Just recently I had a argument with a close female “friend” about one of the blogs that I read daily. She found the blog and started to yell and get upset about the content of the blog. She says she read a lot of the posts on there but, I know her and know she only skimmed through a few, made a quick reaction, and then called it a day. The blog is The Ration Male. We had just had a fight last night about a certain subject and she just happened to Google about it today and ended up on The Rational Male. She questioned me as a man and wonder why I would read such “offensive crap”. I tried to explain to her (I know, bad move) about the blog but she just wouldn’t listen. I was wrong and she was right that’s the end of the story. I found it humorous and towards the end of the convo I managed to calm her down and get things back on track. She still felt that I shouldn’t be reading such material and focus on us more (Aka, the female voice only) I simply nodded and shifted the convo back to something else. 

That conversation made me think about the reaction women have had to Men’s rights groups, MGTOW, Manosphere, Red pillers, etc. Its such a harsh, bitter, and damn near evil as this video shows reaction to another way of viewing life. Its amazing how women do not see the benefit this has for both parties. Yes, I understand I have to always have the balance and concept of the bridge as well as not ruin the show for her but, sometimes its hard to not at least shift the conversation into logical territory. We are men it is just in our nature. Or, better yet some of our nature when we talk about how some men are today in modern times. Like I addressed here, men think in a different way when it comes to love and relationships. We are only playing that game so we can become closer to you. The men that become too invested in the game end up losing in the end. This alternative that was once actually the reality is a better fit for both men and women. The other way of thinking its going to end in a fairy tale is more dangerous than the new way of life that I view the dynamics between men and women.

A man can become so invested in a girl that, if it falls apart he may end up like this man recently in the news.  The red pill way of not only women but life as a whole is a much better option. This video right here also from the 1:35 to 5:30 mark shows how damaging this dynamic of the female lead and the burial of man’s choices can be. Why couldn’t these little boys not fight back and tell these girls that is not right nor equal when we as a society from the feminist point of view always claim equality? No, this is not another bash post on feminist. This is just asking a simple question. It should be common sense not bashing nor ranting. I am not saying men should just beat up women for no reason no. What I am saying is if it is about equality then why the BS like the recent link I just posted continue to not only happen to grown men but also little boys? The female primacy of relationships and love is one based on surface level. It doesn’t get much deeper than that unless the alternative is introduced. Take a look at this video below from the show “Sex and the City”: 

You want to know why she is bored? because no matter how much women try and deny it they enjoy chaos. They enjoy that rush of uncertainty. They claim to want a completion as far as love, romance, and relationship goes, but the fact of the matter is, is that it will drive them crazy if everything was so perfect 24/7. Yes, I understand this is a show but, you can clearly see the truth underneath the Hollywood lights. The man in her life was doing everything perfect to a T. There was no drama or fighting. Everything was just right. Just like they CLAIM to want. It doesn’t show it there, but in the first few minutes before that scene happen she was waking up in cold sweats screaming in the middle of the night as she laid next to the man that did everything right. She did this because she was searching for something to be wrong but couldn’t find anything at all. She would then look for unpaid parking tickets, missed appointments, calls, etc and found nothing. She did this again until she came to the realization that everything was going good in her life. Yet, she still wanted SOMETHING to be wrong. She, like most people are used to bad shit happening that anything going good for a long time seems unormal. Something bad must happen and it needs to happen NOW to make us feel the balance. Its about us playing hot potato with the system and a moment of chaos. We don’t want things to feel perfect yet for too long yet, we don’t want it to be chaos for too long either. The world is a mindfuck when you think about it. She, the women named Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker  later on then started poking him with questions trying to see some type of kinks in the armor so she can feel safe and know that it is not all perfect. Like this blog post and Patrice O’neal talked about here until the :50 mark, and here from 8:22 until the 10:26 shows is that a woman will build up a man and then break him down just to keep some sort of twisted balance going so she doesn’t feel he gains too much power. Despite the fact that is what she wants. Its a fucked up game right? You see, Carrie SAYS she wants a happy relationship, but deep down this is what she wants: 


So bottom line I just find it funny how most women want to claim to want the type of love they see in movies and hear in songs, yet constantly are attracted to the push and pull method. Something that the roots and basics of the alternative are based on. They don’t want to hear the rules of the game but the fact remains that doesn’t make them disappear. A man can not get too comfortable with a women and it sucks but, has to be in order for this to work.  The other options you as a man have is staying in your place and knowing your role. Which will then cause her to lose attraction and end up leaving you for a man that can invade her and understand the game as it should be. Of course, women like Carrie and others exist due to having bad experience with men and also have a lack of knowledge of what a healthy relationship could be, yet, it still also doesn’t change the knowledge of even healthy relationships going south because the woman got bored and didn’t understand her love of chaos. My female “friend” and other women can complain about the recent awareness of MGTOW, MRA, Manosphere, etc all they want, but the fact remains this is what causes arousal. The problem is the TALKING about it. I’ll leave you with a comment from The Rational Male that shows a woman subtly admitting basically that men should stay in the dark and not seek this information. “Be a good boy and do as your told. Santa Clause is real. Don’t listen to that other kid. Your female friend will like you in the end anyway. Let him have her now. You are going to be her SAVOIR in the end”: 


I was reading a thread on TRP reddit about this guy who’d bought my book and his wife or GF had discovered it. He wasn’t too concerned about it, but she started reading it and the rest of the thread was about their discussions of what I go into about the nature of women and inter-gender relations.

It was very entertaining because, while she became defensive about a lot of the less flattering mechanics women use in their sexual strategies, she couldn’t deny them or the truth they represented. She basically agreed with every element I go into in the book, but she hated that she DID agree with me.

At one point in their conversation she says, “You men shouldn’t know this stuff!”

I think this dynamic is the primary frustration most women have when they read my work. They almost never refute what I write, but they offer up some personal anecdote as to why what I explain is accurate, but doesn’t apply to them specifically. Or else it’s agreement…but men do it too, in a different way. Usually it’s an agreement paired with a deflection or misdirection.

The problem is (as I wrote in The Threat) that “Men shouldn’t know this stuff!” because it dispels the magic, it defeats the strategy – assuming a man accepts it. It hits too close to home for women like Aunt Sue to have her own machinations explained back to her, especially now when she has too much invested in the security and provisionings side of her hypergamy and cannot afford to have those machination explained overtly to her, or women like her, beta husband.

Her efforts are to build better betas, but still keep those betas unaware of the ends of women’s sexual strategy. Aunt Sue’s sexual and relationship past are a textbook example of everything I wrote about in the Preventative Medicine series – and she knows this – and my exposing it to men preemptively (hopefully) is a threat to her ego as well as to the secrets she’d rather “men shouldn’t know.” –Rollo Tomassi 

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