When I was younger, there was this one time I had passed by my father’s bedroom and seen that it was cracked a bit. It was late at night but the light was still on so, I peeked inside and mananged to see what he was doing. Well, what I was a very private and exclusive moment with my father, and that is I seen what his “Jack off” face looked like. I have seen some pretty bizarre and off the wall shit in my life but, seeing my father’s VERY happy and focused smile on a particular white woman’s ass as it bounced up and down a black man’s third leg was something that I thought I would never see. His smile could be the same one fat black people have on their face when they found Burger King’s chicken fries had made a comeback this year. I didn’t stay for the “finish” but, I can imagine how men on the “Maury Show” must feel when Maury says the word “Not” after telling him and his ex girl the kid is someone else so, yeah. I pretty much know what his facial expression was going to be after either a future NBA star, Doctor, Lawyer, or possible stripper shoot up and hit the white tissue. I think I now understand where my love for white girls and big butts come from but, that is another story for kids and the next Jehovah Witness I run into later. 

There was also this other time in school in which I was in class chilling, listening to the teacher speak about a subject I wouldn’t care two fucks about as soon as the bell rung. I was just chilling there and looking around the room at all the pretty females I had in my class. Especially this one chick that love to show off her midsection. The thoughts about her stomach, whip cream, peanut M&Ms, my mouth, and other items I wanted to use are things that I cant not post on here without me being seen as someone that should be on America’s Most Wanted so, I will just let your imagination run wild with that. Anyway, as I was enjoying thinking about my tongue doing The Rock’s “If you smeeeeeeeeeel LA LA LA LA LA” on her stomach, I was interrupted by someone. A very, very heavy set girl had arrived late to class and was seated by me. Me and her never talked before that much but, we were cool. I made her laugh at a couple of my jokes so, it was whatever.

I turned to see her coming back and my nose was leveled near her waist and, what I smelled, could only be described as the little mermaid trapped inside of a fish market with locked windows, zero fans, and 2 dozen female porn stars who all had missed calls from their doctors on missing their pap smear appointments. Yeah, this broad’s waist smelled like Jason Voorhees took a piss in Camp Crystal lake after dumping off 12 female dead bodies inside it. You would think they were shooting a “Finding Nemo” sqeal inside of this Heavy D’s female stunt double’s vagina. My reaction to this was one of not really disgust but, more so shock and confusion like finding out Miley Cyrus’s latest album was to be taken serious and not seen as a parody.

The reason why I am telling these two very non-related expect for the sexual release (pun intended) of jokes is this, in this moment, as you read those stories you are either going to laugh, not care, feel disgusted, or tell your friends and family about it. Whatever. The fact remains is the story was read and in that moment you had a reaction to it. Now, after you maybe tell your friends and family about it or, think about the stories when your alone a bit, ask yourself this question. Are you REALLY going to be thinking about these two stories next week? Tomorrow? Hell, in a couple of hours? If we are being honest, no. Hell no. In this moment you had a reaction to it and that is all that matter. In this moment is the only time you are going to care because to be honest it is a useless story that is only designed to make you feel something. I wont say “To make you laugh” because that is subjective though, I would hope a few chuckles escape you as you do. The bottom line to be real about the post, you are not going to care about it afterwards unless you read it again in the future, or somehow manage to remember it after going through a similar situation in real life. 



I bring this up because Justin Timberlake is in some hot water today after a incident happened on Twitter involving him and still youthful looking Madonna. If you don’t want to check out the link, here is what was said: 


For those not familiar with “Urban Dictionary” what he is basically saying is “Happy birthday my Nigga”. The term “Ninja” is another way of saying the word “Nigga” without getting into trouble. Twitter of course went ballistic on him and started to spread what he had did all across the internet. Now look. I understand that what he did was not cool and I am not on his side. I get that the word is a derogatory term against black people and it should of been dead years ago but, the fact remains that word may never be dead anytime soon so, again whatever. I get all that. But, what I am getting at is this: Are people REALLY upset at this, or is everybody just a prisoner of the moment? 

Robin Williams died this week and, it was a very tragic lost for not only his family but, for Hollywood and anybody that grew up on his movies, TV shows, and stand up. This man was a legend and its still sucks that he is dead. Truly a great comic genius. On Twitter, all of his classic movies were trending online. It was a great thing to see that day all over the world as I even had a “Oh wow I remember that movie” moment when I seen scenes from his movie “Jack” was in the E channel as they talked about his life. It was all well and good but, a couple days later he is no longer a trending topic and everybody has moved on. This is what we are dealing with in this modern usage of the internet. People care for a brief moment, then completely move on to something else that catches their attention. 

Lets be honest here. Nobody is going to give a fuck about this Justin Timberlake fiasco 2 weeks from now. People get caught up in the moment for a brief second, then keep it moving to some other nonsense or go and focus on their work and family. Its just the way things are. I am sure there is about to be post after post, and article after article about this and, I’ll save you some trouble. Don’t read the shit because you know damn well whether you are black, white, Asian, Mexican, man, women, etc are not going to give two fucks about this later on in the day. Period. There was a recent incident that happen when a unarmed black teen named Michael Brown was shot by a police officer. Twitter of course reacted and, it was again another tragic incident in the battle with cops vs black people but, does anybody still remember Trayvon Martin? What I mean is, when was the last time you thought about that incident? Or, like I addressed in this post a while back, when was the last time you gave a second to think about the recent horrible deaths that have happen in the past couple of years?

Like Elliot Rogers, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, Aurora movie theater shooting, etc, etc, etc, etc. Nobody really cares about this. This is going to be something to talk about for a couple of days until the next big craze happens. Oh, oops.  Of course, you could say that this is only on the internet and, I would agree but, ask yourself this. When was the last time you REALLY thought about those events on your own, or with a group of people? Those events that happen in the past are not relevant conversations right now. When you are with your friends and family it is all about what’s the hottest trend, or memories of the past that involve your inner circle. Maybe I’m wrong but, more than likely I am not to a certain degree. Justin Timberlake will be fine just like Mel Gibson is doing fine now. Remember this?  Now he is doing fine and on the Red Carpet being asked about his movie and Robin Williams death. Sure, you can say “Well he is white so of course he will be fine”. True but again, I point you to this. You hear some rumblings still but, overall their imagine and money is still doing fine. 


You really don’t give a fuck about this and you know it. Be honest 




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