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(Before I begin, I just wanted to post a disclaimer that I will be repeating several more time in my latest blog post here. I realize that domestic abuse whether its man on woman or woman on man is wrong. If you as a individual are in a situation like this you need to move the fuck on ASAP. Especially if you have kids who will be effected more not only now, but later in life in their adult path who may see this as normal and let the cycle continue. This type of relationship can lead to permanent damage or even death. You as a person deserve more than this and should leave NOW. My post today is just looking at it from a different angle. A angle as to why she (Rihanna, Janay Palmer, and sseveralother women) stay with their man. I am not doing this for shock nor views. I am doing this to express my freedom of speech and because I myself enjoy looking at things from many different angles. Angles that many wont explore because they see no point. Well, I do. I enjoy going deeper “down the rabbit hole” as they say. But again, I know this is a wrong relationship for anyone to be in. I am not ignorant. I just simply want to see things from another side. This is what this blog enjoys to do. You will never see this on a mainstream blog or even TV show when discussing this type of view on domestic abuse. So again, I understand what I am doing. I just want to let others know as to why I am doing this. Thank you and enjoy.)









When I heard and later seen what R&B star Chris Brown did to POP/R&B Rihanna in 2009 I was shocked. Shocked not because it was a fight between girlfriend and boyfriend because that is nothing new. But shocked because of the photos I seen. The photos of Rihanna’s face was shocking to me. I never thought I would actually see what had happened to her face after the incident. But in this TMZ era of catching literally everything, nothing is sacred anymore. Anyway I was floored when I seen the photos of her. I couldn’t believe Chris Brown would do this her and at the same time ruin his career. He used her face as a punching bag while the media was about to use his music and image as one as well. The interviews that followed showed that Rihanna was torn up about what had happen. She was shocked as I was that he would do such a thing to her. I mean, before this they seem like the new “it” couple that was about to dominate the R&B/POP charts for many, many years to come. It seemed like they were in good terms when you look at photos of them back in 2009. Then this happened and changed that path forever. Rihanna of course moved on and I thought was done with this man forever. Everybody did. I thought we would never see Chris Brown and Rihanna in the same photo ever again, or even in the same building ever again. There was no way these two will be seen around each other in any event. Its was hard due to them being in the same industry but, in the terms of Rihanna and her being a woman it could and did happen. She deserved it of course after what Chris Brown did so it seem like the right thing to do. I thought this couple’s reign was over. 

Then, this happened. Chris Brown and Rihanna had gotten back together only a few shorts years after he beaten her up. The beating was shocking to me but, this, this was even more crazy to me. I was still digesting the “Red Pill” so, things still didn’t make complete sense to me like they do now. Seeing this around that time had me very, very confused. I couldn’t understand this shit at all. Why? Why would she give him another chance after what he did to her? How was this even possible? He humiliated and embarrassed her on a worldwide scale and yet, she still gave this man another chance at not only her emotions but body as well. Chris Brown was taking a beating from the media and it seemed like it would never stopped. It seem liked it was about to be in flames and never recover the same as it once did. Granted that holds true to this day as he was once in line to be the next Michael Jackson. Funny looking at it now but that was once true. But Rihanna pulled the rug out from everyone and gave him another chance. Some women claimed it was “Love” and that they were “Meant to be together”. Others of course hated it and said she was just a insane girl to get back with him. Etc, etc, etc. But something deep down inside me just couldn’t chalk this up to “Love”. Especially since I had found The Manosphere. I couldn’t just say she was in love and let it go. I was something that I couldn’t place my finger on. Sure, you can say she deserved better and maybe wasn’t right in the head to begin with. Fine cool whatever. But this is Rihanna. She didn’t just make it to where she is by being just a pretty face. Yes, she is not the best singer in the world but regardless it takes hard work and mental strength to be at the top as she was then and even now. So it wasn’t her head that was fucked up. This, this was something more. 


That something is what I talked about here, and also recently here. The bottom line is this, what happened with Chris and Rihanna unfortunately, had to happen. Let me back it up a bit before I begin. NO. I am not saying I endorse abuse on women. NO, absolutely not. I am not saying that women, when they do something wrong should be beat like children or slaves. Hey, unless its in the bedroom or, you are in a BDSM relationship than fine. Do as you please. But even then that has its limits as well that could be crossed. No, I am not saying that Rihanna deserved what happened to her. Neither did Chris Brown or any other man that is in that type of relationship. There is many, many other ways to handle a situation different than automatically going with fists and throwing shit at each other. So again, I am not saying that her, or women deserved that type of treatment. But again, the undertone of this is simple and I am  sure not going to be discussed ever. The simple fact is, what Chris Brown did had to be done. NOT, in that extreme way but, in some form or fashion what Chris did was the right and wrong at the same time. There is no easy way to word this yet I still want to try. This is the dark side of how relationships are maintain that no one really wants you to talk about. They say talk it out and, become her friend, be more nice, sweet, etc. Sure, that works but only after the fuckery happens beforehand. By fuckery, I mean some tension. You as a male friend can not create tension by being nice and comforting in the beginning. That must be earned first by her. If not, she will simply not see you as a man worth her time if she does not feel you can be protective of her. Your display of strength first will let her know you can not only being the lead in relationships, but also in many other areas.

A male friend that is coming off as too nice will not earn her inner walls around her body and emotions to come crumbling down and gain access. You, in this era of women have to create some type of drama. You can not throw a bullet and cause a feeling with first having had a gun to fire it. You will be going backwards if you attempt to use the bullet first. You have to causes her to have a feeling about you that doesn’t come as you being a big brother. In a more simpler term when it comes from the male POV is simply this: Before and after dominance.  You see, I say “before” because had Chris Brown done this the first time only she may of never gave this man another chance. A woman that wants to get involved with a man must know everything first to make sure this man is who he is as far as her imagination can take her. I am not saying Chris was slapping around Rihanna beforehand but, I am sure she knew what type of “bad boy” she was getting involved with. He was displaying dominance beforehand. Had the incident in 2009 been the first time he showed his anger towards her I am not sure they would of gotten back with him. Don’t believe me? Look at the Tiger Woods situation when he was caught with dozens of women. His wife IMMEDIATELY left him because in her head that was NOT the man she married. She didn’t think she was marrying that type of guy. Granted there are many other ways to look at that relationship but, again as I addressed in my disclaimer I am looking at this from a different view.  A view that was once oblivious to me.


I used to do everything for women in my past to make them happy. I would be the nicest and sweetest person I could to make sure they were always comfortable and never felt threaten by me. I would never argue or try and rock the boat. I was just merely happy to be around them and that they were giving me the honor of being in their presence. I, back then looked at it as a gift that I couldn’t waste. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t like other guys that would tease, grab, harass, treat them like objects, make them cry, confused, hurt, etc. I wanted to stand out because as the movies, TV, books, and family told me it was the right thing to do. It was the right thing to do no matter what I felt. If I did this I was going to not only get a quality girl, but a HOT girl that would find this sexy and comforting. That is how the movies displayed it. She would see past the bravdo and cocky ways of the doucebag that treated her like shit, and find the nice and nerdy guy more attractive and cool in the end. I felt like I still had a chance with the popular girls as long as did everything right to the T. This type of behavior from men would win soon enough. All I had to do was wait on the  bench until it was my time to get in the game. I just had to wait until that’s all. That is all, right? Well, wrong.Very fucking wrong as a matter of fact. Years and years passed by of me not getting the attention I wanted. I was super nice and treated every chick like a princess. Yet, they only gave me a “AWWW” or “Good boy” type of vibe as they walked passed me and headed to a man that treated them like shit. Sure, you can chalked this up to women being immature and young but, that doesn’t mean shit in the log run. That need for a feeling only develops as time goes on with them. The nice guy will win in the end but it will not be a genuine interest. She will eventually get bored of his ways as well and move on if she still could. Is it his fault for just being himself? Yes and no. Yes because he should of “Got it” as far as knowing how to make women attracted to him, but at the same time its not his fault because this is how he was raised when younger, and this is just how the animal nature of women are. He as a nice man is going up against many years of evolution not only towards women but life as a whole as far as “only the strong survive”. All his life he was told to think of others before himself. Don’t be selfish I am sure was heard many times in his young age like it was heard towards me. That nice and safe vibe only rewards him a woman that is looking for something more stable and easy to deal with once she can no longer compete with the younger women at the clubs or any other social event. This is not some evil plan that women all around the world came up with but, regardless it happens. Its a pattern that men are waking up to. A pattern that influenced Rihanna to get back together with Chris Brown, and also Ray Rice wife to stay with him even after what he did to her.  




NFL star Ray Rice to catch you up to speed right quick had gotten into some trouble, after a video surfaced of him dragging his unconscious wife out of a elevator. The video that showed was bad enough and warrant him to be suspended for two games after it was seen by the public, and of course his team management. Then, today TMZ won the internet again as another video was found as you can see above. This video showed everything. EVERYTHING. It showed that he punched his wife twice. The first time she barley let it stop her, which shows that she is used to being beat by him  probably, then the second one came as she was coming towards him at full speed and he reacted with more force by knocking her out into the railing of the elevator. Its shocking to watch. But nothing is more shocking when you sit back and think about it in the terms of she STILLED married this man after what he did to her. She may or may not remember the impact, but now she can go back and watch it for herself. Still, as I mentioned early is hard not to image this being the only time he has hit her. She still stayed with him after that first, and is still with him even after this. Not only with him but married this man saying she wants to spend the rest of her life with him forever. The bottom line as I talked about this early is that what Ray Rice did HAD to happen. Just not in that aspect. That was a more extreme version of it.  Dominance from a male must be displayed in relationships in order for her to show respect to him. Women will of course bark at this claim saying I am a “Asshole” and “Ignorant misogynist”. Cool, I understand why you would say that but I am not those things. I am just calling it as it is. Him and Chris Brown have money and status which is a direct connection to dominance. There are other men that go through the same type of relationship with their women but are not as rich as these two men, yet even still the woman stays with them. Its fucked up to even talk about this yet it has to be said. 

Chris Brown and Rihanna didn’t last but, nonetheless she still gave another chance. He, I am sure was super nice to her during this reunion and it worked for a bit until they decided to part ways. She, I am sure loved the change in Chris Brown during that brief restart. But only because of the fuckery that happened before like I said early. A woman doesn’t see her best male friend as attractive because there is nothing there. There is no drama or feeling he gives her besides sweet and stable. Something as a young woman she could care less about. She will care later on i life when it comes time to find a partner, but even then she will still pawn for dominance. Again, I am NOT saying Rihanna, Ray Rice’s wife Janay Palmer, or any other women deserve to be hit. No, NOT AT ALL. But at the same time I am saying that dominance must be showed. Just not in that fashion unless again its a BDSM like relationship. Even then again though, that has its limits. These women gave these men another chance. Even without money and status other men have earned other chances as well despite their beating of their women. Why? Why when I am sure other men would of treated them like queens but get ignored? Say what you will about the video and pictures you have seen between these celebrities and everyday couples that go through the same things. The fact remains they gave these men were awarded another shot. You can find other relationships in which it never gets to this stage of hands being used, but regardless some type of control by the man is being shown. To prove my point even more here is the latest Instagram post from Ray Rice’s wife that was posted today:  



Do you think a man that treated her like a queen would ever get this type of commitment from her?  Even if he had money and status you still see men in the entertainment world that still get divorce papers thrown at them. Am I saying she will stay with him forever? No. But as of right now despite now seeing the video in full, she is happy with her man that display his dominance over her. It is what it is. 





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