They say we are in the golden age of TV. I agree to a certain extent but, overall, there really isn’t a lot of great programming on once you really dig deep and look around. I have seen countless of mindless shows that offer nothing but transparent, aloof, and unpurposed content that has little no value for the future. Sure, in that moment the show is okay to watch as you snack on a bag of chips and a ice cold beer, but likely than not the shows offer nothing with an end result. When you sit back and actually think about it, what purpose is there to watching a show like “Keeping up with the Kardasians” as a male, expect for new fap material? For the women, what purpose is this show going to serve in the future that will help your relationship become more stable and stronger when two of the sisters plus the mother have issues with their man? Yes, this show in particular is aimed towards women and I understand the purpose of it now in the moment, but all those hours added up and you will see just how much time was wasted that could of been used for something more productive. Men go through the same as well and I am a victim right along. Sportscenter,  NBA games, Football Games, MLB games, Boxing, Wrestling, etc. Great to watch in the moment but, something more productive could of been done on my part as well in that time. I should be focusing on chasing my dreams and trying to reach greatness like these men have. Then of course you have the “Teen Moms”, MTV, BET, etc. Some gems but overall a waste. Most TV these days are just a waste that offer no true dialogue. Its merely something to talk about on social media to help gain more followers and likes. Most TV these days is basically puerile and deleterious to the brain. 

zBut not all hope is lost of course. I mention in this post that I was leaving the world of TV behind and focused on understanding who I really am with outside interference. That is still true to an extent. You see, some shows I still watch offer me more than just mindless entertainment. Some great TV to me when you really peel back and look under the hood, you will see more than just a scene between two people. It can be more than involves race, gender, politics, psychological, the system, etc. It can cover many topics that have to deal with right and wrong, manipulation, greed, death, religion, etc. Some great shows that I have watched that cover these things is “The Walking Dead”, “The Wire”, “Six Feet Under”, and my favorite TV show of all time “Breaking Bad”. All of these shows are transcendence as they reach for something much deeper than a laugh, quick buck, shock factor, etc. It deals with human interactions in which we deal with on a daily basis, and also questions that may never be answered for us. Now, I know “The Walking Dead” doesn’t seem like it fits within that list but to me, it does. I don’t think the concept of what “The Walking Dead” is gets a lot of credit, as people seem to pay attention to the characters, zombie killings, and the surface level story telling. Just think on what these people are going through. Their whole world view and way of life as been ripped apart and shattered forever. God, the devil, right and wrong, etc. All of these things including money mean NOTHING. It is back to square one. Caveman style. It gets down to the core of what we humans deal with year in and year out until we are gone. Survival. There is no more time to sit and think. Its either killed or be killed. The concept and what they are dealing with surface level story line wise is always running through my head as I watch this show and look deeper into it. Pretentious awareness to the side tho,  shows that deal with those themes and concepts are always a treat that makes my mind run at full speed in thought and inspiration to create something as great as that one day. 


Which brings me to the new HBO show “The Leftovers”. I wont dig too deeply in the story line due to just only watching the first three eps, and also because to be honest I have no idea where this show is going. Which, FINALLY brings me to my point that only took two and a half paragraphs to do. This show in a simple version is like this: On the random day of October 14th 2% of the world’s population just disappeared completely. Almost out of thin air as the trailer above shows. No rhyme or reason for it as of now. Three years later in the show, and still nothing. Not a clue or word from scientist and the religious, expect a man that has a very interesting take on it. He hands out flyers of those that went missing stating that some of them stole, robbed, cheated, killed, etc. Basically he is saying God chose them to burn in hell, while he kept the rest of the people down here to….. yeah. Its great in theory, but he along with everybody else still has no clue. These people (And the animals as well) must deal with this thought running through their head everyday. What happen? Why them? What does it all mean? Why not me? Will it happen again? Etc. The premise instantly caught my attention when I read about it on this blog right here. I was hooked and couldn’t wait to view it. Fast forward three Eps later and I am still hooked and wanting to understand more. As I went online I read some critics and comments about it so far, and it seems to me that the consensus is that the show doesn’t give any answers. It seems like people are expecting another “Lost” type show with nothing ever solved in the end. As I read about this I started to see the humor in that. A show about death and people want to know the answers as to why these people died? Does that sound VERY familiar? I am sure there are people that have read the book and already have a answer, but this response the show is having now made me think about the unavoidable faith we all will meet in the end. Death. What really happens after its all over? 



I talked about this in a post awhile back, but honestly, I really don’t know what will happen when its over. Its hard not to think about as you get older in life. We block out certain things by getting drunk, doing drugs, diving into TV, games, cellphones, etc. It works in most cases but, nobody ever really thinks about death it seems like until they are face to face with it. Now, I am just talking about it. Its easy to do. There really isn’t a worry at this moment despite the grim content. I can imagine a place like heaven despite my recent posts commenting on the subject. I think sometimes I hope I am wrong and that something happens in the end. Something similar to heaven or even a reincarnation. To think that everything just stops and nothing else at all matters is a touchy subject that is more easier said than done. I can’t picture what those final moments will be like. It may happen tomorrow, few hours, now, or many years from now. That thought and fact is always in the back of my mind as I write out new posts and try to figure out some ideas to explore. I wonder if this is a waste and should I just go out and enjoy life. Instead of placing my focus on helping people that won’t even be there when its my time to go. I pour a lot of energy in these posts. I am grateful for every follower and viewer, but what really is the end game out of this. I addressed this before in this post as well when it comes to the age old “Does anything matter” question. The show “Leftovers” deals with that which lead me to write this post. If all those people are dead without a reason for it then what does that say about the people left? It makes me ask why me and instead a little girl at Sandy Hook elementary school. Why did I end up here and not a 3rd world country like some kids ended up. What made me so damn special as a sperm? How did I manage to win the race out of a million kids and be placed in this spot writing? Thinking on that, it makes me wonder if this isn’t just all by luck. I may never of been here if it wasn’t for my father being introduce to my mother. What if she had turned him down and moved on. Then what? There would be no blog with 58 followers at this moment. I wouldn’t exist. There would be no post like this, this one, and of course this too. Death and life it then seems has no purpose for us. We are creating the purpose. I am here because a few events took place that could of been rearrange at any moment like a butterfly effect. Which then leads me to believe that nothing truly does matter in the long run. I can talk about death now becomes it seems so far away, yet when that time comes and I claim to understand it better, why then will I fight so hard to stay alive? Is it because I know this isn’t a movie or video game? There is no coming back. Darkness will not even be darkness. I will simply be non-existent on this planet. Its scary to think and write on but, when I die I won’t even be conscious to feel the pain of being dead. The only time I can feel death is when I am alive. Oh the irony of life. 



It would be easier to just say “fuck it”. I could understand why someone would want to chose their own path when it comes comparing it to the system of life. It makes sense in the long run. Money is a idea and concept that is bigger than the human. It needs us but we act as if it is above us and doesn’t care about is. In some cases it is, yet when people manage to grab a hold of it they just burn under the fire and pressure even worse than when broke. Once we have it we give it God like powers that is unearned. Which again leads to the creating your own path logic. Money will be here long after you are dead and forgotten. So if you take that out of your main goal in life then what? Ignorance is bliss can only work so many times as an escape goat. I guess to me it goes back to the story of Jesus and how he sacrificed themselves for us. I don’t take it as a literal account of what happen. I see it more as a tool that was suppose to be more of a guide for us humans for life. We, I believe are just sacrifice for other people’s chaos. A man that builds a home now will not be thought of 50 years from now as kids run around his hard work and spill juice on the walls, makes holes in the wall, stomp around leaving chips in the floor, breaking windows, etc. That man will not even be brought up in conversation. He served his purpose in time, but fast forward and he is simply a doormat. So again we are left with the same problem. Why go on if nothing really won’t change? Sure, the Red Pill mindset that features MRM, Manosphere, MGTOW, etc are working now, but as always a new system will be born and a whole new set of problems will arise. Once something no longer is chaotic and unpredictable it becomes a system that is figured out and easy to use. Humans will eat it alive and move on to the next like vampires. I guess when you break it down the only answer to give is besides ignorance and sacrifice is nature. Its in my nature to hunt, eat, survive and reproduce. It is nothing special really when you think about it. WE make it special. Like women do when they want something sweet, loving, and nice out of you in the form of dinners, movie nights, back rubs, gifts, flowers, etc. They create this idea of love that is not even real. I give them credit for it tho. They at least are trying to find the color of air and a box to lock it in. They lack logic when it comes to that area in life, yet it seems like  the simple fact of the matter that thinking life is only about security, reproducing, survival, and sacrifice would make you more crazier than believing in the concept of love. What can you do tho? As a man, if you fall victim to their thinking you may end up like this man. We have to continue to hunt as it is in our nature, but really what is the point when it comes to us? Are we as men and even women as well future simple leftovers? Are the people that vanished from the show really the ones we should feel sad for? They are gone from this confusing paradox of life while the rest of the people that lived walk a much slower race towards the dark ending. They are gone and feel no pain about it. Had they stayed and created something, it would last for a while until youth emerged and demands something new and trendy. Anything else will be seen as old and boring. Of course, pieces of art, music, movies, buildings, electronics, clothes, etc stand the test of time in life, but, the people that are around can’t even enjoy the benefits of their hard work. Nature, ignorance, Sacrifice, and youthful expression are the unstoppable forces against an unmovable objects in us humans. We will fight to stay alive in death yet, if we make it out alive who really is in control? Is the self even a real thing? The leftovers in the show that weren’t pick  shouldn’t be sad their loved ones are gone. They should be jealous  





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