“Transcendence” is a 2013 movie starring Johnny Deep who plays a scientist named Dr. Will Caster. He is a man that is trying to evolve computers pass human limitations to reach for something greater than what was only once dreamed about in Sc-fi movies. He wanted to make a super intelligence computer that would transcend pass nature and eventually help the earth as a whole in unimaginable ways. From rebuilding forests, growing plants, decreasing pollution, helping any river become usable, etc. All of this was inspired by his  wife played by Rebecca Hall named Evelyn. She wanted to change the world and with this technology was well on her way in doing so. That is, until RIFT (Revolutionary Independence From Technology) a group that was against this revolution infiltrated Dr. Will’s lab and shoot him with a bullet filled with a radioactive poison that was un-treatable. The doctor said he would be dead within a month. All of his hard work and research was to be buried along with him. Until his wife came up with a idea to upload his human consciousness into a high level computer before he dies with the help of Will’s best friend/researcher named Max Waters played by actor Paul Bettany. The idea eventually becomes reality and works just as Evelyn and Max were seconds away from calling it quits. As  Dr. Caster begins to speak to his wife inside of a computer, his friend Max fears this is not him and worries they should do some more studies before proceeding any further. She of course becomes upset not wanting to see any logic passed feelings, which makes sense because of the connection (No pun) her and her husband have. Fast forward Max gets kidnap by RIFT while Dr.Caster and Evenlyn move forward to push his intelligence to even greater levels in a abandoned town out of reach from distractions called Brightwood. 


Apologies for the Netflix like summery of the movie. I just want to give it some background to help explain my post even better today. As the movie progresses, Evenlyn and Dr, Caster’s development has reached God like levels as they are now able to cure the disabled and injured with the help of AI. In one of the scenes he was able to make a blind man see for the first time in his entire life. FBI agent Donald Buchanan played by actor Cillian Murphy, and government scientist Joseph Tagger played by actor Morgan Freeman are left in complete shock as they watch due to a visit they had to take after a experiment was uploaded by Dr. Caster on the internet of helping a man walk again. Before Joseph leaves he hands Evenlyn a piece of paper that warns her to run away from that place stating that it is dangerous to be here. As him and FBI agent go to leave to board the helicopter away from Brightwood, Donald states that they have to warn Washington DC about what is going on in Brightwood. During this time of watching the movie I started to think (Shocking I know) about their reaction and also Evenlyn’s from a certain scene. In the scene, the man that had got assaulted by two men who were robbing him to get a few bucks was healed by Dr. Caster from the lab. After he was patched up he was able to lift extremely heavy equipment and feel more than 100% better. As Evenlyn was watching the man he approaches her and states that it is Dr.Caster inside of his consciousness. The man is still able to be himself but, now he was on the same connection as Dr. Caster. Kind of like Professor Xavier‘s powers from X-Men . 


As that scene faded away I sat there to myself and wondered “Isn’t this what you hope was real?”. Not so much about the movie but more so about us as humans. As I said before I am not a religious man  and may never be one. But when I watch this scene it inspired thoughts about how people love to leave everything up to God. “Its all apart of God’s plan”, “Thank God that worked”, “Oh God please help my son”, etc. There is the argument about Free Will and a good majority of people I am sure believe it despite the fact there is no concrete study to determine that as fact. Yet, 74% of US adults say they do believe in God and he is the founder of the concept of Free Will so again I ask isn’t this what you wanted? I didn’t know the background of the scientists in the movie so its hard to figure out if they was religious yet, the context connects pass just entertainment with this particular picture. All the movie “Transcendence” was doing was showing the reality of what we all seek and hope there is. Even me to a degree mainly because of conditioning and honest ignorance. I tell people I don’t believe there is a God and that it is more connected to nature instead of a person, yet I still do think there is something we are missing that brought us to this point. It goes back to the age old question what came first. “The Chicken or the egg?”.  As I started to watch it more and seen the fear people had against the AI version of Dr.Caster I seen the connections it had with Game and Pick Up Artists. Like I have said before women want to enjoy the show but not be told that it is a show going on. When you break those rules it leaves them and also men with a feeling that its really nothing here guiding us except us. I am sure its not as deep as I see it or others but, deep down they feel as if it may just only about sex, reproduction, and arrangement even of they are not aware of it. Porn and prostitution get negative treatment because it  comes way too close to the reality of what this man and women game really is about. The movies, books, and songs are only adding beer goggles to a ugly woman or man. So when I look more deeper into my posts I see why this reaction is as it is even more when you add in the element of God into the mix. Like this post right here explains as well, people have love more connected to some other worldly thing that is pass human touch or thought. When you try and play God you shatter her or his ideologies and most likely cause a hostile reaction. We all want to ride in Wonder Women’s jet and fly around without feeling like its a jet that is doing it.  Ignorance remains hedonism utopia over reality. 




A close family member is recently going through a tough time due to his mother having cancer. She has lost her ability to walk and even eat properly. It is very sad and I have no idea how he is still able to have a smile on his face and continue on as if nothing is wrong. Sure, there are some days I see him lost in thought and stressed out, but most of the time you would think everything in his world is going as smoothly as can be. I remember he was telling my aunt and mother about this and one thing stuck out in the small conversation. “Its all on God’s hands now”. I found this odd since  not only because I am the dictator of the world and conversation police, but also because it made me think about the people that never really get the deserved credit. Why wasn’t she saying “Its all in the doctors’s hands now”? These are the men and women that actually are there when we need them the most. You can watch any movie and read any book when it comes to scenes involving doctors and death and see how the reaction is always geared towards God. Whether the outcome is good or bad its always God that is the target or the one that is most praised. Why? Why is it that cops, firemen, lawyers, etc are never the ones that get the credit for the hard work. Even for people as well like artists who win awards and thank God before thanking themselves. They are the ones that bled and sweat for their craft to be made. Why couldn’t they thank themselves and the people around them?

Its like this article right here  that talks about the movie “The Wolf of Street” and its main lead Jordan Belfort’s lack of consequences. That was one of the reasons critics dislike the movie because it showed a 3 hour party of Jordan’s character doing all sorts of crazy things without learning anything in the end. Pure glorification of a lifestyle that left a a ton of people bankrupt. Now, I am not justifying his actions but I am questioning why what he did was so bad on a grander scale. In one scene from that movie, the cop that is investigating him is offended after Jordan somewhat offers him a bribe to join him while talking to him on Jordan’s Yacht after he brings up how he would love to make more money instead of riding the subway everyday in the same suit. Later, Jordan kicks him and another cop off the boat as he goes back inside his Yahct to enjoy some food and women. Towards the end of the movie as the video above shows, Jordan is eventually caught and the cop that catches him gets the reward of catching him, but not really a lifestyle change. He is still the same cop riding the train everyday in the same suit well Jordan became world wide known and made a ton of money living life on his own terms.

I feel like people all around us want the belief of God to remain above humans at all costs. I feel one of  the reasons critics dislike the movie was because Jordan had reached God like level of power and success on HIS OWN terms. It wasn’t something that was magically given to him by hard work. Despite the fact that nothing is ever magically handed to anyone. Jordan created his own path and I feel people hate that. Again, I am not saying what he did was right but, I am also not saying it was wrong. Sure, had it been my family and me that got ripped off I would have a different take on that, yet I would hopefully have had come to the understanding that it was me that placed myself in that position. It was my idea to try and make some more money. Not God’s idea. People want there to be some Godly connection as to why they their husband or wife met at a certain place at a certain time instead of leaving everything as a Coincidence. Jordan didn’t seem like a religious man. He seem like someone that was a realist and wasn’t going to wait for some magic to land in his lap. The cop in that video despite doing the right thing ended up getting most likely a pat on the back and good job from his boss and that’s it. Would you have even known the cop’s name without the movie and connection he had with Jordan Belfort?  This Youtube comment down below explains what I mean in far less words: 


Scorsese wants to show us how the real hero of this story gets no credit for what he’s done, and Belfort, who, at the end, was nearly a monster, ends up selling his secrets to become what he was.





Perfection it seems is something better to talk about than to actually achieve. Its why certain Hip Hop music labeled as “Conscious Hip Hop” isn’t doing as well as modern day Hip Hop that sticks to the formula of drugs, money, violence, women, hyper-masculinity, etc. You have some that walk that thin line between it but never fully engaged as much as they could. To quote Jay Z: 


I dumb down for my audience
And double my dollars
They criticize me for it
Yet they all yell “Holla”
If skills sold
Truth be told
I’d probably be
Talib Kweli
I wanna rhyme like Common Sense
(But I did five Mil)
I ain’t been rhyming like Common since
When your sense got that much in common
And you been hustling since
Your inception
Fuck perception
Go with what makes sense  


Jay Z could rhyme as insightful and thought provoking as those two MCs who are known for rapping about certain topics and issues yet chooses not to? Why not? Well, I’ll respond the same and say “Why not” as well. The world is not going to change over night if Jay Z tells his fans to stop doing certain things. They will listen but more than likely not really care unless a new album or interview is coming their way. Jay Z has his style and its more geared towards aspirational ambitions. I am sure if you met one of his fans they would tell you how much he has influenced their life to achieve more. As much as conscious Hip-Hop gives us something to think about it won’t pay the bills. Yes, you can have hours and hours of conversations about what is wrong and what needs to be changed in the world but, that isn’t going to keep your lights on at the end of day. Or also going to feed your kids and wife either. People don’t have time to worry about issues outside of their home and life like I told my cousin before.   Money is not everything but it is a tool that will help you have more options in life than if you did when broke. It won’t change you as a person just your options. To wrap this up I’ll leave you with a video by Jay Z that I may use later also for another post. Again, I don’t know how all of this came about. By this I mean the world. Maybe there is a God maybe there is not, but one thing you can’t deny is that as humans we are making our own way as of right now. Jordan and Jay Z are different people but have the similar success stories. Jay Z was a former drug dealer that eventually became one of the greatest rappers of all of time. Jordan Belfort cheated people out of their money countless times in Wall street, yet he is still well known and a motivational speaker. What about the people that most likely tried to stop Jay and Jordan from achieving their success doing? Well, how about we wait for a movie or book to be made about them to answer that question. No, I am not saying that stealing and selling drugs is the way to go. What I am saying is to open your mind a bit and see how the game is really played. I am sure you have seen people at your job or heard about people at other jobs get their hard work passed over as someone else who does half of what they do get the higher position. Where was God then to right this wrong? Should that person have gone to church more and prayed while the other person was most likely partying not giving damn about that job in the moment?. No, what that other person did was make his move and went to the boss to ask for something better. He didn’t wait to be seen he made himself be seen. Success is not something to be grabbed and held on to. It is something that comes and goes by YOUR OWN work. You yourself have to deal with the consequences and rewards of trying to climb that long ladder. Only people that can bring you down is the crabs in the bucket. You can keep waiting for God to bless his magic on your wallet, health, family, etc all you want. It may actually be him that is doing it. Just have a open mind to also then realize it may have nothing to do with him at all. 



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