As I mentioned in this post a few days ago, when it comes to arguing with women you as a man are wasting your time, effort, and energy. A woman doesn’t possess a philosophy nor code when it comes to dealing with people. Women simply just live in the moment. In that moment, if she feels like she is right, it doesn’t matter how much research you placed into your theory. You, WILL BE wrong. Sure, they may SAY they agree with you towards the end, but in reality it is either to shut you up or butter you up if the context is a sexual vibe. Women have no reason to agree with a man because simply put on a subconsciousness level she knows that men will eventually accept them for them because they are either hot, or simply because they have a vagina and want to fuck them. Its not a conscious thing that is overt and easy to spot. They just know in the back of their mind deep down that men will say whatever, and do whatever they say just to get closer with them sexually. Its the men that hide it the best that get the most attention. They know its a game at play. They just want a man to make it seem as real as they can for HER. So trying to go toe to toe with her is simply a waste of ones time, because what you wont agree with, another man will and be happily glad to kneel and kiss her ass all day. Will he be rewarded? Sure, by her attention and a few breadcrumbs from the dinner plate, but as far as a whole meal and maybe leftovers tomorrow? No. Not at a certain stage in her life. When she is older that type of guy will get the special reward of being a provider for her. Not a sexual provider. One will have more attention placed on it. A man can not be both to her. So again, trying to go head to head is pointless because another man will take your place just as well as society as a whole. She WANTS you to do what you are doing still, yet at the same time she wants to be treated as royalty. Its a paradox that is confusing at first, but as you gain more knowledge on women it just becomes whatever. 

So yes, it is a waste to try and go one on one with a woman because you are not just by yourself with her. You are going up against many opponents that will do everything to shame you for trying to deny her right to say the sky is blue because God has blue eyes. Even women as well if they go outside the safe zone (Porn stars, sluts, call girls, etc). But, as much as the odds are stacked against you as a man, there are times when you may have a CHANCE to be able to argue with a woman and get away it. I remember watching some bullshit on TV called “Love and Hip-Hop” and, I seen the inspiration for this post today, as far as when it comes to dealing with woman. Some guy was confronting this other girl because she had a life threatening situation with his wife that could of left her severally damaged or even worse dead. He was clear and logical about his feelings, yet no matter what he did she just acted like a uptight crazy narcissistic bitch about it. She could of burned another human being and it didn’t matter one bit to her. It didn’t matter what came out of his mouth to defend his wife. He eventually left fed up with her antics. As he was, she started to sing a song like a bratty teenager as he clearly was done and had enough of trying to bring some sense to her. I watched that and I started to get the brain juices flowing. You see, he could have had a BETTER CHANCE to win that argument if certain background dominance and status was at play without it becoming overt. Its all about subtle. Here are the few things you will be able to, or at least be able to view situations in which men have BETTER CHANCES at arguing with a women and ALMOST win. Super Mario is not immune to dying in the video game, yet with a little help from the mushroom he can extended his CHANCES better at winning the game 



We all have that uncle, brother, cousin, etc that has no problem checking a boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, nephew, etc if he feels he has crossed the line with his family. I know a couple of people like this in my family and, everybody else in my family knows about them as well. They don’t play any bullshit when it comes to their respect and keeping the family unit in tact. I remember having a conversation with my cousin, and he was detailing the time in his life he almost was killed. He had been selling some drugs around where he stayed at and ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time. He got shot in his chest a couple of times and survived. He said if he ever found that dude that he was going to kill him. This is a man that will kill another dude just to keep his name at a certain respect level no matter what.  So any thing lower than that is of very little concern. Sure, it may seem silly and pointless to you, but other people live by a certain set of rules. Men especially. You may not agree, but at the same time you can be in the same situation as far as your name is concern. You wouldn’t want people to get the wrong impression of who you are right? This level that my cousin was at is just a more extreme way of handling it. I also know Uncles that will snap at any minute and punch any man that comes at them wrong. ANY MAN. It doesn’t matter if its blood or not. My uncle just this summer beat the shit out of my other uncle because of a situation that involved his car and it not being brought back to him at a certain time. He did it in public and gave zero fucks about it. He also just recently gave my cousin’s boyfriend a one two punch combo and chased him in the woods with a Rake, because he forcefully threw my other female cousin off his son after he and another kid were playing too rough. Bottom line is, when it comes to these men you will not see many women go one on one with them. They will take it only to a certain point before backing down. Hell, most men would back down as well. I am a bit loony tunes in my head I wont lie, but I am not stupid enough to go one on one will my a couple of my uncles and male cousins. My father just out of pure respect. Women will not try and argue with these men because they know their background and status as a men.  



When it comes to these men, they are able to get away with a lot more than the regular dude that’s walking down the street. When you have a emotional connection with a woman there are certain things that you can get away with that another man can’t. I have seen the same women get upset and bark at another man for calling them out of their name, yet give zero effort towards yelling back at another man that has build a connection with her that dishes out the same treatment. Once you have a emotional attachment to a woman you will see the difference in how she treats you vs how she treats other men. Some will get the facade of how she acts by saying “She is such a sweet girl” or “Man, you are lucky to have a chick like this”. They are only seeing the TV version of her that she displays to the world and not what really goes on behind the scenes. The other way is one of disdain and disgust if a man tries to enter in her space without a invitation. I have heard my female “friend” flat out disrespect a man for even bothering to ask her a question, or get in a debate with her about something. This man in her head should be grateful to even be in her presence at the time. That is how a lot of women feel when they are around certain men that will do anything for them accept be able to kiss their ass and worship the ground they walk on. Her is a couple of examples I found on The Rational Male blog comment section that relates to this:

Here’s the highlight of my fucking night

At the bar, waiting for a drink , girl beside me .. She notices me draw a breath to say something … Immediately puts up her hand as a “stop” signal … As in, don’t even bother you sub-male model piece of dog shit. Feels good Man. Tell me something more about game please. 




My buddies and I go down to the dance floor to reach the bathroom and I have this thug pull at me asking me why I was groping his girlfriend. I was like, what? Turns out the girl was grabbing my ass(to entice a fight) but since I just didn’t feel anything I was taken aback by the guy’s attitude. I calmly explained to him that it wouldn’t make sense for me to grope his girlfriend when he outweighed me by 20kgs and there were tons of attractive women flowing around.

Then the woman called me a fag and the thug was distracted by his entourage of 20 guys. Someone later told me the guy was the goalkeeper for one of the premiere English football teams. See, Hypergamy is so powerful that even the women who are with men of high value have to create drama to feel alive.

I saw another guy, the friend of these 2 girls get stabbed in the neck to protect his ”friends” from unwanted advances.

Women don’t know how to react towards men who aren’t on their knees worshiping the all-powerful vaginae. And if you aren’t interested in them and they want you to make them feel desirable they’ll create a fight right there to feel sexually attractive. They’ll go to extremes like saying some guy raped them and they won’t bother to make-up a believable story, like this one time a woman told the police my friend had raped her. She even gave her a date. Unfortunately for her she didn’t check the dates properly as my friend was on the other side of the world at that time and he had proof, lol. 


If you don’t have a emotional connection with a women that has history within the context of sexual and emotional resource , there is no chance of you even trying to start a argument. You will simply lose and been seen as less of a man for not agreeing with every word that comes out of her mouth. A man that has build history with a woman will have a BETTER CHANCE at arguing with her about a certain subject he feels passionate about. I just seen a couple next door near me argue. Or, better yet he was stating his case and raising his voice to high and pissed off levels. It was about him commenting on another girl’s photo on Facebook. Had he been another man talking to a woman like that the cops or another group of men would have confronted him and dragged him away from her without even trying to understand why he was mad. Emotional connection betters your chances. 



This person is not looking for sex nor attention from a woman. He is simply trying to get the sale at the moment. Sure, you will have some that will flirt and maybe build a connection with a women later, but most of the time they are trying to get a sale or explain some details about their craft. They are not looking to fuck, they are looking for the best way to get the woman out of here and move on to the next costumer. Now, I am not saying that no woman ever argued with a salesman, but at the same time these men will have a better time having a debate with a woman because the women know they are only concern about the product itself. They are not trying to gain access to their pants at that particular time. They are only it in for the money. When it comes to business you have a BETTER CHANCE at sating your case to a woman. If she is buying a car and he wants her to add certain additions to it he will argue his case and make some good points (From his logic and sales approach technique if the husband isn’t around to spot the bullshit) about it. She may or may not agree, but her emotions will be in check because there is no sexual context under it. He is a business man that has a product which is the main focus instead of it being obviously on her. This dynamic betters the chances for a man when it comes to dealing with women. He is a reverse version of a best male friend in a way. There is no sex on the table, Only attention on her and a product (Mean boyfriend, cramps, another female she hates, etc) that needs attention.  



These men have a BETTER CHANCE as well at arguing with a woman due their status in the world. The women know these men are very well known and are wanted by several different females that reaches near the millions. The power they display makes them be able to get away with murder when it comes to talking with women. I am sure you have heard many groupie stories when it comes to the rappers and rockstars. They have done shit to women that no man in his life can even fathom or even be able to see unless it is in movies or in print. These man can get away with talking to a chick like she is a piece of ass and have her love him even more. If a regular dude as myself did that I would get the dog shit slapped out of me. Had my status been more well known tho, I have a BETTER CHANCE of talking that shit and doing as I damn well please within certain limitations of course. I am not saying that status makes a man be able to rape a woman no. I would never endorse that. What I am saying is these men can get away with pushing the envelope a lot further than the normal status dude can. You are able to see a more animal like version of a women when they are around certain men that display power and status when it comes to climbing the top of the food chain. Here is an example here of rapper 2 Chainz calling a woman a “Thot” without her getting mad, and another example here in which two girls admit on camera to wanting to have sex with a rapper by the name of Gucci Mane. Status and power from a man will show female’s Hypergamy ways in full blunt view and action without barely any restrictions on it. Its not a good vs evil discussion, its more of a “just is” thing. Its like men that see a big pair of breast or a very round and plump backside walking down the street. Its more so based in nature. Getting mad at at the fact is like getting upset that you have to eat, sleep, piss, and shit. Status of course doesn’t just mean only in the entertainment world. It can extended to cops, lawyers, politicians, mayors, etc. Its just that these men are not really know for the overt display of power when it comes to females like men in the entertainment field.  


These couple of points BETTER the CHANCES of a man being able to argue with a woman. They are still not immune to women’s nature to try and test a man’s strength and character, they only have more of a time limit on them compared to another man that is working on a stop watch when it comes to attracting females. Whether big or small a man will still have to deal with the nature of the female no matter what. There is no end all solution that will stop the game from happening. Its all about trying to find more time with a checkpoint before the clock runs out and she ends up moving to the next man that understands the game better. 




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