I remember back during my grade high school days I was going out with most would consider a solid 7-8. Nice butt, cute face, sweet when needed to be, etc. From the outside she was certified to fuck and also take home to mom. But, as I peeled back the layers after getting launched in the friend zone, I seen something much more darker than expected. Of course, I see it as dark now due to research, experience, awareness, and just simply becoming more mature in intelligence. But then, I just seen a woman who was hurt and just needed a shoulder to cry while I secretly waited for her to choose me again. I would stay up late listening to her stories about her ex, hatred towards her father, mother boyfriend, etc. My ear was her anal slave and she was emotionally raping it as I had the opposite reaction of Ving Rhames in “Pulp Fiction”. I just knew one day she would grace me with her “reward” of intimacy and love. Her boyfriend was a jerk and cheated on her over and over again. I would be there for her more than he ever can. Yes, I was in that mode around that time.I had no idea what I was doing and deep down she knew it. She grabbed the ball even and asked me out and initiated the first kiss. I thought this was the steps towards love and I was happily willing to walk up as many steps as I could. Little did I know tho, that she was doing the most work and hated it.

I had no idea because I was caught up in her looks and ass. Hell, I was even signing Akon songs and thought I “finally” understood what they meant. I was gone as a motherfucker to put it bluntly. While all this time the fact that she was doing all the work was about to be expressed in the form of a lion. At least, that is the way I seen it back. I was hurt at the reaction I got that summer day on her steps.I was following her around in her mother’s apartment doing everything she said. When kissing, she playfully said “My mother was coming GET UP”. I would jump up as she told me to hide in the closet. Moments later she would come back smirking and said “Oops. Nevermind”. This happens a few things and I just kept doing it. Fast forward later and we are on the steps as I am waiting for a ride. She looked at me and said “Do this”. She raised her hand up and down and then in a circle motion. So, embarrassingly yes, I did as she said. She started laughing and said something that at the time I felt was cold and heartless but, now I am glad it was said. I needed a slap of reality. She said “You are like my little bitch”. I just smile to play it off and she just looked at me before turning away staring at the grass. Inside I was confused. I was doing everything she said. I followed all the rules and made sure not the make her upset. I treated her like gold and never tried to upset or make her feel uncomfortable. I didn’t deserve that… Right?  

The problem besides not taking control and excreting some form of dominance in the “mini relationship” was a simple, and almost impossible to see or fix issue at that time with my mental strength and experience with women. The problem or, lack of awareness I had was one about the system in the context of  the male and female dynamic. You see, I was stilling looking at things through the Disney, soap opera, and fantasy driven eyes of a young man that stills believes wrestling is real. I was the young man that had not become jaded due to having a sense of reality based off romantic and “coming of age” teenage movies. I remember watching high school movies and using them as a rulebook/guide for my high school life. Yes, it reflected it somewhat but, that wasn’t the true nature of what was going on. Its funny, between watching those movies, hearing R&B and POP songs, and listening to advice from women around me with the same and older age, the fact that there was a  system going on was lost on me completely. I mean, very completely. From women getting compliments, homework done for them, money in the lunch line, special treatment from the teachers, etc the system was in play 24/7. I even remember one day I was sitting on the bleachers with a group of women in the pool area as I chilled and waited for swim class to be over, and one of the cutest big butt girls was using me as a back rest as she laid in between my legs somewhat. I remember sitting there for awhile before she looked back and asked “Are you okay? Is this cool” She gave a sincere laugh as I said it was okay. The girl next to her said “Oh yeah he is having fin. He is cool”. They both laughed and continued the conversation as I felt like I was doing something good. You see, the reaction the girl next to her had as I see it today was her basically saying “Be grateful she is near you lucky boy”. That is what happened with the girl I mentioned above. You see, besides my lack of masculine presence like I addressed before earlier, I was also aloof and ignorant of my “place” in the game between man and women. I had not come to the realization of the  food chain that had been in place decades before I was even thought of.  I watched the teen movies and seen the connection it had with reality but, I felt that I could break through that and be the main lead that gets the girl. Problem is, the lead role usually went to the best guy that can act the best. Not the prop and extras. They are only there to add to the scene while ironically not be heard or seen as important…. 




Woman hate when you break the rules and revel the game for what it is. But one thing the hate more than that is to be the leader of the relationship. Or, more so let it be known by the husband that they are. In the video above from the 2006 movie “The Break up”, you see this dynamic play out perfectly. So very perfect even, I got inspired to write down 5 more post idea from this scene alone. You see, when she says “It will be nice if you help with the dishes” he, her boyfriend was suppose to do this: Stop what he was doing, get up and walked to her, rub her cheek and kiss her forehead before saying “Baby, go and lay down. I got this okay”. Had that happened, she would of been a woman on cloud 9 and float away to the bedroom in a drug like bliss of wonder. He was suppose to follow the script and do not what he want but, what would make her the most happy. Instead, he says he will later after he finishes his game of “GTA4”. Big mistake in her eyes. She then proceeds to shame him for a minute until he threw down the game controller and got up saying “Fine. I’ll help you do the damn dishes” As he says that, she then says “No. that is not what I want”. almost like a acting or basketball coach yelling at a player for doing the act or play wrong. He asks whats wrong and she says “I want you to WANT to do the dishes”. That right there is where it struck me. Not from a surface level “You women are crazy! Blah blah blah” but, more so from a perspective of something much deeper below the surface that would of gone unnoticed to me years ago. 

Besides not playing the game, what he did wrong was allowed her to be seen as the boss. He, was not her boyfriend in that moment. He, became a extra and prop in her movie. You see, women complain when the relationship turns into a business but, they are very unaware of the regularity that they are accustomed to 24/7. Even if you are not in the 9-10 category as far as women are concern. They still receive treatment that they have taken as reality over once and still is a idea. Like I pointed out in my last post with the help of this video right here from Patrice Oneal  around the 4:50 mark. We men have made a reality that is separate from what really is going on outside of women’s world. Now, this is not a post to bash women or make it seem like I am angry with them no. This is me addressing concrete common sense when you really look at things objectively. Romance and love is a idea that we are invested in more than a woman is. Which is why I think they are the more logical sex when it comes to that context. My cousin wonders why his wife doesn’t do the things she does before in the beginning. Its simple, she is doing what she was suppose to do. Marriage started out as simply a arrangement. Love and “La la happy forever!” is something that we as men invested in with movies, songs, novels, poems, letters, etc. She is doing what she is suppose to do. If you want her to do those others things you most follow the script that makes her happy. If you want to do a different movie you are in for a shock. Compliments, speeding tickets gone, gifts, special treatment, government help, etc. Now, I am not saying women are not deserving of this no. Some women really do need help. I get that. What I am saying is they take what is and always will be a idea and have now accepted it as fact as gravity and death.  

What the guy did above was become apart of the system instead of breaking through it and blowing up the building. He did what every other did outside of the relationship. He was no longer a stand out in her eyes and failed the “test”. I have done the same thing early just as a test with a female “friend” just for kicks by saying yes to everything she wanted. The results I got where the same as this study that was carried out on a couple. She went along with it at first but, towards the end of the day just got mad and said “Stop doing that!”. I said what? “Stop agreeing with everything I say. You are like a robot I hate that.” She then later went on to say in gleefully fashion that she likes when I am a jerk without trying to be a jerk. I had already not gamed her but, just been myself. Back then long ago it would of been gaming and it still is but, now its a lot more of me with just a couple tools from the game book. The husband in video named Gary had became part of the system again and she hated it. Its not the fact that she wanted him to do the dishes, it was the fact that she had to tell him how to play the game and just get it. The fight continued on and on with him stating logic to her. All of this went out the window as “Romantic love” is and will forever be the end game for women. Our definition of love is only allowed to either be hers, or get approval from her with a lot of rewrites. Him explaining was only making it worse and worse. He could of broke down geometry patterns and it wouldn’t of matter if it was not allowing her to enjoy the show. Gary, like myself and other men have passed this off as women being childish and immature but, this is not the fault of them. This is a idea . You can’t blame them for something that not only them, but we men invest in as well. The idea has become a system and women know this more than we do. Its why a compliment, gift, men’s time, emotions, etc gets passed off as “Eh. Same old same old”. They are used to it. When you as a guy gets friend zone it is part of your doing, but also because you are no different than the rest. Stay in your place silly boys while we wait. Wait for what you ask? Well, its something I addressed in “Don’t Netflix your Penis” when I wrote this: 


 In that natural frame I was able to stop playing a role and just able to be myself with the awareness of what was once undisclosed. With this knowledge, I was able to have more authentic reactions to women and understand why they got me upset, instead of just lowering my head and hoping the emotional wave would settle down. I remembered when I first did this and how her reaction was one of shock and enthusiasm. It was actually a more unaware time in my life when this occurred but, I always remembered it to this day due to me slapping myself for not connecting the dots back then and laughing about it. I remembered calling the same girl that had friend zoned me “Lazy” when she didn’t feel like filling out application. Her response was first of laughter. Laughter in a “I can’t believe he just said that to ME” kind of way. She responded with “Excuse me?”. This, was my que to continue on and stick to my guns about how I really felt. I honestly did think she was being lazy for not just getting it over with. I should of kept my stance but, I ended up falling back on my words and laughing it off in a nervous way. 


What women are waiting for is a invasion from the norm. 





The reason why the above quote from me was a success without me realizing it is because I broke the reality and system she was accustomed to, not by forcing or showing her it was a system but, by simply invaded it. Take a look at this video right here until 3:25 or whenever you want to stop if the rest interests you. Its a good video on how women place men in certain boxes and expect them to stay. Here is his website as well that  shows the inside work of Pick Up Artists by displaying videos of him in field dealing with women. He also offers advice on social skills, motivation, conversation skills, dating skills, philosophies etc. In the videos you are seeing a man that understands what the game is between and is not afraid to shatter they’re everyday reality by invading it. Its one of the reasons why I got that reaction from the woman that had friend zoned me years back. She was used to me staying in my place until I peeked out of my cage once and almost escaped. Bad move in her eyes as she shamed me and made me crawl back in my place. While I stayed there tho, there were other men that came……. in her life without having to do a ounce of the work I was doing. For every 6 hour call I was giving her, the other guys gave her a half of hour and received more attention in ways I can never imagine. No, I wasn’t on the phone with her as she talked with him (Thank god it didn’t get that bad but, I am sure it would of been close to that) but looking back at how she cried and showed passion of hate towards him yet continue to take his calls, it showed me looking back that he wasn’t playing by the rules and just simply did what he wanted. He was invading the system and she loved him for it without realizing it. Every other guy that crawled behind her like a lap dog for a ounce of her attention was just apart of the game and nothing more. The men that showed the bullshit of this “idea as fact” logic was getting panties thrown at them by not acting nor trying to be something they were not. They, in the context of this situation were displaying themselves without filter or worries about her reaction. I have seen women being slapped on the ass, hair pulled, teased, spoke to in blunt ways, etc by the guys at my high school and not face any responsibilities for it. The women were like moths to the flame and wanted more of it everyday. I was able to get a 2%  peek inside that world due to me being a good clown but, I would never been able to even practice attempts in the same way what the other guys did naturally. 

“Hush THE FUCK UP bitch DAMN! I don’t want to hear that SHIT!”…. When I seen my mother and father argue and he said that I was shocked. Even more shocked that the next day they were still talking to each other. Sure, she stayed for the kids and also the fight wasn’t that serious but, the fact that he called my mother a bitch and got away with it was shocking to me. Why did my mother allowed this? There are many reasons why but, in rearguards to this post it seemed like my father was breaking her reality of what she “thought” she wanted to hear and instead got a more honest and raw response. Reasons they divorced later on in my opinion was because my father was too much in his nature and didn’t feel like hiding “The Bridge” anymore. My mother wanted the game and left to continue on. I bring this up because even tho she left and went on to find “better” the fact remains was that the marriage between him and her happened. He was able to call her a bitch and many, many other names and still be able to get her attention and love (Too much info). You see, my father yes is on his own path as well as her  but, this is not due to the definition of karma. This is due to his own doing in my opinion. There is no big guy in the sky playing his own version of the SIMS  messing around with everybody, by placing them in  problems to see if they make the “right” or “wrong” choices. He, my father lost my mother because he didn’t play the game properly in her eyes and was cast aside. That is of his own doing. I say we are alone on this planet and making our own rules . I believe that its hard not to. When you see guys invading women’s built reality and succeeding without consequences made me open my eyes even more to this red pill way of thinking. Sure, keys have slid across cars, clothes soaked in bleach, stuff thrown out in the streets, etc have happened but, for every guy that gets caught there are plenty more that get away with it untouched. We are the originators and inspiration for the movie “Don’t tell mom the babysitter is dead”. We are children raising ourselves and the parents are not coming back from vacation. The orphans of Mother earth. 







When I say that a man isn’t entitled to sex, I’m talking here about single men operating in this environment; and increasingly, men who are married to women who deprive them of sex. I don’t want to get into the whole “married men are entitled to sex” thing because that’s beyond the scope of the point I’m trying to make.

The point is that single men and single women aren’t entitled to anything — they have to earn what they want; prove themselves worthy of what they want. Yet, I constantly read posts and comments from disgruntled women stating that they “deserve” commitment and believe themselves “worthy” of commitment and “entitled” to it.

They don’t “deserve” commitment and they’re not “entitled” to commitment. They are “worthy” of commitment only to the extent a man deems that to be the case.

I read legions of posts on Facebook where girls egg each other on, talking about how they “deserve” a man who loves them.

No, they don’t “Deserve” a man who loves them and cares for them. They might get those things; but that does NOT mean they “deserved” it. It only means a man decided to give them those things for whatever reason — in an exchange for sex, to validate her, to attempt to get sex, whatever.

And if we are going to live in a world in which a woman decides that she has given sex in exchange for commitment; and then decides to withhold sex, then a man is fully justified in withholding his continued commitment. And he is within his rights in withdrawing commitment. He can and should withdraw monetary support, time spent with her, resources allocated to her, attention given to her, and continued fidelity to her.




Slavery against black people happened. No, this is not another attempt by a black man to enforce “white guilt”  on white people but, the fact remains is that it happened. What were the consequences of the people that enslaved my ancestors? Exactly. You see, it happened. A lot of things on this planet have happened without there being any repercussions for it. There are things going on behind the scenes we are unaware of but, with a little research will show and shock you. 9/11 to this day has not been called into question. Why? Buildings don’t just explode to ashes like that with some sort of bomb explosions. Why hasn’t there been any investigation into that horrible day? How can god allow black people to be hung on trees and beaten to death by whips? Where was he to stop all this? Was this the longest test in history so he can see if we would get it on are own? If so, why did those black people have to deal with that instead of having a beautiful life. We only think about slavery when it appears on TV or in movies. Any other time that is the furthest thing from our minds so, its like it never happened. All the movies, TV shows, history class, etc does is show us that it did happened and that it was a normal thing. “Morning nigger” was as regular as checking Twitter for what’s trending or looking at your Facebook to read the latest updates. I use that as just one example and reasons being is because in the video above she says “I don’t deserve this!”. Okay then, and what makes you think that you do deserve it? You listed cooking, cleaning, etc but, okay? There is no place you can go to, to receive a award for what you are doing. If we as men are able to invade the world of the system and not only not receive punishment but, authentic love, extra love, and passionate love then, what are they really telling you about love at other times away from Game blogs? To quote Kanye West:


  If I get in so much trouble for telling the truth, then the rest of the time, what are they telling you?  




I am not trying to compare game to slavery, murder, rape, etc. No, what I am saying is women and men as well are in their own house with the headphones blasting listening to R&B music, while outside there is nothing but random chaos going on outside. Aloof is just the tip of the iceberg to describe to this mentally of one. There is no one. When you look at the world in a pragmatic sense its hard not to see how this is not true. Just because she cooked and cleaned doesn’t mean she deserves anything. That relationship only works if the man is willing to play the game. If not, it just becomes what women wont admit. And that is, it is just sex. Sure, you can build a relationship based off books and movies bt, that is the effort you two put in. You won’t believe in Santa Clause pass a certain age yet, you will allow to believe in Disney love until the death of you. Marriage was a arrangement first. Hollywood has made it out to be something it is not. Its why some couples later on in life are able to have a open relationship. They understand he isn’t going anywhere and neither is she. Why not have some fun in the marriage that has become a business. The result? Well, nothing really religion wise. Cheating was frowned upon in the bible  yet, I know men who not only cheat but, have gotten young women pregnant and paid for the abortion. Result? They are still together. She is older at this point in the game and so is he. There is no more chance to restart this late. He does his dirt but at the end of the day he is back home. Deserve has nothing to do with it just like the above quote from “The Rational Male” blog commenter has stated. Now, the women in the video and other women in real life do deserve good things if they work hard for it. Men we can be selfish creatures and I understand it from her perspective. I have done and still do, do the same thing. If a man or woman takes you for granted you should and do have the right to move on so you don’t feel like a doormat. But do understand that there is no magical lottery ticket that is going to come by and fall in your lap. If you work hard at  your job and transcend by the requirements of what is expected you only better your chances at a raise or better position. You are not guaranteed something. No one is expected anything in this life but death and lost. Dinosaurs used to roam the earth and now they are gone. What makes us humans any special over creatures that were physically stronger than us? Doesn’t matter you say because we are smarter? Tell that to a Tyrannosaurus that is stomping towards you at full speed. Lets see how a big brain is going to help you against a force of nature as that one.  


Don’t play by the rules. Learn them and find ways to work around them. You will be shocked at the different reaction you will received from woman. I have seen woman text me photos of punching they’re fists through white walls, threaten suicide, and even threaten my life. I have seen the true nature of women away from what is displayed to the mainstream Media. Its scary at first but, at least its honest. How many times can you as a man hear “Awww that is sweet” and continue to be a prop or extra? She is the star of this movie. Make your own and invite her to your theater if she deserves it.  



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  1. Wow… this really saddens me, this post. At first it was insightful… after a while it became hurtful… can I tell you something? Those girls in your high school were sluts with no self respect. And those girls who wanted to put you in line and make you play by the rules were control freaks. Just like there are lots of dickheads and lots of decent gentlemen; there are also lots of sluts and lots of genuinely wonderful girls. Please don’t let a few hurtful experiences in your life, dim the beautiful light within you.

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