it and not care about its use, it will be taken and stolen from me. I have had CDs taken from me when younger because I was stupid and didn’t value the shit my mother and father busted their ass to get from me. 

When comparing this to women is hard not to see the similarities. We men are wired not only for dominance and control, but also to see women as sexual objects. its in our brain no matter how much we try. Women see the whole dinner table. We as men just see the plate and food on it.  This is what we find attractive in women. This lust to control and obtain a woman as a item drives not just every race of men but also has helped build society. You think most of the things men have built would of been here if there was no women around to enjoy it with? Hell no. We would still be in caves trying to hunt for food. There would be no purpose for us to try and gain anything if there was no pussy around to show off to. The only way for a male to even have a chance at building a relationship with a woman is to have his money right. Sure, game and being able to talk a woman out of her panties is a great trait, but sooner or later when you want to lock down a certain woman in your life that marks out  every box when it comes to your checklist, you are going to have your money right in order to have a better chance at maintaining her. Don’t do it from the perspective of buying her, more so just to show that you are stable enough to build something with her if you want to take it there. Its in our nature to dominate and tame the female flame inside of a bottle and keep it as ours. It drives us insane and has cause many wars just to have the female body as our own plaything. This need for dominance is seen these days as cavemen behavior and causes men to suppress that nature. Its like telling women to stop having periods or connecting their emotions with everything. Its unnatural and just simply wrong. Because once men do, women are no longer attracted. Its one big test on a grand level that men can’t see. If you do as women say and act like the way they want you too, you are no longer able to be seen as a serious person that can have a piece of her pink frosted mini fish cake. By listening to women you as a man can’t truly show your desire. You will come off as a robot just to get her attention. A romantic robot because that is how you raised to talk to women. Problem is, being a romantic robot only works for certain men. CERTAIN men are not only allowed to be romantically nice without being seen as desperate, but also are allowed to objectify women. These men see the bullshit that is placed on men and move pass it to act on their true desire to see women as pieces of items, and the women deep down thank them for it. 

The sexual power that women have that causes men to go stupid over shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. It should be seen as normal. Only butt hurt men that don’t understand game and other less attractive or older women see this as a problem. They were not bless with the looks so they shame men for only seeing that as a women’s best feature. Do women have other features that get them attention? Sure, why not. Its it the on the same level as their looks? No. Hell no. I don’t care how funny a woman is if she is ugly. My cock will not rise from the dead like the story of Jesus or the dead white women found in the ocean trend from the mid 2000’s. But, a man that is funny will have a better chance at getting some pussy from a woman because women see more than just looks. Good for them. We are very grateful for that. But just because that is how they are programmed doesn’t mean we need to follow. Us following them will cause more break-ups and divorces because women don’t want THEIR man as a follower in the relationship. They want him as a leader not a damn puppy. The objectification of women should be something of praise. Women need to embrace this and just accept this is how we are. The power that can be wield if they just embraced it more can help many relationships and maybe even stop some bitchy behavior.

Having the man feel like a king will make you as a woman feel a rush of power from having him all over you. Trying to fight him and push his buttons will have a relationship going backwards not forwards. Am I saying you as a woman should just be easy and let any man get your cookie? No. You of course have to understand how to wave your power in the right direction. Once you do, the power you can have by making the man the lead will result in understanding why so many love songs and stories were made for your gender. I myself have tasted both the crazy, and simple sweet chick that makes me feel like God himself. At first, the crazy was fun but sooner or later it felt like I was in a battle with another man. With the sweet chick that was cotton soft I wanted her more. And not just in a “Eh, I am horny I guess” but, in a animalistic like way. A brutal an damn near violent way because I felt I was able to be let out of my cage and pounce. She, of course love this fact and embraced it with great glee and giggles. The concept and culture of BDSM I believe understand this quite well. I am sure not every relationship that involves that lifestyle always ends in happily ever after but, the chances with them are  alot better because they understand the Master/slave dynamic. Not in a abusive way but, a way of understanding the man being the lead will have better results than having the woman lead and going into battle with their man. Hell, even from the Femdon aspect of BDSM the object of women is still the main source for men allowing themselves to be used as doormats or pigs. Its the rush of worshiping the Mistress that gets them off. Being able to treat them as Queens is a blood boiling shotgun blast of cocaine wrapped around in weed inside of a vanilla dutch aimed right for the brain, as the bullet fragments drop down to the soul inside of the body.   

Basically, to sum this all up, just stand by your fuckery. When a women asks you next time why do you see women as objects just flat out tell them why you do. It shouldn’t be something that is seen as shameful. Just like it shouldn’t be a problem for a woman to stop acting like that isn’t one of the greatest, if not greatest strength that they have. The problem I feel is where this power they have is not used on certain men or help out certain women. And to them, I say it is what it is. This is something that can, or can’t be changed. You as a man can develop some game and understand how the world works when it comes to the PC feminist BS that is shoved down your throat since birth, and learn to spit that horse shit up in a toilet and flush it. For a woman, you can understand how to weave around women that are blessed with better looks by displaying a more nice, sweet, and even more sexually open in a subtle way personality while also better skills in the bedroom than the made for a music video bombshell vixens. Which, truthfully some of the more average looking women possess because they can’t just lay there and not have to work hard like the beauty queen can. Life is hard as fuck no matter what. And if you are lacking in areas that can make it somewhat easier, you as a person are just going to have to hustle and work around the game of life. Because its not going to change just because you have a hissy fit and complain about it. Men love sexy women and women love men with money, status, power, and of course attractiveness too. Its never going to change.  The Game will always be the game. Trying to make men and women see pass that is a waste of time on both parties. I’ll leave it with this Chris Rock video to finish the picture I am painting with a final brush stroke. Thank you for taking the time out to read. More posts to come.




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