Coming to terms with reality is painful. Its not a physical pain to some, but more so a empty feeling. The rules in which you were raised on to believe as fact have been nothing more than a lie. You can’t even blame the people in your life that placed the rules on you either, because they were just following the same script. Their results were just much better due to a lack of awareness. They were just playing follow the leader just as we all were. The prize they had was only succeeded to to everyone being aloof and not trying to dig any deeper down that rabbit hole. Just play along and hope for the best.

Now, some people are starting to become awake of how much of a game the world really is and are not happy about it. Its not even on the level of conspiracy theory. With the use of the internet, so much knowledge is being shared at a very rapid pace that is hard not to make the connections and see what is truly going on. The pain of this information makes you start to think what exactly is the point? Make as well check out by my own accord then when the world and the system decides its my time. Yes, the pain of knowing you really are just sacrifice for other people’s chaos is a tough pill to swallow. If you beg to differ, just look around you. Think about that house or apartment you are staying at.

When was the last time you thought about the men that helped built that home for you? When was the last time you stayed to watch the credits of a movie just because you wanted to see the people’s names,  and not because there was a hidden scene to watch? Same with your PC or laptop. Are you thinking about the team that helped designed that? If we are being honest the answer is no. My point is there are disposables everyday when it comes to people. The pain of knowing if I am not a star on TV whether it be for some positive or negative that I will not be remembered once my family, friends, etc are gone as well is very scary and nerve wrecking. Yes, the pain of this knowledge is tragic, but nothing can be more worse than believing there is a magic pill to end all this. Ignorance is bliss but it wont make you completely blind. 


“HOUDINI USES THE BATHROOM TOO”    There is no magic pill. No matter how hard we try to find ways to claim there is, it is simply pointless and a waste of time. I used to wish there was a real Genie that could grant me three wishes and make all of my problems go away. I would always day dream about the different things I would buy and do instead of actually getting off my ass and actually working towards achieving them as I should have. I wasted and still do waste so much time about shit instead of actually getting off my ass and doing it. At work, people ask me how I am able to work so hard and remain at a 90% and higher level? What is it? What is my secret? My answer is always polite and simple, but deep down I just want to say its because that is what you are suppose to fucking do. Not because to kiss ass and pray the bosses look your way either, no, its because at work that is what you have to do. I earned my respect at the place I worked at now. I used to get criticized and make fun of on camera due to my large breakfast choices, but now fast forward after receiving a position, they see just how hard I work and depend on me more than anyone else outside of the office. It wasn’t by luck or some God given gift. I got their respect and more because I busted my ass and did what was needed to be done and still do. No, I am not happy to be there and am working hard on looking for a alternative, but while I am there I am going to do my job and continue to remain at 90% and higher. Not because the bosses are used to it and expect it, but simply because in life that is what it is all about. 

No one is going to hand you some keys to a brand new car simply because you need one and think you are the center of the world. No. You want that new car? Then get the fuck up and go GET that new car. I want a new job? You think its going to land in my lap? No. I will have to bust my ass and look for something that makes me happy. I want this blog to be even better and more successful than it is. Who is going to have to put in the hard work and continue to think of new ideas and concept for posts? Me, that’s who the fuck who. My father wanted to take his penis and give my future mother a trip to Space mountain without using a car. How was he going to do that? With his own hard (pun intended) work and dedication to waxing that ass (Bad visual). Bottom line is there is no magic pill, or better yet “Secret” to success. You want to really know what the secret is? Well, I’ll let Dave Chappelle make ANOTHER appearance on my blog to fill you in on the surprise at the end of the book and movie: 

A damn book isn’t going to do anything but tell you the same exact thing I am speaking about here. You want something you go for it. Its just that simple. Like I talked about earlier, my father wanted my mother so he went out and got her. The same hard work principle applies everywhere. Especially when it comes down to women. But, here is where it gets darker. You see, in the first clip of this post I got inspired from the 2003 movie Terminator 3 “Rise of the Machines”. John Connor had done everything he could to stop the machine takeover. Everything. But no matter what, the end result was him alone with his long lost friend from grade school inside that bomb shelter as the world exploded. Like the scene said it was never about stopping judgement day. Just simply survive it together. That scene also made me reflect on two things in life that drive me the most no matter how hard I try to deny it.  

Learning game is not just about women. Its about something much deeper that helps you as a man develop the lost version of you that has been buried by society’s standards and rules in order to fit a better model for the primary female end game of marriage, babies, support, shelter, resources, etc. Yes, men want to have babies as well, but the game is so rigid it makes you question that decision. Do I want babies, or is it something that is programmed in me? As you look deeper, you start to realize that everything you do is simply a move set that must be completed constantly until it is internal. But even then it makes you question yourself still. Or better yet it makes me question myself still from the standpoint of “So what?”. I learn and understand the game but, it still doesn’t change anything in the end. When I look pass women and get much deeper in to ambitions, goals, legacy, etc I am starting to see it really has no solution whatsoever. If I play the game I am in it for life. If I don’t, failure seems to be the only option.


“WOMEN AND DEATH”    Learning a set of skills is great but, in the end is really doesn’t change much. Its hard to explain what I am trying to say, but the video above when you first read this post explains it the best despite the context being completely different. Basically, what I am saying is I have nothing good behind either door 1 or 2. Either side is a tragic end. Getting married will require me to continue to play the game no matter how much I want to rest. My cousin seems to be a tired man that is begging for a rest but, like Patrice O’neal said in this clip it NEVER stops. I can either follow down his same path or, just pick the path of chasing ass all my life with nothing to show for it but a notch count that really only matters to youthful limitations. What is the end game? They say find a passion and focus on that. True, finding a passion and focusing on that is great. It gives me a chance to be more happy and feel like I am actually doing something that is worth getting out of the bed for everyday. It gives me a drive and purpose for my energy instead of wasting it on porn, TV, and “free” movies from the movie theaters that even still feel like a waste of money. But, like I addressed in my first post/blueprint towards the end, it really doesn’t change anything either.

I am still going to meet death in the end. Two of man’s most sought after possessions in life are also his same path towards the death bed. Everyone dies by his own idea to quote another one of my favorite blogs Returnofkings. I can place everything I have into this project and others but, in the end it wont change anything. I am simply just playing defense against a offensive with 12 Michael Jordan’s and a unlimited shot clock. I can score as many points as I want. The other team will still score and only be down won. And we all know who will win the game in the end. Its a game meant to only be enjoyed as one until its over. I understand and have written about that as the latest link shows. Tho, it still doesn’t pop in my head sometimes about the big picture. Learning game and how to understand women and life on a more pragmatic level is bittersweet. I am more well prepared but, the journey is still the same. The man still in his blue pill world will suffer the same faith as me. I will only have the difference of being able to shift the female robot in a different direction for a limited amount of time. The minute I chose not to, my head and balls will be sliced off in a heartbeat.

The blogs I have been reading feature great men with incredible thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc to help the modern day man out from falling harder than he normally would and will. They have been in the game for quite some time and are unplugging men from the bill pill world more and more each day. The great thing about it tho, is that they are not selling a easy plan to all this. The first rule of fight is, you don’t talk about fight club. Once you do that it then becomes a system and loses its core purpose of only a few select are suppose to have this knowledge. Its much deeper than that movie as well like I pointed out here. Underground scene or alternative culture thrives on that. Anything that becomes mainstream becomes dead and gone to them. Its a constant invisible movement that eats itself always looking for a moment of chaos . The blogs and words of men that I have read are not trying to force anything on me or the rest of the men. They are simply giving us a map. To quote from Therationalmale: 

The truth will set you free, but it doesn’t make truth hurt any less, nor does it make truth any prettier, and it certainly doesn’t absolve you of the responsibilities that truth requires. One of the biggest obstacles guys face in unplugging is accepting the hard truths that Game forces upon them. Among these is bearing the burden of realizing what you’ve been conditioned to believe for so long were comfortable ideals and loving expectations are really liabilities. Call them lies if you want, but there’s a certain hopeless nihilism that accompanies categorizing what really amounts to a system that you are now cut away from. It is not that you’re hopeless, it’s that you lack the insight at this point to see that you can create hope in a new system – one in which you have more direct control over.

There are no “Dark Arts”, this is simply one last desperate effort of the feminine imperative to drag you back into the Matrix. There is only Game and the degree to which you accept it and are comfortable in using it in the context that YOU define. If that context is under the auspices of a mutually beneficial, mutually loving, mutually respecting LTR monogamy of YOUR choosing, know that it’s the fundaments of Game that are at the root of its success or failure. If that context is in terms of spinning multiple plates, liberating the affections of women from other men, and enjoying a love life based on your personal satisfactions, also understand that it livesand dies based on your understanding the fundaments of Game. 


They are simply giving us a GPS. What we chose to do with it is our choice. Yet, it will no change anything really. Just keep more doors boarded up until the storm comes and destroys it anyway. Its way a moment of peace  is always something to look forward. What that is I don’t know, but I do know it is not something that someone can tell and show me. Its something I have to find on my own. John Connor was always meant to be there in that spot in charge of the world. No amount of weapons, planning, and help from the former governor of California could stop that. All it did was delay the inevitable. I used a cartoon image of the events from 9/11 in the intro picture of the post. I apologize if this offends anyone. I am just making a point on how there is no way to prevent time from stopping. The people in that building just had to accept the faith and understand there was nothing they can do but hope, hope the ending will not be as bad as the movies, books, songs, TV, etc made it out to be. Its a game I am suppose to enjoy and not think about logically right? I wonder how those people trapped inside the Twin Towers would feel if they heard that? How can we have fun when destruction is coming full speed ahead? Sure, avoid it by not being there of course but, how long can you avoid something in which you can not conquer or kill?



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