Whether we want to admit it or not, our mothers used to and maybe still do suck cock. It just the way shit is. I am sure my mother has got down on her knees like she was praying to God, and sucked on a cock so violently you would think this broad was trying to find the lost pages of the bible inside a man’s penis. You would think that a man’s dick had the cure for aids, or at least the fingerprints of the bullets from Tupac and Biggie Smalls murder. Our mothers have most likely done some shit that would make bukke porn seem like a walk in the park. Or, better yet a walk in the park while its raining during a thunderstorm. Our mothers have done some of the nastiest and freakiest things you can think of when it comes to there mouth. Hell, if you knew some of the shit they did you would more than likely start to wonder why her breathe was always minty fresh after she spent ” overtime” at work to “catch up” on some paperwork while her boss was there. Our mothers have swallowed more kids than the dumpsters right next to the abortion clinic. I am sure you mother has shouted out “FUCK ME HARDER DADDY” despite the fact her father is most likely laying in a grave under more stone and grass than Rihanna’s instagram photos. Our mothers have small pink centers have been invaded quicker more times then fat kids rushing to open a pack of Starburst to eat the pink one first before another kid gets to it. Yes, our mothers like it or not were or are freaks. Its just the way it is. I knew when I heard a certain brand a music late at night that my father and mother weren’t thinking about Hot grits when Al Green would come on the stereo. I knew my father was about lay it down and do more fucked up shit to my mother than if the Police force would start to name their Bulletproof vest after Marvin Gaye. Yes, bottom line is our mothers did some crazy shit in the past and maybe still do. It is what it is. 


So when you think about that it should be a lot easier to deal with women on a more pragmatic level. If our OWN mothers did some nasty shit behind the bedroom, what makes you think that these women who you have no blood relationship with aren’t doing the same or even worse freaky shit? Its about desalinizing yourself from placing women on a pedestal. Like this post from Returnofkings points out women are just as or even more gross than men. When you REALLY start to think about it you will see just how silly it is to place them on such a high ladder.  They sleep, shit, piss, vomit, and use their mouths in very dirty situations just like we do at times. Its something that may kill the attraction to them (For a moment. Don’t kid yourself) but in the end it will help you so you will not think they are above you like some otherworldly being that can’t be touched. Megan fox bleeds once a month just like the other fucking broads do. She is no different or special from another chick that works at Walmart. Megan Fox just worked harder in life to get to the place she is in instead of settling for a job that has motherfuckers like this walking aroundShe may be a slut and so what. Deal with it. If you want to stick your dick inside there for a few minutes than do so. Don’t marry the broad of course. Just have some fun and keep it moving. So what she slept with a few dudes. That will be somebody else’s fucking headache like this guy right here, and this poor heartbroken son of a bitch right here  . Get some pussy and keep it moving. The genie is out of the bottle now. There is nothing you as a man can do. Especially when shit like this gets passed over and seen as normal by today’s goof ball cartoon ass standards. Fuckery. Bottom line is stop trying to paint them out to be these angels when our own mothers, aunts, sisters, etc have drown more men in their wetness then dead babies than New Orleans in 2005. 

And women, feel free to stop being so caught up in the terms of “Slut” and “Whore”. In that moment, when you have his magical man juice either inside your hidden pink upside triangle, or on your face stinging your eyes more worse than seeing my mother naked in just a thong, just embrace it and stop being caught up in society’s standards. But at the same time just know the only ring you will be seeing in your future is the one left around the bathtub. Cause and effect is at play sweethearts when it comes to your future so your best bet is to make sure your face isn’t left on a video camera. Basically, if you are going to test the limits of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootise pop, just make sure you do it in private. The only reason why your sexuality has been banned and kept under control for so long is to advance society and keep a system at play. Well, there is a few Billion people on planet earth as of this day so, I think its okay to spread your legs and roleplay your NBA or NFL fantasy you have been hiding forever. Just understand the downside if that is all your focus is. It can come back to bite you in the ass, and leave you alone laying next to a nice provider overweight man, who the only handjobs he cares about is watching Harry Potter wave his magical wand. Sex is sex and relationships are relationships. They are both intertwine with each other, but just be honest and realize in the end that its going to become a business. Its going to come down to just being happy that someone is there. Sure, it may still cause you two to have sex once in a while but, it won’t have the same passion like when you got bend over flat on top of a hot hood of the car, as empty Taco Bell bags and cups fell off and hit the dirty pavement due to getting stabbed more times then black people on the show “OZ”. 


The main point of this post besides to cuss a lot, be ignorant, and talk about sex in creative ways like the Oscar worthy performances of modern day Porn stars, is to just simply say stop worrying so much for both men and women. Yet, also understand that there may be a downside cause things to go south (Double pun). For men, yes she is slutty and likes kinky things but remember she has more than likely learned those “skills” from another man. Hence, maybe that is the reason now why your piss is doing its best impression of The Human Torch, as you stretch out your mini Thing out to Mr. Fantastic lengths over the toilet, and pray to God you catch that disease carrying bitch an make her vanish quicker than the Invisible girl.  So play safe and wrap it up. A moment of pleasure is not worth risking yourself  with the chance you end up like Tom Hanks in “Philadelphia”. Earvin Magic Johnson’s has the PERFECT nickname from the NBA and because he is still alive despite being HIV positive.  Both involve a lot of money that I am sure not every man have.  Have fun and just be cautious of the future. Don’t end up like me when I thought drinking two cans of Monster energy drinks and slapping my cock repeatedly would wake it and be strong enough to take down some sloppy second pussy. Too much masturbation was the cause as well as not knowing what I was doing. Be aware but not too much to the point you lose sight to have fun. Its sex not a fucking bank vault code. Unless we are talking about the overweight chick in grade school that once had a crush on me, who’s body had more rolls and crevices on her enough to hide my loose change I would find under the couch cushions. 


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