Yesterday really had me pissed off. I was chilling after spending some alone time to watch a couple of VERY DEEP storylines in some “adult” films that featured some AMAZING Oscar worthy acting when I decided to read a couple of articles. I stumbled upon this one, and this one. Both articles if you don’t feel like clicking on them are basically bashing The Red Pill and PUA philosophy. They are saying that both views on life are “misogynistic”, “evil”, “crude”, etc. Now, the first link doesn’t directly say this, but any ounce of difference in opinion that doesn’t fit into their own world view I am sure will be met with a lot of hostility. The 2nd link is about a dude that finds a girl with the help of PUA yet still bashes on them in the article that was published on VICE. Now look, I can understand why some people would hate PUA. It at times comes off as a cheap way to bend a bitch over the bed and make her say your name like Beyonce’s lawyers want her to to do to a couple of divorce papers when it comes to Jay Z. Swimming in that kind of money from the end result can cause a white person to say “Nigger” repeatedly and have enough money to settle it out of court twice over. The PUA game comes off as just a quick scheme to pussy island instead of developing a long hard path towards a man internally having a Alpha like mindset. I get it. And, being in a blue pill world is a lot more easier towards the back end of a women’s sexual market value when you are dealing with women in the current state. Kissing her bullet mark punctured ass repeatedly will have you more attractive to her and much easier to control. Plus, is a lot less work to do than to actually read on internalizing game theory to make yourself a much better men that would cause her to WANT to jump up and down your dick like my mother does to a married man occasionally, while his wedding ring hits the carpet from repeated slam sessions in my first home. I get all that. But lets call this shit out for what it really and truly motherfucking is. 

Men are just simply not allowed to be men. Its just that plain and simple. Period. Men are just not allowed to do whatever the fuck we please as we used to because it might upset a women or two with our “perverted” and “cavemen” like ways. Why is OUR way so damn perverted? Why the fuck does enjoying staring at a young woman’s plump and tight little ass a fucking problem? It is in our damn nature to like a lot of pussy regardless of how old we are. Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant cheated on both of their women. These were considered to be the “Good Negros” from both black and the white community. Yet, even they needed to dip there NIKE endorsed black mammoth penis in some fresh piece of ass. Hell, their career is all about seeing how many times they can score inside a small hole on a constant basis. How the fuck can you not expect that to leak into reality? Men like being fucking men. Men used to have to do certain things in order to prove they had the balls to earn respect from others. I remembered me and a couple of my past friends had to hop a fence. It was something fun and we were just fucking around. It was really no damn biggie, yet deep down it was about separating the boys from the men. Everybody managed to do it well expect for my fat fucking ass. Had a dog been chasing us, you could of took a picture and changed the color to black and white and not know the difference between that and a racist photo from decades ago, when white people used to treat black men as stunt doubles in the street. Basically, a dog would of ate my ass up. Had I been a female or a man in prison this would of been a dream to me. Tossing salad would no longer of been just for food fights and family get togethers. My ass got stuck on top of the the fence and couldn’t lift my Heavy D ass thighs up over it. Thank god my balls hadn’t got injured, or my kids would of came out thinking like Elliot Rogers as they bobbed their head back and fourth staring at a white wall while listening to Nicki Minaj music smiling for no god dam reason even after the song is over. 

It was a fun game but it was also a subtle way to see who can keep up and who had to stay home. You think I was invited next time to chill? Hell no. Especially if it involved hoping a damn fence. I can imagine them shaking their head as they ran in the distance and heard me say “Guys wait SLOW DOWN” as if I was a fresh out of high school wannabe porn star, that just found out the HARD way why focusing on her schoolwork in class was a much better option long term and vagina safety wise. Boys tested others boys to see who had balls and who didn’t. I remember a time in which I was playing baseball with my friends and they were throwing the ball way too hard (By my weak punk ass standards back then) when it came time for me to catch it as a Umpire. I complained and was told to just chill and sit on the sidelines as I used cold water to ice my hand. Had I had enough wit back then, this could of been a great chronic masturbation segway. Anyway point is I was being a bitch and got cast aside while everybody else earned their strips within the group. I might as well of had a dress on while I rushed home to go and bake fucking cookies for everyone. “Who wants some cookies! Chocolate chips are pretty hot. Don’t swallow too fast take your time”. I was a bitch and being more soft unlike Whitney Houston’s towels in her bathroom near the bathtub. Thank god my balls dropped more and more as I got older before I became a fruitpop. I am not saying being gay is wrong or anything. If you do that then that is on you I really don’t care what another person does in the bedroom. Some like to get tied up, some like to use toys, others like to dress up as animals and try to recreate Noah’s ark with their semen and her vagina as the boat “fighting” off the wave for as long as they can. Bottom line is do whatever. My point is boys had to prove themselves because boys had to earn respect to be consider men by other men. There was no other option. Dressing in women’s clothes and playing Dollhouse with girls would of got my ass chin checked.  

Why the fuck can we as men just be left the fuck alone? Our desire is not going to want to harm a child, fuck a animal, or rape a woman. Yes, our nature at times can be dark but not every motherfucker wants to do that sick shit. We just want some pussy to fuck and treat like objects. Its fucked up but true. When we objectify you it makes us feel good and ladies it makes you feel good too. You don’t have to be honest its so obvious at this point its comical to refute it. You just don’t want to be objectified by ANY man. I get it. I wouldn’t want my dick to be near JUST any piece of pink pussy. Yes, we men have limits as shocking as it may seem. Great job on Gabourey Sidibe for her first acting role in the 2009 movie “Precious”  but, my dick can care less. I am sure she has a great personality, which seems to be the case if you watch any of her interviews, but making a facial on her face would be a waste as her eyes barely open. She looks like she is trying to order from a Burger King menu but can’t decided how to ask for a number 6 and 7 without seeming like a greedy son of a bitch. Someone has probably bent her over and tried to climb Space mountain, but when a girl has the same body type as my mother with just a darker skin tone and arms big enough to have its own Twitter, Facebook, Email, and Instagram accounts, it kind of makes your cock suffer from depression like Eric Clapton whenever Disney releases a new kids movie to rape parents pockets, and send their bank account… crashing down.

Why can’t I just say what I like without there being any damn shame tactic bashing about it? What happen to free speech. A group of women can laugh at a man’s dick getting cut off because he was just following nature, yet like this video suggests if it was reversed that shit wouldn’t be funny at all. “Oh just grow up and take it like man”. No, take it like a good puppy that says nothing and does whatever you say like you claim to want, yet we know good and well that will just leave you turned off until the pool boy comes along and fucks you 15 times in a row. Men just want to be men and not have to worry about making a women mad at what we like. Boys have to grow up a certain way to be the men YOU like biology wise sweetheart. No, this is not a female bashing post. Its just this fuckery of men not being able to let our true thoughts and feelings come to the surface is horseshit. “You did it is us FIRST!” Yeah, we did. But now you can do whatever the fuck you want so lets us have the same option. We are not here to please y’all like dancing dumb ass clowns. “You make me unhappy!” No woman, you make yourself unhappy. If you want to change that, that is on you. Its not my damn job to go inside you unless it involves my penis, tongue, finger, and for some couples a man’s fist  when it comes to SELF esteem. That is on you not me. Its a balance not a one man show. Yes, some women are in fucked up relationships with dudes and if you are, leave. I know its hard but leave. Don’t waste good pussy on a dude that isn’t about shit. Fuck that. Live your damn life and find a better person. Slut, whore, tramp, etc are just words to keep your desire down just like “creepy”, “caveman”, and perv” are words to keep us men down from being fucking men. Just simply let us have a beer, talk about women, sports, philosophical shit, etc. Why can’t we just let boys be boys and men be fucking men. Lets stop acting like us being honest doesn’t help us both. Us playing your game does nothing in the long term, expect in the beginning because letting it all hang out will get us slapped despite the fact that is the end result for most men when a relationship isn’t the goal.  Let are balls breathe. Honesty is the best policy when it is done right in this context, and also for life as a whole for men. Your game is yours, and ours is ours. 



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