cThis is one of my favorite songs from rapper/singer/comedian/writer/actor Childish Gambino. Its from one of my favorite albums from 2013, and may end up being one of my favorites albums of all time entitled “Because The Internet” . If you ever get a chance you should really check it the great piece of music that was made. Its one of the first rap albums I am aware of to have a screenplay that follow along with the album. Here is the link to the screenplay, and also the lyrics with definitions if you want to follow along with it. A lot of work for a album I know but, its really worth it when you consider the lack of effort you receive from musicians nowadays. Most if not all are just looking for a quick cash out. Not to disrespect their “craft” but I am sure you as well can see how certain singles are catered to more than the actual album itself. With that said, this song and project as a whole sticks to a concept all the way through about a boy that is dealing with life from a rich perspective, and also seeing just how meaningless it is. Its not until he almost gets shot that he realizes how much time is being wasted. Here is a prelude video to the album that gives more visual into how “the boy” deals with himself and everybody around him. Again, its a lot of work for just a album on the surface level but, its much more abstract and detailed than just a album with a couple of songs to nod your head to and forget 2 days later. The album, screenplay, video, etc deals with how he is coming to terms with developing a philosophy of life, and how money isn’t as important to him. Granted people from that side have a taste of money and know what to expect. Meaning, if they were back on the other side I am sure their opinion on it would be much different. But like I posted here, even the most rich want to escape back to that reality of struggle. Just not live there again. Almost like a inverse game of hot potato. This album to me can be linked back to my blueprint as I feel like I was coming around to this same type of thinking around last year. I have heard interviews featuring Gambino talk about similar things I was feeling and also jotting down on paper. Its a good ego boost I guess to know your not as crazy as it seems if others are also thinking the same way. Here is some of the material that he wrote before the album dropped that caused some stir on the internet with people thinking he may be depressed or suicidal. He said he was far from it and that it was just a honest expression of how he felt.  He also added that other people feel the same way too and just won’t express it as he does. But as I said its a great body of work from a man I once was ready to dislike due to be a comdien trying to rap. But now, I am one of his biggest fans and can’t wait for more product from him in the near future. 


Back to the song itself  titled “Flight of the Navigator” and, listening to it today I found myself really thinking about the lyrics more and how it connected to my blog, philosophy of no philosophy, and just overall mind set when it comes to the male and female dynamic. These lyrics right here really popped out today as I was listening on my way away from work: 


We are all

Cold water
Why try at all?
Why bother?

Just hold me close my darling

Who would have dreamed this?
You couldn’t mean this
It would be some type of meanness to where you are
Cause I don’t know where to go
And no one else seems to know 


These lyrics made me think  about the times when female “friends” would want me to stay and be with them late in the night, despite the fact I had to work the late night shift. Sure, you can say its because they were clingy, lonely, horny, and because I was a sexy chocolate love machine, but listening to this and thinking about it more it made me wanted to keep digging down that rabbit hole a bit further. When I listen to this song and now also watch this fan made video that just goes perfect with this post, it made me think about why bother trying? In the sense that, yes as a man its in my nature to constantly continue to hunt, build, complete, and repeat, but when I look into the why I am doing it from a human standpoint it always comes back to Her. Yes, I would love to leave a mark on this world to show I was here before I leave but, I really wont be able to enjoy that from the grave. I believe that longevity is what earns respect from peers. Eminem was once seen as a joke to the Hip Hop community that no one too serious. Fast forward now and his skills and longevity speak for themselves. Same thing with Jay Z. These men were once not liked but now you can’t find a lot of people to speak ill of them except the “fans” and “critics” online. But as I was saying it really always comes back to HER. Its like a dammed if you do dammed if you don’t situation. If I spend too much time on her there is a good chance she will get bored and find someone else to blow up the building. But if I continue on wards towards achieving some goals it really is just going to circle back to HER. From money, clothes, status, power, etc. Am I really doing it for me or HER approval. When you break it down to a more base animal like level, sex and reproduction is all their really is. If it was not for someone coming up with a idea  to advance the world we as humans would of been gone and wiped out. 


Funny the day you born that’s really your death sentence 


Its a struggle that I deal with at times to be honest. Where do I as a person fit in to this equation. I have said before that all of us are sacrifice for other people’s chaos tho, at times I do wonder if that is as true as I say it is. So when it comes to women and this song it made me think why they would act that way on a more boarder level. I feel its due to them being the object and saying “Look, you have everything you need right here. Why are you continuing to look?”. Now,  I am not trying to place women as mere objects but the truth is the truth. They are objects of desire. Not a table or chair but desire. To quote Dave Chappelle from the 0:35-1:44 mark: 



And while they are right to some degree they also don’t see it from our point of view. Women get bored easily not because they are used to the treatment they receive from men and want a invasion from the norm, but also because they have all the power. Its like, if there is a God he has to be the most bored person on this planet. He can do everything he wants. It would make sense why he would cause a flood or watch a couple people die some days and not do much. He has all the power in the world and beyond. I would understand if I do get to heaven and see him stir up some chaos just to spice up his day. Women are the same. They have all the power to a certain extent so they can’t really understand what its like for a man to continue to hunt. Granted, not every women is lucky to be blessed with looks and money but, that still doesn’t negate the fact that special treatment is handed down to them. So I get why my female friends would want me to stay around more because they have no other basis to go off of but their own. They know you want them sexually and desire them. They feel as if why look for something that is already here. This song’s context is different than what I am talking about but that’s never stopped me before. I view it as a connection into the female psyche a bit as to why a woman would love a man so hard then just the technical terms you can find on a science website. It adds layers to why they hate cheating then the usual reasons we are accustomed. Like if you ever watched a Tyler Perry movie and seen his fetish for making the man the enemy.  



Being too complacent and comfortable is something that is not attractive yet, women desire that the most when it comes to the man they want. Marriage started out as a arrangement, and I feel what they as women desire is something that has been fed to them and men as well through Disney movies, novels, songs, etc as what is fact. We love the chase but we hate to catch it. Once the movie is figured out we are ready for the next one or at least a good sequel. Its just how we has humans are. Again, its dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t. This is a great song and I understand I am boxing with the clouds as far as reaching is concerned, but this song and many others I have enjoyed have inspired me to think pass just bobbing my head while standing still (Gangsters don’t dance) and explore more ground than what is on the surface. Childish Gambino in the songs sounds like a man that has looked around for some type of meaning and found none expect with his girl next to him in his arms. That is something all men seek but to those aware of the game we know that can never last forever. Man and women’s nature is much different than what “The Notebook” movie tries to paint as reality. Yet, if that is a sample of the moment of peace  that I am looking for then, its not so bad. Its just a shame it can’t be reality. Sure, you can say I can make it a reality but only for a limited amount of time if we are being honest. The game and truth will never be shackled to time. No matter how many times we try and lock it up. Thank you again for your time. I hope you enjoy the song and album. Its a great piece of art to add to the collection. More distractions to come in the near future. 





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