I remember being younger and having a moment as I watched the popular kids show at the time called “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. It was a weird moment that at that time made me feel like I wasn’t normal. I felt bad actually and never told anyone about this feeling because I thought I would be seen as crazy and odd. I wanted to fit in and at the same time blend in. Even as a kid I understood or, better yet was afraid to rock the boat and thought playing it safe was better. I kept this thought inside because it made me feel like I was evil. It made me feel like something was wrong in my head and that I wasn’t a healthy kid. I thought this thought made me Satan or something even worse. I mean, I tried to erase the thought from my head but every time the feeling would pop up as I watched the same thing over and over again from the show. The feeling of anger mixed with boredom would wash over me as I seen the Power Rangers win again and again. I seen how happy my friends and cousins would be when this happen and just ignored my honest thoughts as cheer along with them. But deep down in the dark I hoped and prayed they would lose one day. I just wanted to see it happen. I wanted to see the Power Rangers fall down and be defeated. I wanted to see them hit the ground and fall victim to the bad guys. I had nothing against them but, I just wanted some chaos to happen for once. Even when they were in danger I just knew everything would be alright in the end. The music never fooled me. You know, the “Oh my god will they make it” type of music. I just knew in the end they would be fine. I was a kid so I would get over it and move on to something else. I would get that mad just, tired. Tired of them always winning. The stories were still good to keep my attention but, sooner or later I just wanted to seem the fall and not be ashamed to cheer in happiness over it. Lookinh back now I finally understood what the feeling I had was. I, simply loved to root for the Villains. The good guys were too easy to cheer for because they did everything right and made it seem like the world would always be safe from bad guys as long as there is good people around. I may have been a kid but I knew something wasn’t right with that. The bad guys weren’t monsters. They were just simply ahead of the curve. 

The villians are just better to root for. I just love rooting for the guy that is going against the monster that is PC. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for the good guys to win. I do. It gives up hope and makes us feel good that there is chance  for everyone to be safe and not afraid as long as there is people there to help us. I understand it. But, at the same time it goes deeper than that to the point that the world is trying to cover up shit and trash with a blanket of hope and love. Bullshit. Bad shit happens everyday whether we wont to admit it or not. We can try and hide from the disgusting and disturbing parts of the world but, the fact remains it is still there when we wake up the next day. The bad guys represent something that we hate yet at the same time love. Sure, we turn away from the bad things yet, that doesn’t mean we stayed turned away. I am sure when you see a fight happens you stay right there and see how it will play out. I am sure you have watched outside as the cops swarm a house late at night after a incident occurred so you can see what happens next. I am sure deep down you wish you can walk up to your boss and slap the dog shut out of him as you walk out with your last check feeling like King Kong. The bad guy represents all of that. We know Batman will win in the end. The journey of how it gets there tho is the real treat. We want to see him struggle and go through the pain the bad guys dishes out. It makes it more real. We don’t want to go to a movie and watch the good guy outsmart the villains every minute of the 2 hours. It would be a waste. We need somebody to root against yet deep down love to watch. He or she doesn’t play by the rules. He makes his own way and secretly we hate and love him for it. He is down dragged down by the rules and good citizen model. When it wants something he simply takes it it. He doesn’t wait until someone says he is allow to get it like a good pet. He chose his own life and if you don’t like it that is too damn bad. Unapologetic and ruthless in his ambition. Nothing will stand in his way no matter what. How can we not root for that?  

Its wrong but it happens. I understand that in order for this world to continue to grow we can’t embrace just bad. I understand we have to have something to root for in order to get up in the morning. We have to have a society in which good is the main objective or else it would be pure anarchy. The world can not be shown a true nature of reality or else it would cause the suicide rate to increase. What would be the point if there was no idea and concept of God and cult of religion? There has to be something that is protecting and rewarding us in the end for all of our hard work and obedience. There has to be rules and standards to be meet. There just has to be so the world that remains following the beaten path will be showered in gold and love for the rest of there life. But the simple  truth is there is alternative. If you stay in one spot and hope for some magic to be dropped on you then you are taking a risk life wise that is on the same level as Russian roulette. There are people out there that throw out the rule book and do things there way. Hell, how do you think this world was made? Dinosaurs used to roam this earth. They are not here now. What was there point and reason in this life? Was God bored and simply messing around for the fun of it? What was there purpose for being here? What I am saying is we was never suppose to be at the top of the chain. We MADE ourselves that. A person or group came together and organized a system that started the groundwork for what we have now. The villains chose their own path and marched to the beat of the own drum. When you think about it how can you not root for them? Clearly, I am talking about this from the entertainment perspective, but the villains in the movies are just representations of the hidden aspects of the dark nature of the world around us. No, I am not rooting for child molesters, rapist, murders, etc. What I am saying is these are the things that capture our attention the most. From Nancy Grace to your local news what really is going to make you sit down for 15 minutes without moving? A special needs child winning a marathon around his town, or a man or woman that murders theirs spouse over cheating? Be honest. The dark aspects of the world capture our attention and hold it longer than something positive. Its not wrong just is. 


The villains are not perfect. They say stuff that will make you cringe and anger. They say things that simply not only cause a feeling, but a thought that is different than the norm. They make us feel something that the other side simply can’t do. Not only men but women as well love the villains. They are not just in movies but everywhere around us. I said their are elements of bad around us but there is also bad people too that get the attention. I am sure you have that one guy at work you love to watch as he talks back to the boss and doesn’t give tow fucks about the results. Yeah, he can get fired and lose his job, but that doesn’t matter to him. His pride and character is worth more than money can ever offer him. He will gladly get fired and walk out on his feet than to stay and live on his knees. The women love these men despite the fact that they refuse to admit it. They want to get invaded and not have a man play the same game over and over again. A solution is never their end game. We need have a need to make sense. They, clearly just love it for the sport of it.  That chaos element is fun because it shows what they seek. Men seek it as well which is why porn, side chicks, and prostitution exist. But women will go to greater lengths to achieve that chaos. The chaos is the villain. The villain will not play by her rules and do whatever it takes to make her happy. If he did, he would have the same faith that Superman dealt with right here.  The villain man or woman makes it fun. They don’t do the same things the good guy and girl do. They bring the dangerous element to their counterparts due to opposites being attracted to each other. Marriage suffers from contrived and organized scheduled actions.  Its why cheating is understandable to me. When younger I didn’t understand it but now I do. I would be mad if I found out my mother or father cheated on one another. But growing up, I would see why it happen and understood it. It is wrong morally wise but, it is what it is. We get bored and need a fire under are ass to make us feel alive and happy again. The bad men in the world make us question are perfectly blue pill reality and cause us to want to run away to something more deeper and real. We don’t want happiness all the time as much as we seem like we do. Imagine if everything was perfect all the time? From movies, music, drugs, books, people, etc. It would be a robotic world. 


The good guys are too colorful. They are needed in the world but, overall they represent too many colors. Too many colors that are not even there. The world is a dark place. I say that not from a depressed state but a reality state of mind. Its bleak and unpredictable. The good guys try to make it seems like it is predictable and controlled. They try to make it seem like everything will be alright and nothing wrong will happen as long as you just believe. Believe and find the secret and everything will be just fine. I am all about positive thinking but I am not a fan of surface level only thinking. The good guys or, better yet the concept of Political Correctness is ruining things. People left and right are being controlled to say the right things instead of what they really feel like saying. Its why the concept of the Rockstar in modern music is dead. There is too much money to lose from their account on commercials, movies, products,etc if they say the wrong thing. Sure, you have some slip ups every now and then but overall everybody is on their best behavior. From the entertainment industry to your workplace. I am sure what you really want to say gets held in until you get home. Shit, even then you may have to watch your mouth as a man if you have a wife that demands you to be on your best behavior as well. For the women, your man may want a certain idea of his woman more than you just being you bring to the table at that time, when in reality you just want to be human and say fuck it. The villain appreciation is in all of us. They destroy the building and make us feel a alternative. They let us know that everything isn’t all roses and sunshine. They, are the inspiration to get out of bed in morning so one day we can have that honor to be able to say “fuck it”.  If they were no longer around and everybody just did the same thing, follow the same rules, wore the same clothes, and read from the same script then, well, who would we point our fingers at?  We need people like them. 





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