I remember watching one of the females friends that friend zoned me cry a puddle of tears as we sat together at my kitchen table. She had just finished having sex with a close friend of mine and was 

looking to me for support in which I offered (Yeah, I know). I at first wonder why she was so upset at what she had did. I mean, I seen the two flirting and things seem to be going fine. I thought maybe things got a bit too rough in the bedroom that was not to her liking. Though, just a few days back she had no problem getting a huge hickey mark on her neck that seem to come from a vampire so, rough being part of the sex plate didn’t seem to be a big deal to her so, again why was she crying. Why was she in tears and seem heartbroken as she sat at my table looking like she had lost her best friend. At the time I was a bit cold towards her for friend zoning me s, I really didn’t hug her at all. I just watched her and as I can remember really didn’t even say much. I made sure though not to make it seem as if I was jealous or butt hurt about not getting some pussy. Its crazy looking back on how much I knew how to conceal my real emotions in front of a woman. Another trait from my mother and father I guess. 

Anyway, I was still confused as to why the water works were coming down. At a point in the conversation I basically asked “Why are you crying what’s up?”. The answer I got took me a bit by surprise. I was expecting a answer like maybe she regretted doing this to me. I was still delusional and thought maybe I had a chance at gaining her intimacy back. It was in the back of my mind but, nonetheless if she gave me the go I would be jumping for joy at the chance to take her Scooby snack like a good trained dog. Reasons why that wasn’t the case though is for another time. No, the reason she gave me was because she felt she had betrayed her ex-boyfriend that was back home where she used to live at. Quick back story, they were on and off a lot. He was basically fucking a lot of women during and after their relationship. More reason after was because she broke it off with him due to her having to leave to come to a different state. I remember hearing these stories and being jealous. Jealous because the way she would word it sounded like a love story that I wished to live myself. Not because of what he was doing to her because, at the time, I thought he was a dick that didn’t appreciate this gentle snowflake in front of him. But, more so because he was living a dream and trying his best to make it a nightmare.

They would talk on and off even while she was tangoing back and fourth with me, a close friend, and two people at high school. Yeah, one of those bitches. I was merely number 5 on a long list.  During this time he had a whole new girlfriend at that time yet, she was still worried about his opinion. It bugged me out because I remember all those conversations we had about him. She at the time would say things like she was done with this man and hoped he lived a happy life without her. Then, days later be right back on his dick telling me how she would call him and spend hours yelling about the past and present. I am sure her side was never fully disclosed though, because one of the arguments I remember is my friend mailing the dude on Facebook and telling him everything about the relationship. She had just played with my friend’s heart too so, he was pissed and wanted to blow off some steam. 


Anyway, the fact he still had this type of effect on her was never lost on me. Yes, I said I wasn’t jealous but at the same time I wasn’t stupid. I seen this several other times with different women through my life after that incident and wondered what the hell was the trick? How was he able to call her a “bitch”, “stupid”. and “slut” one minute, then the next have her crying because she misses spending time together with him everyday. It was like I was talking with two different people sometimes. I would tell her every time to just leave yet, she would always find someway to stay with him. My jealous grew worse due to this. I felt like this “love” story would never happen for me. I thought it was all apart of God’s plan. 

I wasn’t aware of religion and the true concept of God back around that time yet, I still felt like things like these types of love stories were meant to happen. I thought that “something” in the sky was testing their “love” to see if they can last forever. Now, I can see why this fuckery was happening from all angle and no longer have any hard feelings towards her or my friend, In fact, I am glad this happen to me. If not, I wouldn’t be here writing to you and hopefully the world in the future about my life. Could  I maybe be more happy living in a blue pill world without any knowledge of the “Red pill” alternative now? Sure maybe, yet I would still have this belief that things just happen because of it being apart of a plan. I wouldn’t never learned about the concepts of philosophy, red pill, women, men, feminism, etc. I would of never read blogs about game and found the Gods in Patrice O’neal and Tom Leykis.

Basically, I found some good shit with having my heart stomped out by a couple of women in my life and love it today. I hated the feeling I went through but, now I doubt that another woman will make me feel that type of sadness again unless they were family or the younger sister type of friends. Sure, if my “female friend” were to leave me now I would feel pain and maybe not being able to think properly for at least a week but, once that 2nd week comes into play I would start moving forward and say fuck that bitch. And if I did acted like she didn’t matter, more than likely she would come back. Or, if I had the same attitude during the relationship a real break-up would never get to that point if I stayed on the path. No higher purpose was involved. It was a small part of me and a large part of her at play. This was not God’s doing, this hers because, looking back on it now she was not crying because she wanted him to change. She was crying because this is what she wants.  



Apologies for using the same video again from this post right here, but, I felt it was needed once again to describe what I am trying to say in a visual form. In the video above the character asks “When do we know when enough is enough” and, to answer her question from the female perspective: “Whenever you say it is”. You see, the female asking the question is in a up and down relationship with a man that won’t be a “Real Man” to her by steeping up and properly wearing his leash around his neck so he can be trained and confused. I have watched the show (Yes I know I know no shame) so I have seen her try and try again to make this man commit to her countless times to the point it became comical. A sane person would simply cut their loses and leave. So why didn’t she do that and instead go for a man that was more stable and easy to handle? Why would she waste so much time on a man that wouldn’t be a “Good boy” and instead focus on a guy that was be much more easier to control from a sexual, emotional, and financial standpoint? She is not ugly and I have seen had plenty of men come through in her life that was ready to be involved with her on all levels the way she wanted, yet each time a man didn’t understand the feminine approved only balance properly, he was cast aside and left in a pile of dead bodies for not “Getting it” soon enough. She could of easily worked with the men and at least tried to see where the future would hold but, she just couldn’t place the same amount of effort into it like a guy would for a woman they really like. She, Carrie the character above found her a really, really good man in the show at one point but STILL decided to break his heart twice. First here, then right here again. The first time was because she cheated on him with a “Feeler” while he played the provider role too early in her life. I understand this is based off a TV show and is suppose to be entertainment, yet as I told one of my co-workers awhile back you can find wisdom in all forms of life. With Hollywood, even in a bad movie you can find a couple of gems inside of it. Its all about how you perceive what is in front of you. Anyway, all these men plus him were good dudes yet, she just couldn’t invest her time in them because of a flaw they had, or because they didn’t understand how to let her enjoy the show properly while also knowing how to listen, and then not listen to her by invading her magical guard tower. Confusing but, basically what it all comes down to is simply this: These men were boring and completed.  



I said above that these men weren’t chosen by her because they had too many flaws and didn’t understand the game properly from her point of view. True from her eyes but, also the reason why they weren’t chosen is because these men were already too perfect. Some were the hopeless romantics that thought listening to everything a woman said and applying it with logic in order to win her over would work. They assumed by knowing every move in a romantic comedy, and writing down every piece of advice a woman said would make them more attractive to their target, would gain them a better chance at finding the Disney-like romantic love they had always believe was real from a early age. No fault on their part but, that simply doesn’t work when it comes to women. They don’t want a man that does everything perfect for them 24/7. It never changes from any age. Yes, a woman would prefer a nicer guy when she is much older and no longer in the “game” so she can settle down and start a family, yet at the same time even then she will still test her husband on any and every level due to her nature. Marriages are not what they once was many years ago. Women, men, and even kids as well wasn’t as aware as we are now. We see many different forms of all women and men out there and want it just as bad as we want the best car, house, latest gadget, etc. The mothers, fathers, and kids back then only had the space around them. Internet and the many options it displays right now wasn’t even a factor back then. It was just the TV and radio that shown the world SOME of the many options out there. The men that try and perfect the game of love from a logical standpoint will soon learn that it doesn’t work if you try and make her happy every time. She will soon become bored if you don’t blow up the building and switch up your style. Its no fault of yours as a man. You are just trying to a be a good person and find the type of love that makes you feel as good as when you watch movies or listen to music based on the subject. To quote from the No ma’am Blog from the “Book of Pook” section: 


There was this guy who went to the gym almost all the time. His diet was PERFECT. His workout routines were PERFECT. His clothing was PERFECT. His six pack… no, EIGHT pack was PERFECT. He MODELED. He got involved in ACTING. He looked like a GREEK GOD. When he walked about, all the ladies noticed him. He used his flesh like a masculine dress. Aside from those that used and discarded him as a boy toy, the ladies always broke up with him. How could they break up with this ADONIS? “He is so BORING” they all said in chorus. After all, he spent most of his time in the gym or being consistent with his perfect diet. If this guy spent less time being perfect and more time being human, he would be much more successful with the ladies and much happier.

There was this other guy that became a super successful lawyer. He bought the token status car and made a mini-mansion. He went to the gym every other night. He had money, had status, and looked great. He thought the ladies would find him PERFECT. Well, they did find him perfect but not for the reasons he wanted. They found him PERFECT for STABILITY. So he married a ‘super hot babe’ and had kids (which he paid for a nanny to take care of). What does the ‘super hot babe’ do? She cheats on him! “Don’t you love him?” “Yes, yes I very much do,” and she speaks the truth. No, she sleeps around because SHE IS BORED. He dehumanized everything. She doesn’t have to work, doesn’t have to raise the kids, and doesn’t have to do anything. Of course she won’t leave him. And of course she is in ‘love’ with him (or rather his STABILITY). Yet, she is bored and cheats on him. If the guy was a bit more human and less perfect, she might find her husband more interesting than his foolish role of Mr. Perfection.


Being perfect and acting like a logical love robot will just have women yawning and looking for something more unpredictable and chaotic. Again, its not your fault as a man per-say, yet at the same time women want you to still have a understanding of how this game is being played. Being yourself doesn’t work unless you put fourth the effort before hand at displaying some game. You can’t walk into a gun fight without first preparing.  



The term real love it would seem is the same as the movies, music, books, and older people make it out to be. The problem is that form of love is dead due to men and women becoming more aware of what they can and can’t get. Like I addressed here, there is a dark side to the game that not only can’t be avoided but, must be practiced in order for your woman to remain loyal to you. No, I am not suggesting to abuse your woman and mess her head up to the point she fears for her life to even make a mistake around you. No, what I am saying is regardless of how you feel there is no escaping this. There is no escaping the fact that everything you have been taught to work as a man when it comes to getting women is not really a lie, but more so not a proper way to handle it long term. The man that is not perfect and doesn’t try to please her 24/7 is a challenge to them. Its messy, ugly, chaotic, lacking rhyme or reason. The man that brings this to the table plus a bit of the perceived “Real love” that women claim they want is a recipe for a great relationship. You see, there is another balance at play when it comes to men a and dealing with women. One is a the TV version of love, and chaos. If you go too far with either you will lose. If you show too much love she will feel compelled to throw up. If you show too much chaos her perception will be that she can not control you and move on to someone that will listen better.

The keyword there is PERCEPTION. If a woman feels like she is the boss a little bit she will continue to stay with you despite the fact you as a man are being seen as crazy and uncontrollable. Note, do not let it seem like a act because women can smell bullshit from a mile away. If she sees you acting like you are a “bad boy” and not really being have a piece of your genuine self on display, she will roll her eyes at your attempt if she finds your instructions. The thing is this must be internalize and not a facade. This must be studied and FELT from within. It must not be you pretending to be a character just to please her. Its confusing at first I know but, hey. What else can you do? This is what they want. They want to feel the pain and stress of a relationship. They never want something that is complete. No one of us do on a grand scale. Imagine if every movie, TV show, book, song, album, etc was perfect with no flaws every time. Sure, at first it would be cool but eventually we would become restless and start seeking a moment of chaos due to being trapped within a system of perfection. Nobody, especially women want perfection. They need something to work with and have a PERCEPTION that this man will lead towards a path of being a “Real man”. Eve though if he does, he will fail. 




Talking about how something works kills the moment and vibe. Yes, there is a show dedicated in breaking down how the magic tricks are executed, yet not everybody wants to see everything. Its about the moment and suspending disbelief. I regret some days knowing how the sausage is made when it comes to wrestling because, I can’t really enjoy the show like I used to when I was younger. Now I know somewhat how backstage politics are at play. Sure, I can look at it with new eyes and have a different appreciation for it but, still. This is the same with women. Even by talking about the “Red Pill” and showing a alternative philosophy about women will have you seen as a caveman and relic from a past in which women were “oppressed” and seen as inferior. Sure, at some level they was but the trade off was that they were being taken care of as a women, treated with more respect, and got to live out their submissive nature with more acceptance. Once they became puppets just as men did is where things went left. Yes, some woman were not always in the best relationships and didn’t deserve some of the treatment they got, yet it works both ways and also the majority of women as a whole had a much more fulfilling life. Talking about this like the video up above shows will have you as a man seen as crazy and needing a straight jacket and, that’s the point.

“Be a man when I say you can be a man. NOT when you WANT to be a man. That does nothing to help me out”.

The reason it is like this is because women as a whole don’t have a grand master plan at hand when it comes to this. There isn’t a plan. This is just pure nature which is a lot more scary. You as a man are Batman facing The Joker. Sure, you stand for something and are stuck to a concept, but, when it comes to The Joker he takes all of those plans and laughs as he blows them up without any feelings or care about the direction it is trying to aim for. He makes your plans seem silly because here he is doing the opposite of that and completing things at a much faster rate. Yes, the Joker is the bad guy and always loses sooner or later but, that is because it HAS TO BE that way. Batman MUST win because that inspires people (Men mostly) to remain happy in prison by a concept. The good guy must ALWAYS win not because its right but, because it keeps everything under control in society by keeping the masses brainwashed and not able to think for themselves. You and your character as a whole have nothing to do with it. Talking about the system will have you joining Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, JFK, etc in a grave. I’ll leave it here with some of the famous Bill Hicks quote that really brings home what I am trying to say. Thank you again for reading. More posts to come.  

The World is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real, because that’s how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round, and it has thrills and chills and is very brightly colored, and it’s very loud. And it’s fun, for a while.

Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they’ve begun to question, ‘Is this real, or is this just a ride?’, and other people have remembered, and they’ve come back to us and they say ‘Hey, don’t worry. Don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.’ and we KILL THOSE PEOPLE.

“Shut him up! We have alot invested in this ride! SHUT HIM UP! Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real.”

It’s just a ride.


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