When it comes to modern day Kanye West you know a lot about him outside of the music. You know him for his style choices, TMZ run ins, crazy interviews as the video up above shows, marrying Kim Kardashian, etc. The modern day Kanye West if you were a kid that just started watching TV would think this man is simply someone who gained a lot of money through Kim and is not acting reckless with it. But before Kanye West became what he is today he was know as a pretty good artist that had a point of view that everyone could relate to. His first couple of albums were about self esteem, poetry, African american issues, being broke, the future of his life after dropping out of collage, death, working hard, etc. These were things that everyone could relate to and cheer for, while the music itself also was also enjoyable to the ears and still managed to drop a message. Which, is very rare and hard to do not only in Hip Hop but music as a whole. His music was fun, sad, funny, insightful, heartbreaking, personal, etc. It all all the elements that reached a mass number of people. It was pop, modern day rap, soul, classical, old school 90’s boom bap rap, R&B, 80’s and 70’s golden era of music, etc. His first couple of albums are Hip Hop Classics and even music classics to some. He was known for the music. Then, Kanye West began to open his mouth on other issues and started to ruffle some feathers. It was slowly beginning to seem like it wasn’t about to be about the music anymore.

Now it seem Kanye West was becoming a TMZ wet dream and male Lady Gaga as far as antics over music goes. It seemed like his music was about to take a backseat all together until he dropped “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” in 2010. It was the highest rated album of that year by earning high scores all around from Hip Hop and all Music critics. It wasn’t his highest selling classic, yet it was still regarded as the best even when Hip Hop legend in Eminem and new comer with a lot of buzz in Drake dropped in the same year with more hype around them. Kanye West managed to get people off his back as long as the music was still good and enjoyable all around. Yet, the interviews continued. The rants continued. He was speaking his mind and didn’t care if everyone understood his music. This work because the music worked.  Then, in 2013 he released “Yeezus” . The album still managed to gain a lot of praise from critics, yet his fans, fans of music, and Hip Hop culture as a whole just didn’t connect with the music. The music was a complete left tun that represented a moment of chaos. It was a complete difference from “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. I love him for that, but that is because I view things in a different light. Its more subtle than surface levels things that I can appreciate. Yet, people don’t really have time for that shit. Some, if not most just want good music and, while critics felt it was a great piece of work, the fans were screaming no as the album didn’t really connect like his other past projects did.It wasn’t a disaster, but it was n’t that strong either as far as being enjoyable all around. I love the album, but to me and maybe your surprise I am not the center of the world like I used to think when younger. Shocking. But yes the album wasn’t bad to me but I understand why it isn’t liked. The only thing that was pretty cool to most was the promotion the album delivered. It wasn’t a typical commercial that most artists would use. It was guerrilla like promotion that fit perfectly for this internet age of music. While this was pretty cool that doesn’t equal to good music. Which means that Kanye West really had no business talking as much shit as he did in past when his music was hot. Yet, that wouldn’t stop West. He just talked even more.

I understood and still do understand what Kanye West is speaking about. Yes, it may seem like its only about fashion but, its a deeper message behind it that is getting lost in the mess of media attention. I understand his message is about blowing up the building and creating different paths. I get that he wants to challenge the perception of celebrity and how the world feels about them as humans, I get that he wants to be able to create more product outside of music, I get that he doesn’t want to be just seem as a rapper, I get that he doesn’t want to feel caged in by his past, and I understand he wants to be able to provide more for his family and reach to heights as high as Disney and Steve jobs. I understand all that. But, that message is being lost in the mess of his past and media attention away from the music. That, is the problem. His message means nothing while he is ranting in public, married to a woman who is known for being famous for being famous, and his past outbursts on a little white girl and powerful old white man that used to run the country. The message he is trying to delivered gets lost every time he rants about fashion and gets into fights with TMZ paparazzi  . I understand his life must be a hassle when it comes to people following you everywhere just to get a picture, yet at the same time he chose this life and knew the consequences that came with it. Kanye West as I watch videos like the one above shows me what happens when the product becomes style over substance. Lady Gaga learned the hard way what happens when that trick no longer works as you go further in your career. Kanye West style over substance approached inspired this new post today as I look into the effects History and Presentation has over people and the people that the message and product is being delivered to. 






My cousin as well as myself have had problems with our job as far as money, and upper management is concerned. The issues we have had have reached a breaking point which has lead me to seeking other options outside of the current job. Until that time, or a time in which I can move forward towards a independent route, I am just stuck there for the time being as mu cousin is. Which as lead to him speaking out about the injustice that sometimes occurs at the job. I deal with it in my own way, and he does it in a more blunt straight forward approach. Others have done his approach as well and ended up fired because it, yet if nothing wasn’t said at all who knows how much worse things can be. I bring this up because it has a lot to do with this post today. My cousin has his faults as well when it comes to the job as do I and others, yet at the same time that doesn’t warrant the bullshit we have to deal with on a daily basis at time. We understand they don’t owe us anything since we made the choice to be there, yet at the same time respect us and at least give us our money. The real amount. That is my only issue. I understand I am just a prostitute. Just make sure I get my proper rewards for all the dicks I play with and all the kinky shit I do  out there that is all. 

I bring my cousin up because it connects with Kanye West. (Uh, Obviously) I say this because my cousin’s history and presentation do not match up with what the standard of not only the job, but life as a whole should be. You see, my cousin’s actions are more honest and raw compared to my PC approach to matters. I lose my cool at times but, my comfortable place in displaying restriction and political action leaves me more handicap than him. His history and presentation is a problem to the system. When he gets into debates with the other bosses about the job it shifts the comfortable setting that they have and ends up leaving him looking like a lost member of Public Enemy. This is something they want no part of and end up trying to separate him and others away from. Like I talked about in this post they do love my business like approach to the job, yet I also see the bullshit for what it is they are doing. Sometimes its better to play dumb than to try and force others to see your view. The long term effects are much more easier to strive towards. His history of letting his mind speak through his blunt presentation is not up to “company standards” of being a “good black boy”.This extends more towards race when you see how white people still view black people. Yes, black people themselves place their own bodies and characters into situations that would cause such opinions to be cast on him or her, yet sometimes those opinions are cast on ALL black people for no reason. Just because we share the same skin tone doesn’t mean we all like Lil Wayne’s music. 

I am not trying to make this a racial issue. That is far from the point and misses the bigger message in doing so. But at the same time the approved way of viewing life is the white imperative way. Again, it is not a race issue. But the white imperative way of viewing life and acting accordingly is more of the the main focus in the world. Even tho most white kids these days don’t even want to identify with that stereotype like they would have before. Its a white imperative but not even white kids want any part of it. The iPod Shuffle generation has many more styles and complexities than just that, yet that doesn’t change the fact that the white way is the right way. I am not even mad at it just like I am not mad at slavery. I don’t view it as a good or evil thing. It just is. It happen without any consequences expect for white guilt because there is no supreme being watching over us. We ourselves have to deal with whatever happens on this planet. Had there been a God why didn’t he stop slavery from happening? What if slaves were never freed? Would slavery just be the norm like it is today? That is a different question for a different day but, you get my point. My cousin’s actions did not and do not represent a friendly approved standard of the company. Its their company that they are running and have ever right to what they expect out of us, yet in the sense with this post it reaches deeper than just one man’s issues with money that bosses are taking out of his check. 

Add in Kanye West and the picture becomes more clear. Kanye West releases a song of his “Yeezus” album titled “I am a God”. Nothing wrong with that had it been another rapper with less media coverage, or even a singer that performs pop and R&B. But since its Kanye it left a bad taste in some people’s mouths because of his history and presentation. Kanye West is known as a ego manic that only cares about himself, himself, and, himself. When he creates a song that acts as if he is above the world it gives off the impression he really feels as if he is a REAL LIFE God. This is where the problem arises. The reason my cousin’s abrasive approach is not acceptable is because its causes a disruption of how things are in the company. By him speaking out, it will cause more people to speak “out of line” and demand what they are owed. Kanye West proclaiming he is a God causes others to want to go for the same respect and not be treated as 2nd class citizen. Kanye West’s message of standing up for yourself and achieving more than what is expected of you gets lost on his history and presentation on purpose. They want you to think Kanye West is just a crazy black man that has no idea what he is talking about. Kanye West just simply wants more for himself and to inspire others. But since he is a celebrity it will make him come off as greedy. That marginalizes the message by doing that. Which is why he wants to change the idea of a entertainer so he is not pigeonholed by just that bar in his life. Like this video here shows its more deeper than just clothes and media attention. By the media keeping his new ideology down and forcing people to only think about his past and presentation its becomes another form of control. They want to keep Kanye West at a certain point just lie they want to keep the world caged in and not go for more. It does nothing to help push society “forward” if everybody become a free thinker. 



 I was reading a thread on TRP reddit about this guy who’d bought my book and his wife or GF had discovered it. He wasn’t too concerned about it, but she started reading it and the rest of the thread was about their discussions of what I go into about the nature of women and inter-gender relations.
It was very entertaining because, while she became defensive about a lot of the less flattering mechanics women use in their sexual strategies, she couldn’t deny them or the truth they represented. She basically agreed with every element I go into in the book, but she hated that she DID agree with me.
At one point in their conversation she says, “You men shouldn’t know this stuff!”
I think this dynamic is the primary frustration most women have when they read my work. They almost never refute what I write, but they offer up some personal anecdote as to why what I explain is accurate, but doesn’t apply to them specifically. Or else it’s agreement…but men do it too, in a different way. Usually it’s an agreement paired with a deflection or misdirection.
The problem is (as I wrote in The Threat) that “Men shouldn’t know this stuff!” because it dispels the magic, it defeats the strategy – assuming a man accepts it. It hits too close to home for women like Aunt Sue to have her own machinations explained back to her, especially now when she has too much invested in the security and provisioning side of her hypergamy and cannot afford to have those machination explained overtly to her, or women like her, beta husband.
Her efforts are to build better betas, but still keep those betas unaware of the ends of women’s sexual strategy. Aunt Sue’s sexual and relationship past are a textbook example of everything I wrote about in the Preventative Medicine series – and she knows this – and my exposing it to men preemptively (hopefully) is a threat to her ego as well as to the secrets she’d rather “men shouldn’t know.” –The Rational Male 



That is a quote from The Rational male. It has more to do with the dynamic between men and women, but this reaches further down the rabbit hole. Point blank it goes like this: The world thinking as one and being all free and shit will not produce enough power for the 1% to remain in control. Its just the way it is. There has to be limitations placed on people believing in themselves to reach higher and higher. Kanye West claiming he is a God and motivation others to reach pass your limits is s threat to the system that will help build. Freedom and Peace doesn’t produce dollars. Period. Everybody in the world can’t be free. Somebody has to be the star while the others be the fans and cheer from the sidelines for the rest of their life. If everybody was making money and being free there would be no more power. Nothing would continue to be made if there wasn’t a leader out there telling people what to do. Some think this only pertains to youth but it doesn’t. This extends to adults as well. Some would be lost if someone else didn’t tell them what new gadget is hot or, what new type of dress is in this season. My cousin is just the starting point of something deeper when it comes to life. By him speaking out and basically being “too black” it causes them to want to cast him out to shore and seen as a crazy person. They do it to me all the time by dropping like quotes about him here or there to me so I can be on their side. They want me to view him as a threat as well while they keep me around to train more people to think like me them. This may seem like a conspiracy theorist like rant and I understand why you will feel that way. Yet, it has nothing to do with some super power in charge. It has everything to do with US being in charge. WE, the people(WWE Reference) don’t want someone thinking they are above human and act like a God.  We want to believe that there is a God so anybody that tries to become greater than that is a threat to the system as a whole. So they enhance your flaws and make you feel worse about yourself for not having this new car or, these new pairs of shoes, not going to this club, wearing these brand of clothes, etc. They (WE) want you chasing other people’s dreams instead of creating your own. Even in the case of women like the quote above. They don’t want men to wake up and take back their sexual power. They want men to remain deaf and dumb so it can benefit them in the end as they as women get older. If more men took The Red Pill it can be a complete shift in male perspective about what they as men want and to not focus on what only women want. THAT, is a problem in the long run for women. The system that we control only has room for one God. And that one God they worship is on a piece of paper that was created from the human mind. Once you hit the wall there is only one thing left to do as far as this context is concern. Kanye West and my cousin see the game for what it is and refuse to play any politics. They want more and they deserve more. Why because he is a successful rapper he should stop there? Why because he has a job he should just be grateful and not ask anymore questions? Once you find the the stairs how can you not walk up and escape the cartoon of life.  Its one big shit test on a grander scale that the world doesn’t want you to study for. Most are cool with that. Others, don’t want any part of that shit. As we know for now, one life to live. Are you going to live yours or someone elses creation? Devil’s advocate tho, we will ever actually be able to live are own life away from the system and are nature as humans? How much ignorance does one need for it to be bliss? Hm. I’ll just leave it here with a clip from “The Truman Show” as inspiration still. 




(Apologies for using the video with this post as I did with this one. I just felt that it was needed to give a visual of what I was showing her with this idea. They may came off as the same post in one, but I look at it as more of an extension and different view point from another man’s life. First one being Dave Chapelle, the next Kanye West. Apologies again) 

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