Robin Korth posted this blog about a man that basically turned her down because he was used to fucking young, fresh, tight, and hot pieces of ass. He, being the nice motherfucker that he is, tried to help her out and give her some suggestions on how to make his dick actually move unlike Christopher Reeves. Or, shit, at least enough to slide his fingers in her draws despite the fact that when he does and pulls them back out, more than likely this would happen to him . She, for some reason got offended because heaven forbid that a man’s sexual appetite is different than what the fuck is seen in the movies and books. She then dismisses him and tells him to go on his way. Later, she looked in the mirror and started to feel good bout herself and blah blah fucking blah. 

The simple fact of the matter is this, men loved young and fresh women. Its just what it is. We as men can’t deny that fact. Ugly women do nothing for our dicks. Or shit, women who won’t at least TRY to make us aroused do nothing for our dicks. This lost golden girl should of been thankful that she still had a man around that wanted to play “hide the children” inside of her boarded up fish market, that more than likely had more comb webs around it than Casey Anthony’s babysitter’s phonebook. We can’t help what we like just like women can’t either. How the fuck would we sound like if we as men DEMANDED that a women look at us for who we are then what we could produce for them? Those dimwitted brain dead feminist would be all over that guy in a heartbeat point blank. The fuckery with females is fucking comical sometimes. They want us to accept them for who they are when their pussy powers are old and damn near vanished like Lady Gaga’s fans fucks. What about us? We couldn’t be accepted for who were are at ANY TIME. If she was in her 20’s, I am sure Dave the man from the blog she bashed about would of been ignored as she jumped her ass on the next aloof bad boy cock. Dave’s nice guy ways would of been seen as creepy and weird as she would of looked passed him.

But now that the tables are turned a man is suppose to accept her badly-needs-a-iron body and blue vein lines that look like concession stands during halftime at a Duke’s game?  Fuck that. She had no right to bash this dude because he wanted some more sexy and fun. He was trying to help her ass out and ended up getting blasted in a blog over it. Can you imagine the outcome had this been a man that did this shit? “Oh, this bitch wanted me to have a bigger dick and better body. Fuck her. Stupid cunt” He would of been called a “pussy”, “creep”. “loser”, “weirdo”, etc all over the internet. But since she is a woman she can get away with this fuckery. Equality my ass. There is no damn equality when it comes to this gender shit. She should of had appreciation for this man trying to be intimate with her. Without us, there is no reality that they are accustomed to. It would just be them in front of a green screen not knowing what the fuck to do. It is what it is. They say the world would be more peaceful without us dumb, pig headed, “Uh, where wife I can’t do this on me own” men around. Oh? Well, I’ll let this female comedian answer that one: 

No, it wouldn’t be more peaceful. If anything the shit would be worse than it is now. That pretty girl would just be another regular woman 

without the attention from men. Am I saying that women would be completely lost if all men vanished? No, but it would be  A LOT more difficult without us around. Every part of the romantic Disney esque lifestyle doesn’t work without the man filling out the green screen and adding the imagines behind her. And not even with just relationships but every element of a women’s lifestyle just like the above video details. Men and women are suppose to HELP each other out. Keyword being HELPED. A man is not owed sex just like a women is not owed a man’s attention and resources. It sounds like this women wanted a man to love her for her without her having to do any work to make him turned on to her. That , is simply bullshit. He did nothing wrong in my opinion. If anything he wasted his time and hers if he wasn’t even attracted to her to begin with. I am glad she loves her and her body. Nothing is wrong with some self esteem. But the fact that she blasted this man for having a dick and sexual desires is really backwards bullshit. Its like she is saying if its not the female way it is the wrong way. Yes, men’s nature has lead to some horrible moments that has involved kids and even their own family, but not every fucking man is trying to play “Hide and go find it” with a young girl wearing a damn Dora the Explorer t-shirt on. We treat women as objects of desire. Its just what it is. Women are objects that we as men want to obtain and fuck. These objects are more than likely 19-26 year old women. As you move up the women are still wanted but not as much as the younger girls are. Women know this as well and that pisses me too. No?  Then why do some older “Cougars” still try to dress pass their age? They know as well they are competing with a younger crowd and have to keep up in order to lock down a man. Costumes and toys aren’t just purchased by 20 something year olds 

Robin Korth is out of her rabbit ass mind and needs a simple reality check. This is not a bash on women, but more so a wake up call to some women that think just because the ideology you believe in about men and sex is the main focus in society, doesn’t mean that EVERYBODY is suppose to follow suit. Its not the complete truth. Yes, there are men with less attractive women on their arm but that is because he lack options and most of all lacks game. I am sure if he could have his choice sexual wise of the women he wants, his wife would be nowhere in the top 10. Relationship wise yes but, if we are just basing this on sex, no. There is a section for granny porn but I am sure it isn’t as popular as “Barley Legal” or “Teen” categories. Its a harsh truth just like the fact if me as a man had a cock small enough to be confused for a clit, or the career of the broad that made “Call me, maybe” , no woman is going to give me the time of day. Or, if my money isn’t up to par as well as my game, hygiene, etc, no woman is going to give two shits and treat me like a diseased human from the “World War Z” movie while they play the zombie role. Its just what it is. Ugly women, and women that won’t do what it takes to please their man has something wrong with them. You are not entitled to have dick just because you have a pussy, and I am not entilted to have pussy because I have a dick. It’s just nature not a promise. A idea. A concept that we take as fact like gravity or Britney spears real singing voice. How hard is it to please your man if he is giving you what you need? Its a trading system. Love is just a word we as men and women help keep afloat. That shit isn’t fucking trees, dirt, grass, sky, etc. Its not apart of nature. Break it down Dave Chappelle: 


Robin Korth, I am glad you are comfortable in your skin. I hope your confidence continues to grow. But understand this Jamie Lee Curtis stunt double from Halloween H20, men are visual creatures . Its just how the game is. You, are more emotion based. It balances us out. The marriage meme about a wife withholding sex from her man until his masturbation hand starts to resemble Jodi Arias’s 27 stab-a-thon is not suppose to be a damn joke. When a woman does that, a man has every right to deny her a relationship. You can call it pig headed and scream misogynist all you want but the fact remains is that a marriage is a contract. As a woman, if you are causing issues with a business deal he has every right to move on and find a better place to invest his time in. But, its simply not like that. A man will just have to shut up and take what is given to him. When he does that, ironically, his woman will lose attraction for him for listening to what she said instead of just “Being a man” and taking it. Yeah, call it crazy and deny it but lets not act as if that is not the real case. Its one big mindfuck that still pisses me off at times despite the fact I know its just a show  and understands how the concept of the bridge plays a role in every relationship.

Robin Korth and many women around just don’t get that our true natures for both men and women is dark and ugly. Girlfriends hate porn not because it causes a lack of sex and attention on her but also because it exposes the fact that women who perform those acts are out there. Not even just porn stars but regular everyday women as well. If you can enter a women’s mind and make her feel comfortable and sexy with herself, you will be amazed at what she will do to please you. Porn, side chicks, prostitution, etc are bringing a man’s awareness to full view. What you wont do honey, another woman will. On the flip it also shows that women are just as nasty and dirty as men can be. Its all in the same. No, I am not telling Robin Korth to start forcing herself to act like a slut or any other fucking woman out there as well. What I am saying is wake up and stop thinking everything is suppose to be damn rainbows and sunshine when it comes to love. Its only that if BOTH men and women are painting the picture. We need each other for that. Taking our desires as men away and only focusing on yours as if it is the correct way is horseshit. I have seen my mother and father have sex unfortunately. I have never been able to listen to a headboard slap against the wall properly ever again. Point is tho, my father was, well, he was the sped up version of Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” cover. Meaning, he catches the girl and performs his album’s title name from behind. She was, well, she was making noises that would cause me to almost hack any time she would strain while picking up something heavy. Too many memories of that dark headboard assault night would pop in my head and cause a mini party inside there. Anyway, my father seemed, happy that he was able to, you know. Yeah. He was being a man and handling his work. Within that 10 seconds that seemed like a hour as I now look back on it showed me that a man likes to be a man. No, a man is not defined by sex and neither is woman but c’mon the fuck on now. We fuck its just what it is. Yeah, roles can be switched up and your girl can be on top and dominate you and all, but overall its only hot because its different. After a while she is going to want to feel your masculine presence and be treated like Anastasia “Ana” Steele


Robin Korth, next time just throw on the stockings and have some damn fun. What the fuck is wrong with a little dress up in exchange for a man’s time. You will get some dick in the end and be able to be Blanche Devereaux for a change instead of having the brains of rose, dry sheets of Dorothy Zbornak, and memories of a time gone like Sophia Pertrillo when you were still able to get sex and black men were still only seen as niggers as dogs chase them around as if the animal names were George, Donald, Tim, and Stacy last name Koon. Oh the irony.  




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