I am the key to the lock in your house
That keeps your toys in the basement
And if you get too far inside
Youll only see my reflection

Its always best when the covers up
I am the pick in the ice
Do not cry out or hit the alarm
You know were friends till we die

And either way you turn
Ill be there
Open up your skull
Ill be there
Climbing up the walls

Its always best when the light is off
Its always better on the outside
Fifteen blows to the back of your head
Fifteen blows to your mind

So lock the kids up safe tonight
Shut the eyes in the cupboard
Ive got the smell of a local man
Whos got the loneliest fear

That either way you turn
Ill be there
Open up your skull
Ill be there

Climbing up the walls
Climbing up the walls
Climbing up the walls



Women, who are now aware of “Game” at this point in life and, now know that a lot of men use it in certain interactions when dealing with them, find the concept to be bad, fake, disrespectful, and just downright pathetic. Women who, know that men are running game on them will react in a “Aww, how cute” type of vibe once they see a man “Trying” to gain her attention. They do that because, they know a man is not really being himself completely at that point in the interaction. Even though if we are being honest, nobody when they first met another person is going to be raw and truthful about who they are. Women want you to because, they want to see if you “Get it” or not. They want to see if this “storytelling” aspect, with a undertone of childlike bratty game playing that we always do even in adulthood that, you understand and know how to execute. They want to see who is basically Batman, and who is Bruce Wayne. Each has their benefits at certain times in a women’s life but, none are ever the same man at the same time. Its rare. They don’t want a man to only act like a robot, yet they also they want a man to be FULLY himself in that moment either.  Its a balance that he on his own must get without any help from a outside source. It seems un-logical but, at a certain extent it makes sense. If she invests her time in a man that was just reading a script or, getting help from earphones while the other man that “Gets it” gives him the answers to the test, when that help is gone it is just going to be him and her alone. That same man she thought was strong enough to tame her emotional chaos will no longer be there, and instead his true self will be seen, while she as a woman would have wasted time on a man or, “little boy” in her eyes once she sees he doesn’t understand how to be A MAN. So, game as it would seem is bad because it shows that men need help being men. It is seen as childish not because men are now using “tactics” and “plans” when talking with women but, its because the secret undertone of a somewhat secret society is being invaded by people that weren’t invited to the party in their eyes. Its a club they want to keep for themselves and the men that understand how to handle the test they dish out to certain prospects. Not all men deserve to see behind the curtain.  

So, it would seem that, the best thing you as a man could do in this situation, is to basically listen to what a woman has to say when it comes to game. Right? I mean, starting from a position of her being mad is not going to better your chances at getting her number or anything else long term. The best thing you can do then is to listen to what she says and not try and come at her with an alternative like “Game”. And, you could. Ironic thing though is, if you do listen to what she says you are still not “Getting it” as a man. You see, if a woman says that she likes “Big dicks, men with money, power, etc” and you as a man run up to her and say “Hey! Hey look I have everything you want. Look see! I have all those things to make you happy! I won right? You have to give me your time and sex now right?” then you as a man will fail the test. This post from The Rational Male paints it perfectly.  If you do everything a woman wants overtly then, the mystery is gone, and you are now coming at her almost like a “john” meeting a  prostitute. You are now just another prop in her show instead of being your OWN star. Do women enjoy the things I mention? Of course but, do women want to hear the instructions about those things? Meaning, does she want it to feel like its a jester doing his best to appease her for her time and affection like a little clown who needs other people’s approval? No. Especially if she is trying to consider this man as a potential boyfriend or simple fuck buddy. She, and humans as a whole want something bigger than life. Not someone who is below or on the same level as them. That is boring. So it would seem there is no option expect to just “be yourself” and go with the flow. Which, I stated early that you can. You can just let things happen and hope for the best. You can just, do as she says as far as what makes a “Real man”. You can just, go easy and hope for the best, and pray she never gets bored with you being your normal self 24/7 without any change in program.  You can do all these things and hope you have the right answers when it comes to the nail. (Hint, its not about the nail) 

The problem is though, if you decide to go with option 3 and just “Go with the flow”, that to is going to lead you down a road of fuckery. Women, simply get bored with their mates faster than males get bored with their women.  You can do everything she says by just going with, with you were taught by your mother and father, and that still would not be enough. We as humans were not built for monogamy. Its just not how the evolutionary system works. If we started with that blueprint, who knows what we would have now in this world. We may still be in the stone ages. You as a man could follow the Hollywood blueprint to a “T” as far as love and relationships go and it still wouldn’t matter. Women are always seeking a moment of chaos. Whether its with work, family, gossip, etc. Its always the “is” that is important not so much a answer. She will test you in a relationship not because she purposely wants to do it but, simply because its in her nature to make sure you as a man are not getting too comfortable. She doesn’t want things to just go smoothly without a hitch. Hell, the newest TV show called “Satisfaction” shows what happens when even if a women has everything financial wise she will still cheat on her man. Anywhere you turn when it comes to their point of view, it would seem then you as a man are doomed to fail. Once again it is another trick on a worldwide scale. A trick that you as a man must figure out on your OWN without help not because it is exclusive, but more so, so every man doesn’t wake up and ruin the dynamic of protecting the female sex in the end. Somebody has to be the customer in order for the star to rise. A star is nothing without its fan base. Nicki Minaj is a perfect example of this when it comes to this week and her record breaking video. A nation of men saying “No” to marriage can have bad consequences in the long run. Men have to be trained and trapped within their past so they can not move forward in life. A woman is also doing all of these things because she wants you to “Get it” and basically bring out your dominant side on your OWN. She wants you to see through the bullshit she pulls to see if you are the right man for the job. Not because it has anything to do with your character, but mostly because again of her nature.

So, when you look at all of this what as a man would be the best option for you if you are being honest with yourself? Simple. Game. Game is something that no matter what a woman says is your best option. Even if you are a natural as the “Red Pill” philosophy states, it is still some form of game behind it. You as a man just had no idea and was just following your traits that you were born with from your father, and your environment. The bottom line is, there is no escaping this. No matter how much you try and listen to what she says as far as wanting “Nice, sweet, gentle, caring, funny, talkative guy, etc” that is only a bullet without a gun behind it. It order for that to work, the gun has to be “The Game” to fire it. There has to be something that comes beforehand in order for you as a man to show that side of yourself. If you offer that first without any tug of war playful action, you will come off as weak and desperate. Even if you are not in real life and simply want to find a person you can spend some time with. From her eyes it will SEEM like you are. You see, women see Game as evil but really don’t understand it is a benefit for her as well. Women just don’t want to hear the rules of the game that is being played. But at this point in 2014 it is no longer a mystery. For some or, damn near a lot it still is as far as the concept of love, GOD, and Disney-like-romance being all connected as one, but even still there is that underground feel of even with people in Hollywood waking up when they see one cheating scandal after another, and also in movies at times shows you a peek into what the world is really feeling when it comes to love and relationships. Game could be called anything. The fact remains it will not stop. And by fact I mean fact. Facts that are everywhere you look when you type in “women’s love for dominance in men” . There is no avoiding it. You can try and follow the old model of what love is and, good luck to you with that but, no matter how much you try and live by a ideology, nature will always be the victor in the end.

Click on this link right here and watch what happens after a women sees actor/comedian Louie CK being punked out on his show. It was a honest moment that if any man in that position would of went through would of had the same results. There is no escaping this.  

This is why I chose one of my Top 50 songs of all time in Radiohead’s “Climbing the walls”. The lyrics and production of this song was ahead of its time. I can spend hours talking about its greatness but, I want to focus on the lyrics of it as I have them posted above. No matter how much you as a man try and run away from the dynamic of what makes a woman attracted to you, the game will always be at play. There is no true alternative that will help you in the end. And by alternative, I mean the ideas and concepts you were feed as a child about what it means to be a “Real man”. Its bullshit that has lead men to suicide and a lost of their own kids. I am not trying to attack women or anything, but simply I am just lifting the hood of the car and showing you how things work inside. The lyrics reflect this in a much more are darker but honest way, and also reaches something much deeper. We all have demons in our life that will follow us forever. We all have things in life that yes we may take to our grave but, it doesn’t mean we wont have to live with it before that final day. We have things in our lives that others will never hear about at night but, alone, it is with us until they end. I know for one I have things in my life in which I will never be able to unforget. I have not only demons but embarrassing incidents happen to me that have affected my character and outlook on life forever. We can try and reach pass our flesh but, at the end of the day we are animal at our core. No, we are not as crazy as to have a real life Purge or, just start randomly killing people for the fun of it but, again, these things have happened. Others just snap and say fuck it. We have rules but we also have our natures to deal with. Majority of humans are just better trained at hiding their real feelings. Again, there is no escaping this. We are just better at hiding behind a illusion. The magic show is only fun until the secret is reveled. It sucks but, who is going to live longer? The man that jumps out of a plane and “prays to god” that he grants him a safe landing, or the man that jumps from a airplane with a parachute because he prepared himself better?  You are not special and different from other men. You my friend, are just working with the same bullshit but just on a different plate. Because somewhere in the back of your mind you know even the littlest of skills are needed to gain a women’s attention. 


Fuck yourself. Its not about JUST you. 


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