I was recently cruising the internet and stumbled upon a man by the name of Marc Rudov. I wished I had heard about him sooner because I have enjoyed every video I have seen so far. These were videos from way back in the past yet they still ring true in these modern times as far as men and women are concerned. He is a man that speaks on behalf of men (Shocking I know) about how we are tired of dealing with certain aspects when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriage. He views are logical and have a point that any man can relate to when it comes to the male and female dynamic. But as I was watching his videos I started to see that not everyone was following common sense path. Mainly women of course but even the men in some of the videos were still leaning towards the women’s side of things when it came to the debate. As he talked and explain out his point of views clearly, you can almost feel the reaction from the women coming from the screen. The reaction of disgust and confusion as he spoke about the topic at hand. They reacted as if he was clueless and had no idea what he was talking about. But clearly if you watch the video you will see he is making his points clear and being very rational about them. No yelling, cussing, rude or disrespectful comments towards the women, etc. It was clean and smooth and straight to the point. Yet the women all heard but didn’t listen to a word he said to try and look at it from a different view. You might as well of called Marc Rudov a comedian while the women play the laughing audience and wouldn’t of known the difference. Bottom line is, as I watch this video I started to notice how women view a alternative from the norm that the are accustomed to and take it as reality like gravity, death, and no more good Eddie Murphy movies. They seen him and what he was talking about as simply a joke. 



Women see movements like MRM, Manosphere, MGTOW, etc as simple jokes. They see me as little boys who simply have gotten there heart broken and dumped in a trash by another woman, so now they are joining up to create their own He Man Women Haters Club to bash about the opposite sex for a couple hours. Boo hoo!. They see it as a way for a men to to cute and vent before he has to run back along home to “reality” and “be a man” as he was TRAINED to do. They see no other alternative but the one that they and society as a whole continue to raise above any other individual thought. When the women hear Marc Rudov speak they are simply waiting their turn to show him the CORRECT way of how things are despite the fact Marc Rudov has data and facts to support his case. The women are coming from a more a emotional place. Nothing wrong with that, that is just how they are. But when a man tries to come from a masculine point of view he is seen as paranoid, crazy, and simply a caveman for not letting the women remain in control despite the fact that is something they and hate and despise to the point they throw up.  Here in this video you can see Marc Rudov try and show why a boy playing with female first toys is simply wrong and shows no future plan towards him having a more masculine identity that will ACTUALLY help him attract women’s genuine desire instead of  a provider desire. Bottom line a boy wearing Hello Kitty shirts or playing with the toys is going to get him harassed and bullied at school. It might actually him in a way, but at the same time it might actually cause him to yet another kid who commits suicide over being bullied. Boys are boys and girls are girls. They are attracted to different things in each other. Trying to cast it off as equal is just down right silly and could send evolution backwards. Society as a whole when you really look around you is trying to keep the female sexual strategy first to keep boys blind and women safe in order to produce more kids and run a better bee hive for the Queens and Kings. This idea of man and women have nothing to honestly really do with us. Its a power trip turned  permanent power  vacation. Women are merely pieces and apart of a game that is bigger than them. Its why is a lot harder for men like Marc Rudov and others to talk this out on a logical scale. They are not just facing women when they have a debate. They are facing society’s ideas and concepts as a whole. 



Women like to follow trends. Its just the way it is. Women tend to have a more sheep like mentality then men when it comes to things as entertainment, clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. They will spend hundreds of dollars on items just so it can be seen in the living and displayed for friends and family to see how much money and style she has. It really has nothing to do with, with how they feel PERSONALLY about the item. Its about how other people will perceive them. They will only buy clothes because of the label and attention it brings from the mainstream media. Why can’t a regular shirt or blouse from Wal-Mart or Payless do the trick? Yes, women do shop there of course but if they had the chance they would trade in those clothes for something expensive as Gucci or Prada. I am not trying to downplay those designers but I am simply saying women go in packs when it comes popular opinion. The hottest songs on the radio are more than likely female driven and worshiped. The songs that barely get any attention tho are never heard from women as whole due to them not being as popular or trendy enough. Had that unpopular song catch fire tho, you will see a flip in female’s reaction to it. My female “friend” once said that Justin Timberlake’s song from his 2013 effort “The 20/20 Experience Part 2” “Take Bake The Night” was alright and not really that good. No coincidence then that they song wasn’t seen as a big hit like last his last effort from “The 20/20 Experience Part 1”. Society as a whole didn’t really like it so there for she didn’t like it. Its like Patrice O’neal talks about right here in this link from 4:20 towards the end. Women’s have to reason as to why they like or don’t like something. Its more of a “just is” kind of thing. There is no true logic or philosophy behind it. They simply want to be lead. Women are better communicators, smarter, nicer, wiser, less evil, perfect, flawless, etc. You as a man and even a women have heard this before over and over again. Yet, I am sure you can find a article nowadays that will shoot all of those claims down with ease. It would be too many links for me to post. Never a problem before but, you understand. These are all things that WE as men have told women. These are not things they have come to think about on their own. Its harsh but true. Females like the one in the video above are trained professionals when it comes to this convert communication. They are trained from birth to understand they are more SPECIAL and PERFECT than boys are. Trying to have a debate with them is like having a debate with the world. You will be seen as crazy, odd, and a little boy who hasn’t found that one special girl to save his soul. Logical debate and discussion has no chance for men against feelings, and scary enough other men as well. 



Men are puppets as well. They will gladly defend the female point of view over the male one in a heartbeat. The Rational Male blog and several others have dubbed these men White Knights and AFC. These men are the ones that will defend the female voice and “logic” to the death because that is all they were taught to believe. When a alternative comes by like The Red Pill to teach them a new way of thinking, it is on the same level as trying to talk to a christian about atheism. The reality that these men have build and society as a whole can’t risk their lives to try and go a new path. The path already set feels too good and is much easier. The other one feels like a extended chaos risk despite the fact that is what their girlfriends or wives will want in the future once they get bored and need some new dick to invade them properly. Knowing their role and behaving as a good boy will do nothing for them in the present, but it sure as well will be beneficial towards the female goal once she needs someone to fall back on after she is done being GENUINE with her sexual resources to other men that really didn’t deserve it in the first place. The men that follow the rules will end up with the sloppy seconds yet have it be packaged as the best thing in the world for him even tho he will not receive his girlfriends best. Women are left to believe that there will be a back-up plan for them once the ride is over like The Rational Male addressed here. Men with no knowledge of this will sacrifice some of their best years creativity, financial, and sexual wise for relationship or marriage that will either be 2nd or 5th best at best.  The script of the female first men dead last movie is one that does nothing for the male and also the female. Sure, women SAY they want all the romantic lovey dovey nonsense but, as the new show “Satisfaction” displays in these modern times that is simply not enough AT ALL.  




Male and female puppets are apart of a bigger goal. And that goal is to better the chances of more reproduction and kids. I even think Porn is apart of the game somehow. MGTOW, Manosphere, MRM, prostitution, etc are seen as evil because they are the glitch to the system. The philosophy these groups stand by is one that was actually the norm and helped keep things floating. But now there seems to be this need to destroy the old paradigm. I believe this is simply a better way to have more money flowing instead of keeping it to one family structure. With divorces rates up you see more spreading of men and women instead of staying in one place. It was also a way to keep men in control by helping advance women and keep a chaotic system in play to the point that fighting back will be pointless. Organized confusion is the name of the game. Keep recreating a new pattern so no one will ever catch up. Growing as one world together is too much of a threat. They want us to play and stay dumb and not ask too many questions. Just imagine if there was no male voices speaking out on this. This would continue without any politician or President speaking out on it. This will be seen as normal instead of perverse and strange. Bottom line is as men we have to understand its not just them we are fighting against. Its the world vs us. Marc Rudov and also men like my cousin can continue to try and place logic in the female brain but it is a waste of time. They mindset as already been set. Playing the game for what it is and helping men unplug to see the truth is all we and others can do. I am no expert like most men in The Red Pill world but I am a lot closer than most I see around me. All we can do is unplug and watch as try to work towards a solution that was and never will be there to begin with . Stay on path and create your own world away from this created chaos is the best thing you can do for yourself. Following this road is only going to lead to a stack of dead bodies that will be buried and never thought of again unless they create something for society, or simply had 15 minutes of fame on TV. Positive or negative. Life is a bitch huh?. 

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