I just wanted to post a quick post about this video I found while browsing through the internet. This video is nothing new or ground breaking at this point, There are a bunch of videos just like this that you can find on the internet. Its funny though because, just a couple years back you couldn’t find any content like this one at all. Now it seems as if people are starting to become more aware. Whether that is a good o bad thing is debatable.  In this video, you see the differences between men who are more passive, and men who are more upfront and blunt about their intentions with a certain game plan behind it. Typical and nothing new like I said before. But as I read through the comments of the video I spotted a female comment that caught my attention: 


5 months ago

Sir negsalot with no aspirations or a job, that knows a few fancy words?
Clean, kind, and respectable man? Wow. The choice is so difficult, I just don’t know what to do.




I seen this comment and had a small smile at it. You see, this girl and many others when it comes to a certain stage on their life are right. The more nicer guy is the REAL alpha male for them. The one that is more nicer and says the right things that pertain to kissing her ass and making her feel like a queen is the REAL alpha male when it is time for woman to find a man that will be a good provider and supporter. The other male in the video that has a game plan and exposes the game from a professional stance is seen as “creepy” and “fake”, because they see his cards during the game. He doesn’t have a “proper good boy” balance. But the reality is that type of male turns them on more in a genuine way than the guy in blue. The guy in the video that has more confidence is only being called a “Sir Negsalot” by the female commenter above because she is seeing “behind the scenes” and not liking the fact that he is not being “honest”about his intentions from the jump. But we all know if he were to be honest he most likely would get slapped for it like this guy did. 

Had the fact that the title of this video not be named “Alpha male vs Beta male” you might see a difference response from the female commeneter above. The girl in the video like many other females don’t understand that certain things must be done in order for the attraction and attention to be given from them to us. They know its a game of course but, they want a man to not expose the fact that its a game going on. Its why he is not seen as the alpha male by her and many other commenters in the video as well. The guy that is more passive and nice guy like gets the alpha male award because in the end he will make a better provider for a woman later in her life. Just not a person that will turn her on. A man can’t be both. This of course will not make her more sexual towards her, but it will be a better option to fall on when she can no longer compete in the sexual market. This man will be a good mattress to lay on but, it will not make her future kids any better for it. Which is why some women result to more extreme measures to ensure a better future for herself and her kids.  

Its a ugly game that has a undertone of transactional elements to it. The only way for a woman to genuinely want to be with you, you as a man have to have certain traits and styles that can be learned in order to be gain her attention. It can’t be overt but more so convert in action. They may not want to admit it but the fact remains just like in the latest link I posted above, strength and dominance plays a big factor into a woman deciding if she wants to give access to her sexuality more NATURALLY, to a certain type of man that hits all the right triggers without seeming as if he is trying. Women love to give meaning to shit that isn’t there because they have hope that love is a real thing. But in the harsh reality world that men and certain women live in that are not as attractive see a much different version of what love is. Its really only a about sex and resources at a certain point. What made her attracted to you in the first place was because you as a man were a chase and not TRYING to please her just so you can get some sex out of her. It was a game. But when you and her start a relationship the game aspect slowly fades and the lockdown element becomes a factor. Its no longer about being sexy, its about being THERE. Hence why the more nicer guy is seen as the REAL man in the video. Its because he makes a better pet to control. 


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