This right here is a perfect example of what I was talking about in this post right here, and of course this post also. This is an alternative visual of the the movie “Fight Club”. “The first rule of fight is, you don’t don’t talk about Fight Club”. I spoke about that line and its concept in this post as well. Once something is no longer seen as new and unique, it will no doubt start to become a system, and in a Matrix analogy, be figured out how to be defeated by its Agents. In this video you can almost see the car crash waiting to happen to moment she asks for the first man to come out and try to “Wooo” her off her feet. She is already in the mindset of “This is all one big game. NOTHING they are saying is honest and genuine according to the Female never-fail-fool-proof book of love. Such clowns for thinking this would actually work. Ha”. This is the reaction a lot of women give when it comes to Pick Up Artists. They see it as a man not being himself and instead needing help on how to be a man. Which, ironically is something they hate despite the fact women LOVE to define what a man is yet glare and balk at a man for trying to define what a women is. They would claw and scratch a man’s eye out for even attempting such a thing. The female code to them and one of the smartest men in the world is uncracked and will never be figured out. Yet a man is easy to figure out in a heartbeat. This video shows that once you expose your game plan as far as this context goes you are doomed to fail. A woman doesn’t want a man to actually seek advice on how to be a man. That in fact kills the shows and lets her see the behind the scenes actions. Its no longer a movie to her. Even tho she has her backstage set ups as well . She wants a man to just be be natural and flow with it without the use of books and other men. In her mind, she might as well fuck one of those guys instead since they understand the game better than they do. In this video, the men could of laid out their best game and it wouldn’t have matter. It was still seen as fake and not authentic to her eyes which is a buzz kill. Plus, these men were now known to be trying to please her like a dancing monkey looking for a reward. When women first interact with a man they want it to feel like something out of a romantic novel.  They want it to feel like it was SUPPOSE TO happen. The game they know good and well about is still playing in the background, but they just want it to STAY in the background. They for sure don’t want the mystery of what a man REALLY wants to be relieved too soon.


It is like almost like a Mainstream version of Rape. No, I am not endorsing nor saying rape is acceptable. What I am saying is that, it is almost compared to the act when it comes to how women want the game to feel like. They want to actually feel like is not a game and more so something that is as real as it can be. You have to realize, Princess Jasmine and Snow White are just as real as Batman and James Bond are to us. Its just that with them it is even more real than the way we observe it from a ego and pragmatic sense. Again, I am not supporting rape. I am saying when you see rape it is about power and sexual frustration on the guy and yes even women’s part both physically and even emotionally, but when it comes to this context the rape I am referring to is eluded to some genuine and honest. I use the word rape to attract attention and have you understand how women want the interaction to be. They want it to be real and not contrived. Problem is, women don’t understand that it is much deeper than just pick up lines and stylish clothes. Yes, the PUA community at times sells men dreams and easy fix ups. But the map and tools that I use and several other men are not just about lays and notch counts. It goes much deeper than that. It goes pass just sex and enters into relationships, the male brain, the female brain, society’s views, mainstream’s strangle hold on both men and women’s perception, feminism, science, etc. The men here are only seen at face value. Yes, they are using lines and are coming of as robotic but, why? Why are they doing this? Sure, it can sound like its just for sex but understand these men needed help on how to attract. It started from a Disney like mindset of romance and love. The cartoons make it seem like that type of love is real, but as you can see with examples like this, and also this as well, the arousal factor for women is a lot different than the attraction factor. “50 Shades of Gray” is not just a book that women read, but a lifestyle they want to dip their toes on and try out.  

Man Saying Shhh


Bottom line is this video shows what happens when women know you are playing game despite the fact in a man’s eyes and reality for some it is much deeper than that. Some men really do want to find a soul mate to share their deepest desires with. They just need certain tools that they weren’t aware they already had to begin with. A little help from make-up, perfume, weave, tight dresses, heels, breast implants, butt lifts, etc is acceptable, but a man learning a few tricks here and there to talk with women to try and get some attention they lacked in school is wrong? Ridiculous. The best thing a man can do is simply deny that he uses game. My female “friend” once caught me reading Chateau Heartiste after I outed myself by saying “This is my new bible” on a social network site. When confronted, I simply said it had some good advice on there that seemed helpful. Basically, I tried to be logical which is a waste of time against a woman’s emotions. She eventually got over it but it took some time. She again recently found out I was reading The Rational Male and yelled at me again for it. This time I just said it is what it is. He has great advice get off my case. That situation this time worked due to history between us. The former took a little longer to relax her because everything I did seem like a act for while. My first mistake was even admitting I read that to begin with. Which shouldn’t but a woman can’t understand a man’s view of the world as good as we can. Cocky I know but when you really take a look there are  hundreds of blogs like these DEDICATED to cracking the “feminine mystique”  . The results have helped a lot more men, women, and relationships than a Disney movie could ever offer us. Stay aloof and act like its coming to you from the sky. Say, “Game? No. This is God’s plan sweetheart. So get on your knees and…” Just kidding. Save that for later unless its said correctly and in the right tone.


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