Women want to enjoy the show and not hear about the rules. I talked about this before as you can see what the link. They know its a game going on but simply do not want to hear the rules and reality of the situation. Why? Well, because its simply too harsh to realize and hear that men really don’t give a fuck about the same shit that women were trained to give a fuck about. Men, if they could, would fuck every girl in the world like the 2009 Young Money song suggests. Its just the way it is. This video is a perfect display of honesty, yet the women are completely hostile and offended by it. Why? Why when that is the main goal of men to begin with. Women know that is the MAIN reason why guys even attempt to talk with a woman. They want to simply fuck and move on if they could. We are natural hunters. We love the chase of getting new women and continuing for more after we have conquered them. Its honest and apart of our nature as men. Why is it met with so much anger and shock from women. They KNOW its a game just to land them in bed. Why can’t a man be blunt and talk about the 500 pound elephant in the room? Women claim to want honesty but the fact of the matter is they don’t. Period. 

Women want to be lied to so they can FEEL something that was never there to begin with. When you really think about it, it is very comical. The love, romance, fairy tale, magical bs that is played on songs, TVs, and seen in books is just another way to keep the man and women dynamic going and create more babies. It really has nothing to do with the man and woman at it. It really is silly and downright organized chaos to better ensure the future of other people’s power. The guy in that video represented the true nature of man when it comes to talking with females. We don’t want to hear about your stories, ideas, facts about your cats, evil bitches at your job, etc. We just want to fuck, sleep, wake up and eat, then of course shit. The woman that left the comment on his page as well as other women have no concept or idea about how the male brain and ideology work. They are trying to tell a man how to better fit into THEIR model and insurance when they say “Man up” and stop being a child. They say that because they want men to stay in their place and focus on providing for us and stop being selfish. Men are disposable and seen as doormats for women in this world. Their view of life and sex is being buried more and more each day as women gain power yet complain that there is no much strong and masculine men around to put them in check and display dominance. Or, better yet display the RIGHT type of dominance that better fits into their movie they have going in their head. Because as we see above that type of dominance is too much, It has to be peppered with magic and illusion. What he was doing was too rough. Bad, bad, bad boy. 

We have to lie to you in order to get what we want. No women wants to hear the raw dog truth even tho that is where is going to lead to anyway. They are trying to put air in a box and paint it with a color. Love was never here to begin with. It was something we as humans created and gave it a false reality. Love is not dirt, grass, trees, flowers, water, fire, wind,e etc. It has nothing to do with nature. But sex? Sex is apart of nature. Sex and reproduction as a matter of fact. All that it is really all about. Anything else is simply a system for future plans to help the 1% remain in power. before all that happens tho, we have to play this bullshit game of Simon says when it comes to females. Now look, I am not saying that women should just give up their pussy to any guy that asks no. I am not saying women should just be raped and accept it. What I am saying its you can’t deny the other side of the coin all the time. You have to address the bullshit. Its why comedy remains the only and needed expression of freedom of speech left. We need to hear that this is one big game and that none of is is actually real. By him showing this video we got a understanding of the other side of why we as men have to lie to get some from women. Its because they WANT to be lied to. They don’t want to hear the truth of what it is. They WANT to hear the lies that WE AS MEN invented read back to them. Its all part of the game and that is honestly the real fun in it. It is not going to change any time soon so thinking about that is like saying you want it to go back to the caveman days of hitting her on the head and dragging her away. No. This is the game forever. Its just funny to see the fourth wall broke so women can get a peek into what is behind the green screen we as men prop up for them. Take away caring for babies, marriage, relationships, dates, buying her dinner, countless hours of her talking, etc and, really all you have left is the fun and semi-carefree joy of sex. Men can’t be honest as bad as we want. Or, better yet as a female commenter from this video points out: 


Cain honey no offense because you’re adorable but your are not cute enough nor are you famous enough to be pulling some shit like this and believe it be even remotely successful 


Men CAN be this honest. JUST, the RIGHT type of man only. That’s all. Yay!

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