Arguing with women is simply a waste of time. As a man, there is simply no chance of winning whatsoever. It honestly doesn’t matter how right your point is because when it comes to logic vs feeling, feeling will always win no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you have all the correct data to prove why the sky is blue. If a woman feels like the sky is blue because of God, or any other shit that has a connection to her ego, that is going to be the correct answer. Your silly facts as a man do nothing but bore her. Your facts ruin the game by explaining the rules, and also causes your robot side in the relationship to be exposed more instead of having a proper balance in the relationship, from the female ONLY perspective. Trying to have a argument with a woman again is simply a waste. A woman has only been thought that her side of the argument is the most important. She has every right to feel this way because she knows, and also doesn’t know at the same time that somebody will be there for them in the end. Oh? You don’t agree with what I said? Fine. I can have another dick waiting to kiss my ass in a heartbeat if you don’t know your role.

Women, what I like to call have “10 Second Dick”. Meaning, if a attractive woman is feeling like her man is slipping up in anyway (Money, emotional, dominance, etc) she will have a new piece of dick on stand by in 10 seconds or less waiting to pick up her call and talk to her. Even if the woman is not as attractive she will still have somebody waiting if she understands the game of the sexual war between men and women. Women feel that there will be someone there in the end to kiss their ass. It doesn’t matter what this next guy says that doesn’t agree with her thinking. A saftey net will be there in the end in the form of either a man, government, friend, parents, etc. What one man wont do, another 20 will line up in a heartbeat to not only do it, but do it very well so she will even attempt to look elsewhere. Even tho he is in a uphill battle against nature that no man nor women can beat. 

In the above video, you hear Patrice O’neal doing EVERYTHING in his power to try and inject some logic in the particular female named Carlotta. The video is long, and when it comes to the internet the video is at least 8 hours. I will give a very quick rundown of it, but if you ever get a chance just listen to the entire video and enjoy the frustration that men have to go through when it comes to explaining the nail. Basically, they are having a conversation about men and women and, as Patrice explains his reasoning behind what he does with great details, she simply refuses to even try to understand his point of view whatsoever. Why? Because again she doesn’t have to. We never get a picture of how she looks, yet the men in the room say she is drop dead pretty. That, and also simply because she is a woman, she is automatically awarded special treatment. Patrice talks until he is blue in the face and it just doesn’t matter. His point is caveman and her point is right. He is not going up against just her. He is competing with everybody . A man’s point of view is seen as pigish and perverted despite the fact that, that is what makes them attracted to us.

They want to hear what Patrice has to say, they just want it done in a way that is pleasing to THEM. Our way is too blunt even tho that is what mostly most guys who can afford to have different women would want. The men that want something stable are either men that are tired of different pussy, or a man that has no options and just wants someone, any one. Women know this or, better yet feel they are deserved this towards the end and simply don’t worry about having to be likable. Even as Patrice makes a clear point and analogy like this about comparing women with the Dog Whisper in terms of great CONTEXT she, and the rest of the women there shut it down because they refuse to move pass another level of thinking. Instead of  creating a dialogue about what was said she quickly shuts it down and shames Patrice for evening stepping out of bounds like a bad boy. Even tho if Patrice didn’t do that he would then become another prop in her show and then lose respect for him for not invading her territory mentally.   

It all comes down to basically this. A man when it comes to women are only left with two options. This is a rough and harsh few choices that a man has when dealing with women. This has nothing to do with love whatsoever. Its raw and very hard to deal with once you have a better understanding of the dynamic between man and women. Men and women come together for certain reaons. Women bring their looks, reproduction, and mothering skills, while men bring their resources, emotions, time, protection, security, etc. Of course there are grey areas when it comes to this, and also both parties bring money to the table, yet I want to focus on the raw basics. Love has nothing to do with this. And no, this is not a post bashing women. I have no reason to bash women. I love women. I am just calling it for what it is. Santa Clause my be real to some, but to others that want a better understanding of the world that simply will not be enough. As a man, here are your three choices you have when dealing with women: 





This can be in the form of either money, attention, conversation, time, etc. It doesn’t even have to be with a boyfriend that does this. Woman think they are simply owned this because of their gender. Men, can not have this same mind set. I can expect something just because I have a penis. I am EXPECTED to be something just because I have a penis. Woman also have to deal with being something like a wife, mother, etc, but the views on that are constantly being destroyed each day as more women gain power. Again, I have no issue with that good for them. All this is doing is waking men up to see the game for what it is once a woman has options. a provider of anything a man has is owed to them from their eyes. Its why the women in the Patrice O’neal show feels no reason to see it from a man’s pov. For what? Somebody is going to be there in the end. Who cares what you think. You are either going to be a provider, or another options is: 



This is in terms of sex like a fuck buddy, or simply someone that can gain a women’s attention. Not just attention in terms of a strategy to snag a man, but intentions that make her feel something. It can be debate like the Patrice O’neal video above, or in can be in the form of hate like the wedding scene above. Its all about feeling. A man will never be able to be both to a woman. It is simply impossible as you are fighting against nature. A women can’t feel attraction for a guy she sees as part of her family the same way she would feel for the sexy bartender she knows nothing about. Its constant moments of chaos that is being dealt with in relationships when it comes to women. Its not their fault either just like its not a man’s fault for turning his head to look at another women’s breast or ass in the street. Marriage goes against evolution. Marraige and relationships from the boyfriend/girlfriend aspect was never the deal humans were born with. Marriage is not trees, grass, fire, water, etc. It is something that was invented to better society as a whole, and also enslave younger men into a ideology that was more like a mental prison.   The feeler goes against what is deemed right by US. Not by the natural world’s standards. There is no relationships for animals. They fuck, reproduce, raise the kids for a bit, then simply keep it moving. Is that wrong? No. And if so, wrong to who? Us. Why? Because we are on top of the food chain and have the power. That is why. White people used to enslave black people. Why? because they could that’s why. Its was about power not some person in the sky. You can either be a feeler that gives her a sexual rush of arousal or:




A woman doesn’t care who made the cellphone. The cell phone is just there. It doesn’t matter who made it. It is simply there and that is all that counts. Women, they don’t do this on purpose as far as expecting things just because, it is something that was ingrained in them from birth that they are to be treated different. Their fathers and mothers treated them different from the boys because they knew they were not as strong as them. This was once something that was understandable between men and women. Women got special treatment because they deserved it. Now, it is not the case. Women still expect to be treated different without acting like their former feminine selves. No, I am not saying “Women need to go back to the kitchen” no. What I am saying women and men had a unwritten agreement between the two. We protected and provided for them when they couldn’t, and in return we were offered sex and their femininity. Now, the femininity has been taken away from men, yet they still expect us to treat them the same way no matter what.

As kids, they start to slowly pick up the fact that they get treated special than their brothers. Again, there is a grey area in which her being a girl doesn’t matter and ends up getting abused regardless by some sick fucks out there. But that is another story. The point being now is women don’t respect invisible men, yet they still expect to use their services. Men do this as well, and both of genders (sometimes) understand the value of a dollar, yet when it comes to men we don’t expect pussy. We have to work for it. Nothing but death and wet socks is guaranteed for us towards the end. A man to them WILL be there no matter what. Invisible men are the reasons they can scream “Men are good for nothing and are worthless” while they use TV, INTERNET, PHONES, ETC THAT MEN INVENTED.

It goes over their head because they were never thought to look for anything above them flying over it. They were just trained, and also biologically driven to expect a man to be there. Society, men, and other women as a whole just makes their ego more worse for it. This could go in the same category as provider, but at least a provider is seen. A man that is used as a rug is not. He is there because they feel he SHOULD be there. Its a trick that men have to wake up from when dealing with women. They want us to pass that test of not being a doormat, yet if a man doesn’t see the game for what it is and doesn’t “get it”, she will gladly walk all over him. Not in a mean way, just because it is what it is. Some men of course have no problem with that as you can see in the BDSM community and also life as a whole, but for others that want more, they have to see the game for what it is and fight against that if they want to be taken serious by women. 



“JUST IS”…. 

Too add more meat from the conversation in the Patrice O’neal show above, Patrice I believe men apart of the Red Pill lifestyle can’t really be given credit for the content. They can only be rewarded for having awareness about it. I say this because, The Red Pill is the truth. It is not exclusive to the man or men that are delivering the message. Its as natural as dirt and water. Patrice was saying that what men do naturally is simplified as simply “Cheating. Men being dogs”. That is a way to shame a man for something he does naturally. How is it deemed bad. That is like us shaming a woman for having a period once a month. Imagine if a guy really did that to a girl. His neck and balls would be broken by a female for even conjuring up a thought like that. “I CAN’T HELP THAT I BLEED! ITS JUST HOW MY BODY IS YOU ASSHOLE”. Okay then what about us? Its just in our nature to want to fuck. How is that seen as bad but your natural tendencies seen as good and more important?  They try to make it seem as if it is apart of our character. That what we are doing is exclusive to us. As if we picked out are own dick size and the way we look. This is what was given to us. Its why again I can’t be mad at women because they can’t help what they were given just like we can’t.

A women is blessed with looks, ass, breasts, shape, etc. Men get mad because society as a whole kissed her ass for a greater good in order to produce more children, chained men down to a ideology about being “Grown” and “Mature” slaves, also to better further the control the 1% has over the 99% percent. Women also act this way as far as a man’s alternative being silly because they don’t want to ruin there chances in the future. There will still be someone there, but if more men wake up like they are now currently, there chances for the best male their looks can afford will decrease dramatically in older age. It is a threat that harms their needs which is why they make us trained and confused for as long as they can before we wake up or get comfortable being a pet. You as a man doesn’t have anything to do with it just like the fact that them being women has anything to do with it. Its all apart of a bigger game as I explained earlier. Yet, women act as if sometimes they are walking pieces of gold and men should be thankful to be in their presence. The only reason why they feel that way is because society as whole makes them feel that, that is fact. This is merely a game and we are all pawns to it by the system and our nature. We have nothing to do with it. Self? As I get older I am really starting to question if there is even a self to begin with. 




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