“She, she left me. I don’t know what to do anymore. I loved this girl so much and, and I can’t imgaine why she would do this. I thought everything was going good but, but it wasn’t according to her. She felt smothered and needed “space”. Space! I always gave her as much space as she wanted. Hell, I gave her almost anything she wanted and she would never be happy. What else could she get from that man that she couldn’t get from me! I did everything for her. I seen this guy’s Facebook. He is a bum that is doing nothing with his life and she decided to fuck him behind my back. I hate her but, but I still want her back. I hate myself for this but its true. Its true dammit. I still want her back and don’t know what to do. I love her and want to move pass this. We been together for 6 years since High School was over. I want her back in arms and I don’t care.” 



Too bad. She, my friend is fucking dead. The woman you feel in love with years ago no longer exists. The woman that you use to share all of your secrets, goals, worries, etc is dead in your movie. She has been written off the season and has no chance of coming back. The funeral episode in your TV show will be coming next season. Make sure you buy a fucking tux and be prepared to bury this woman forever. There is no more “girlfriend” when it comes to her. She is and will slowly become a distant memory in your life once you wake up and move the fuck on. There is no more sharing stories late at night and praying she gets in the mood to have sex later on. There is no more talking about her family and trying your best to kiss the ass f her father and mother. The woman you once would die for just to prove to her family that you were a “Real man” is now dead, and reduced to being the bitch of maggots in the resting home of dirt and grass. When you are standing over her grave you make sure you have a bag of cement and pour it over her grave to make sure no Pet Cemetery like shit happens when it comes to this female dog. Make sure she is buried deeply without ANY chance of returning. Your little “Honey dip” and “Snowflake” is gone and has become another’s cum dump. She is dead and gone.  

She got down on her knees and swallowed the load of another man down her throat until the nut reached her stomach, and sat there for a couple hours while you was away hard at work trying to buy her more bullshit that she doesn’t need. She was cuddling and looking into the eyes of another man sharing not only her body, but emotions that were once only meant for you. Her body is one thing, but now her emotions and brain activity was reacting in ways you haven’t seen since the first time you two met. That attention and chemical rush was reserved for another man while the thought of who you were as a person was nowhere floating inside her brain at the time. You were simply a afterthought and not much of a importance still once she returned back to you as damaged goods. She more than likely had phone calls with this man in which giggles and hair twirls were displayed. With you, simply looking in a distant talking to you as if she was making a appointment with a secretary. There was no passion or “Umph” when speaking with you. You had become the comfortable big brother compared to a man that now has become her mental masturbation transformed into  something external she can now grab and use for her and his pleasure. 


Stop trying to rationalize what she did in order to win her back. She, was not thinking about the future when she rode another man’s cock screaming his name and squealing like a stuffed pig. She was happily bliss in that moment. Who you were, and how much you loved her meant nothing. Why would you want to win that back? If you still want to make it work after she confessed (or didn’t and you found out) to sleeping with another man, than you Sir, have lost something more than just her body and emotions. You, have lost her fucking respect completely. You already did once she let another man, or maybe several more, invaded her hidden thirst trap and left their name with cum graffiti. The fact that you would allow her to see you actually STILL want a chance with her will have you forever seen as a male with no options that is happy to accept slavery over pride. She will never be as excited for you as she was for him. There is no way a woman, unless there is a cuckold fetish involved, would ever be able to look at her man and be happy to say that is her man to other women. Dreams and fantasies of someone talking back and standing up for himself will forever flood her thoughts as she has sex with you. Not fucking or making love but, sex. Sex with no true and honest emotion behind it. Losing her pussy is one thing, but losing a woman’s respect for you is far, far more worse. You are on the same path as a child molester or rapist at this point. You have no more value to her and might as well not even waste your time anymore. But the fact that do you just makes you as not only a man, but a human seem less and less each time you kiss the lips that had another man’s cock imprint all over it. 

If, after reading all this and filling in more grey areas with colorful thoughts of more shit she probably did and you STILL want to make it work, her, her natural tendencies, and her lovers are no longer the problem at this point. The problem,is now YOU. You are now the issue if you as a man still want to be with a woman that may have risked having another kid with another man. That may of caught a disease that could of not only harmed herself but you as well. Yeah, shit like that only happens in movies and to other people. No doubt but, what if you had became that other person? What then? How much could you love a person that now signed over a early death towards you just so she can get a “Feeeeeeling” again that has been missing from you? Face it, this woman in your life is not worth your time and emotional sanity. To still want to travel down a road of broken bottles, rocks,  and needles after having a chance to change directions with shoes and a better outcome towards the end is fucking stupid and just down right fuckery. A waste of life and penis for another woman that would gladly suck your cock and treat you like a real GOD.  

She, is dead. Move the fuck on or forever been labeled as a “Oh” guy. “Oh john! Why can’t you do this right” Or “Oh john? Yeah is working at that place still. God why can’t he do better” and of course “Oh john stop okay. I am not in the mood don’t pressure me. I am not a whore I am your wife”. Then, last but not least “Oh john. . . , Oh, yeah. Uh huh. Right there. Oh john you are so….. Good”. No passion pussy what so ever. Just a “Eh” fuck before she rolls over and watches whatever bullshit that is on TV that gives her more enjoyment than you ever will again. 

Show your penis some more respect Sir. 

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