Apologies for the lack of words on this post. I just really wanted to post this video. If anything, this can be seen as a sequel to this post I did recently. Women simply treat a alternative view to the gender dynamic as laughable. Anything thing that is not society approved is laughable. Its why certain trends come and go. Women latch onto it until it is no longer popular and move on. Sure, you have some women that are loyal fans to certain things, but rest assured it is a phase they will grow out of quickly than a man will. If it is not as popular as it once was, it is deemed unworthy and cast aside. Like marriage in a way right?. Marc Rudov again displays facts and cold logic yet the women on the video are “lost” and can’t figure out anything past their own surface level views. I can’t blame them tho. Like I told my cousin from birth you treat your kids different. Your little girls don’t go through the same things that your son does. When your son cries, do you hug and console him like your daughters? He said no and laugh as it got the gist of what I was saying. The women are here act as if there is nothing going on outside their world view unless society at large says there is. Its comical and just plain dumb at this point to me. Even arguing with a women on this subject is a waste of time. Logic and facts stand no chance against emotion.I applaud Marc Rudov for even trying, but as you can see anything that is not female and society approved is seen as hateful and stupid. “Silly man. Just keep your head down and be grateful I bless you with attention. We are never wrong and you are just being silly. Lol. The red pill? Men’s Rights? Mano what? Put that down and hush. They all sound like sexless virgins”. A alternative is a threat to the system is a threat for women. They want men perfectly in the dark to their ways so they can continue to gain security and a man’s attention without properly awarding equal measures. Yes, a child is a blessing and a great thing that women can give, but in order to raise one with a woman can be tough and extremely difficult if  a man has no understanding of game. Marc Rudov is just exposing the light on the dark truth. If he was really as crazy as these women claim he is they wouldn’t even give his thoughts the time of the day. The truth always causes a reaction. Indifference to his views should of been the better route for these women to take if they want the secrets to remain hidden.  


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