I remember a long time ago when I was younger and I had a incident with a girl. This girl for some reason just flat out didn’t like me. I couldn’t figure it out even to this day. Every other day it was some bullshit I had to deal with. She would have the group of kids gang up on me and provoke me constantly during winter time. Any time I got off the bus, she would round up the kids and proceed to peg me with snowballs. Sure, it should be considered a little harmless fun, but there was a anger behind those snowballs. It wasn’t fun at all. Sometimes there was even ice in the snowballs. She had boys help her so when they threw it, it was a lot worser. There was also another time in which me, her, a former close male friend, his cousin, and her sister were on her porch relaxing until she came with a idea to invite us to the movies. My friend and his cousin were super happy and rushed back home to change. I was  about to leave as well before she shouted out “Where are you going? You are not invited”. I just looked back an smiled as I played it off and shrugged. But deep down it stung like a bee sting. When my friend and his cousin came knocking on my door seeing if I was ready to go, I just decline and said I didn’t feel like going. They ask why shocked and confused. To make it even worse my parents were in the living room and wonder the same thing. It was painful but I managed to get through it. They said alright and left as I went up stairs and blocked it out with my headphones and CD player.

I’ll admit, back then I was a bit of a punk ass bitch. I knew this because I really didn’t stand up for myself a lot. The former close friend I had, had to teach me ways on how to be more relaxed and stronger as a man. He was still a kid too, but looking back I can see he had a Alpha mind state and vibe. He was one of the kids that helped the girl attack me with snowballs. We didn’t know each other then, but soon we became real good friends. He was the new kid in town and manage to takeover quick. He had cops chasing him, the school hating him because he brought powder to school and said it was anthrax(This was around 2001 or 2002. times  flies), he would cuss back at teachers, skip school, etc. I now knew looking back why he managed to get two of the most popular girls on his dick fighting over him. He been through a lot in life dealing with his pops leaving and sometimes arguing with his step father. He had it rough and that sometimes leads to a certain mind set when dealing with women. A sort of “Fuck it attitude” just flew off him and it worked. I knew in the back of my mind all of this at a young age but, I just couldn’t describe it like I do now. I just used the “Popular Kids” imperative that I seen in teen movies. But yes I understood certain things. One of those things being too that every boy deals with is that you can’t hit girls. I was always told that and treated it with the up most respect. At least, until dealing with this girl that tormented me.

The final blow that set me off was a day in which they all were ganged up on me again and started to chase me towards the other side of the street. I was getting pegged with snow balls for a minute until something changed. I stopped at a side street and blocked my head for a minute until it stopped. When I lifted my head I thought it was over until I heard CRACK. A beer bottle had been busted on the back of my head. One of the females that was there said “Okay, that is a bit too much” and kept it moving. My former friend stopped and helped me somewhat to see how bad it was. I held in burning tears as my right hand tightly locked on the back of my head. I was in rage. I wanted to kick that alligator looking bitch’s teeth in down her throat. I wanted to use her face as a pinata for a couple hours until she screamed out “MURDER”. I wanted to just choke that whore until the vocal cords in throat don’t work no more (Hi, my name is….)  

But…. I didn’t. I did nothing and said nothing as I sucked it up and walked back home. I knew I couldn’t hit her back. There was nothing I can do. The only payback I managed to get was when it was just me and her alone walking home. I made my eyes bug out real large and followed the bitch. I remember saying some creepy off the wall shit to her. She, of course in girl fashion got really scared and said “Get away or I will call the cops”. I just kept staring at her with my head tilted as I walked back home across the street dragging my right foot. Yeah, crazy but man it felt good. Fast forward years later and we started talking on Myspace. She acted as if NOTHING happened back in the day. I played along and said I can’t wait to see you at school. It was summer school so it was a bit of a weird schedule. Well, she seen me but I acted as if she never existed. I walks passed her many times and didn’t say a word. Was it cold dish revenge? No but, it was the best I can do at that time that could make me feel good. Because as you can see from this story, if I would of touched her the cops and her mother would of been on my ass. I would of been called a monster for striking a girl despite the fact she busted a beer bottle on the back of my head. Women and little girls know the game. What can a man really do? Even talking about it is a problem. The game is ridged perfectly. 




 Former American sports journalist and current TV show host for ESPN’s “First Take” Stephan A Smith landed in some hot water yesterday as the internet blew up, when he gave his opinion on current NFL Ravens football player Ray Rice situation that involved his then fiance.  A ESPN Colleague Michelle Beadle gave her response to the video up above which can be found here on one of my favorite Hip-Hop blog sites. She had the typical female response stating that basically women do nothing wrong to provoke a man, and trying to see it from a different view point is pointless and a waste of time. As I watch this video and view the responses I have to agree with her on the wasting his time part. You see, the response he gave to me was nothing controversial enough that he had to apologize for it in the same day because the backlash had gotten extreme. He was simply saying that women provoke men. Is this not true? The above video I first posted clearly shows that. I don’t know the context of why she had gotten so mad at the boy, but the root of it is she kept egging him on saying “Hit me. Hit me!. HIT ME!”. The boy knew better and didn’t react as he would of if this was a boy vs boy situation. 

Stephan A Smith gave a very logical approach that could help both women and men. He didn’t say “Beat your bitch and have her make you a sandwich. You da man.”. But that is how it was taken it seems. I am not saying women should be beat. I am saying that women do provoke men a lot more times than men provoke women. Its not as balance as the world wants you to believe. I support what he said and a lot of other men would too if their girlfriends or wives weren’t around. It is not even in fights its just everyday situations in which women to try and poke a hole at a muzzled dog. Its quiet frustrating for the boy because he knows there is nothing he can do but walk away. That is his only option while he gets called a “Pussy” and a “Bitch”. Jay Zs’s incident with his wife Beyonce’s sister caused a lot of jokes and memes. Some of it was basically calling Jay Z a punk for letting her hit him like that saying “He has gone soft now. What happened to this Jay Z?” But lets be honest, this is just people being dumb and not thinking. What would of happened if Jay Z had struck this girl back? IT WOULD OF BEEN OVER for his career. Period. Don’t even try and tell me otherwise. Chris Brown is JUST getting back in good graces with the world after that Rihanna incident a while back. A incident in which why he did it is never brought up. Again, I am not saying she deserved to get hit, but what exactly did she say to set him off like that? That side is never talked about. He is a man. He is bad. She is woman. She is a precious little fragile flower. HANG HIM NOW.

The response he got sounds like men and women are basically saying “SHHHHH. Let it go you can’t win. Women run shit”. And, that to me is completely bullshit. He said nothing that was off based here. Women provoke men because they know nothing can happen to them. Like my mini story I told above, you can see what her instant reaction was. She was quick to call the cops instead of handling what she did to me on her own. Because she knew there would be the law on her side to stop me. Women know in the back of their mind that the men they provoke can’t touch me despite the fact they are being rude and disrespectful towards the man. Other men around, the law, women, etc will all be there to gang up on the man that strikes a women without even wasting a breathe to see the other side of it. He is just wrong and that is it. END OF STORY. It doesn’t matter what she did. Its funny to watch this but, in reality there is simply no grey area. Of course, that comedian in that clip is talking about murder. She would be in jail no questions asked. The joke is of course that there is no reason to hit a girl. No matter what you say, did, or didn’t do you are fucked. If we are on equal terms like feminist claim they want then why not let me back hand you when you start fighting me. If its as if the law is saying in a subtle way that “Women are uncontrollable creatures. You have to treat the pet a certain way. She is a weak human that does no wrong and is limited in emotional control and thinking” The abuse men face from women is on the rise and there is nothing we men can do but keep our head down and take it as we are being called “Punks”, “Weak ass boys”, and of course “Little ass bitches”. 




As this video points out, when a man is getting beat up there is no one there to help him out. But when it was him doing it the women and men were there to put a end to it QUICKLY. Female violence on men is seen as a joke. This latest highlighted link shows a clip of a reaction to a girl being slapped on the butt. No, she didn’t deserve it but watch how extended the clip is. She should of just slapped him and walked away. No, she instead (While being cheered on by other boys) continues to abuse him and humiliates him. Did he deserve it, maybe, but the point is if he wanted to hit her back there was nothing can do about it. Had he stuck her, he would of gotten attacked because, That’s the rule like this video from the 9:20-11:39 mark displays. Men are trained from children not to hit back even tho women are being abusive towards him. I remember recently I had a fight with my female “friend”. She was calling me every name in the book. Pussy, weak, scared, bitch, slut, etc. She was doing everything she can to provoke me. I of course knew this game and just stayed calm and laugh as I said “Why? So you can call the cops on me”. She of course said she will beat my ass herself. Even tho a few months back she said she would call the cops on me if I ever did hit her in front of her kid. Oh women. That right there tho seems to be the only thing you can do to a woman when she acts like that. You as a man just need to keep a clear head and treat her as a child. Maybe a little trip over the knee will calm her down and lead the foreplay. It may not and just make her more mad tho, but even then continue to just act as if she is a spoiled brat that needs attention. Its the best way to look like you are not chickening out. Which if it did seem like you were, would then lead to her getting worse and trying her best to provoke you even more.  Its crazy to think we as men sometimes have to do this in order to save face and keep atraction stable. If this continues tho, you and women as well should seek other options. If this continues he or she will just get more comfortable in trying to fight, or fight you. No woman or man is worth the risk of injury or emotional abuse. 


Stephan A Smith said nothing wrong. The world is just too damn sensitive and reacts to everything without thinking. I’ll leave it here with two comments from TSS Smoking Section blog site that I linked to earlier in this post. This pretty much describes further how I feel on the subject. AGAIN, men should not beat their women. I am simply agreeing that women taut men to the point they want to get hit them back just to get some peace. No hitting should be occurring in a relationship. Unless of course, we are talking about paddles and whips. That tho, is another discussion for another time: 


But…he ain’t wrong. Women pop off at the mouth, as though nothing can or will happen. As a man, cooler heads DO prevail, but when we go to walk away, women continue to talk shit. We become punks, or bitch ass niggas, or pussy. But if we stay and allow them to continually pop shit, what are we supposed to do?

No, a man shouldn’t put his hands on a woman, he’d prolly be better off telling her to shut the fuck up before “insert extremely graphic threat” happens. But let’s not act as if there’s not something that the women in these situations can do to prevent the shit from happening. Talk to a nigga like a nigga, or put your hands on a nigga like a nigga…and shit happens. Walking around I’m revealing shit, imma stare, imma objectify you, and imma sexualize you. Fuck them double standards b. 




America has gotten so soft.

Basically…Men shouldn’t hit women and women should not provoke a man to hit them or instigate a situation. From that clip…that’s what Stephen A. Smith said. Nothing more nothing less. He’s not saying the woman takes all the blame….maybe 10-20% of it. If you’re still in your feelings then get over it.

That’s basic interpretation. Even if you read between the lines he’s saying that same thing.

I’m just sick of this shit. Every time someone says something it’s this long diatribe. People need to learn how to listen again. Everyone is so full of themselves and caught up in their own opinions and feelings that they aren’t listening to what’s actually being said.

This is the reason I’m not on Twitter. It’s nothing but a bunch of bullshit and people trying to crack jokes for retweets. It’s garbage. Every little thing is blown way out of proportion. Everyone is so quick to react and comment instead of taking a deep breath, slowing your roll and really accessing the situation.

Ray Rice should’ve been suspended for a year after that video and jail or whatever the cost is for beating a woman (IDK I don’t beat women). But the point is there’s always two sides to the story. If you believe Ray Rice just said fuck it I’m beating my wife today, then something may be wrong with you. You’re in denial. Something happened. We learned in 3rd grade that for every action there’s an equal but opposite reaction.

For me personally, there’s no country whatsoever for beating a woman. That’s barely above leaving a child in a hot ass car, rape and child molestation to me. It really doesn’t get any lower than that to me. But at the same time be responsible for your own actions. If you’re out in public cursing him out, throwing drinks on him and trying to fight etc…that’s the type of shit Stephen A. Smith is talking about. Don’t do it. If you don’t understand that then I don’t know what to tell you.

If we recall the Jay-Z & Solange elevator situation when everyone was clowning Jay-Z for getting beat on. What if Solange hits him in the face and he starts bleeding and as a reaction hits her in the face?? Then what?? It wouldn’t have been so funny then huh?? Who’s fault is it? Jay-Z? Solange? Both?

I’m just saying take a step back and look at every side of the situation before jumping to conclusions. Don’t just read the headlines. When I clicked on the thread I was expecting something very different from what I heard.


















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