“Louie” is the hit TV show on the cable network “FX” channel that depicts the semi-autobiographical life of current stand up Comedy king Louie CK. It blends the lines between reality and fiction so paper thin that at times that I forget this is a scripted program. Like this scene right here which tells about his “feud” with other stand up comedian Dane Cook. Louie accused him of stealing jokes and, the internet ran with it which caused a riff between the two even more. The fact that these two were in the same room and added a real life conversation on a scripted TV show was puzzling in a good way. I sat there wondering just how real that conversation was.  It shows Louie’s character’s complete flaws and everyday life with a dark twisted comedy approach that details  everything from his fails with women, life, his kids, failed marriage, money issues, etc.

The show causes me to cringe and look away sometimes not because its bad but more so because of  the brutal honesty it displays in every Ep. It feels like I am Louie myself going through his situations. Especially in a scene like this. I have had moments that involved just asking a girl for her number that felt just as painful as that. “Louie” is suppose to be a comedy show but sometimes it falls in the drama genre. Which I like. I am glad it is not a constant machine gun fire style of jokes like “The Big Bang Theory” or “Two and a half  men”. Those shows have their place and I watch them too (Old eps of “Two and a half men”. Not the updated BS since Charlie left) but with “Louie” it shows a darker truth that nobody likes to confront and it makes it stand out more above the rest.

It is subjective when it comes to comedy but, I feel like when you express your darkest truths the “joke” hits the soul on the listener with a more authentic feel, than just a surface level punchline with no meaning nor purpose. If you are a parent or even if you have none yet, how can you not laugh with a extra “Umpf” with a scene like this. We all know parents love their kids to death and will die for them but, in the middle of that, I am sure they bring stress and misery to the mother and father like my personal classic movie “Thirteen” until they are mature enough to see them as humans too.  

cyndiApologies if this sounds like a extended version of a Netflix summery. I just wanted to give some background just in case you haven’t seen the show, and also some insight into the elements of the show. It connects with my post today after watching the second episode of season 4 entitled “Model”. I felt it was relating to my older and most liked  post to date A Moment of Chaos after the show ended about a hour ago for me. At the surface level you had Louie being rejected again by another woman and life in general, as he invades the world of the billionaires and trillionaires due to being asked by comedy legend Seinfeld to open a 10 minute set for him at a charity event.

Fast forward after bombing badly on stage, he ends up in a quirky one night stand with a model/Astronaut daughter. The theme of “Girls just want to have fun” fits perfect with this episode as the model seems like a women who just wants to run around and be free all day with no worries, while Louie is just a man who happens to be at the right place and right time. At least, for some of the ep. It ends on a happy note for him and a sour one for the model as her eye becomes damaged due to attacking Louie and tickling him too much. He ends slapping her in the face by reaction and accident and caused her to have permanent damage to her pupil. He later found this out after being slapped by her father and talking with the lawyer that , who then tells Louie you will have to pay them 5,000 for the rest of his life or until it reaches 5 million. All in all on a surface level it was a great ep that had me laughing all the way to the end like always. The thread of  brutal honesty in the show continues to be its bread and butter that shows why critics and fans alike love the show. 

After watching the show, I sat there and thought about what I saw. Yes, it was funny and showed how life can be hectic even in great settings away from the everyday daily mundane mess we regular folk have to go through, yet, I felt there was more to the “Model” ep. I started to see just how much it related to my blog and overall “philosophy of no philosophy”. Louie and the model were on the same path with different results despite not being in the same tax bracket. One was chasing and dictating his success based on what was right and wrong when in comparison to the 1% even if he wasn’t aware of it,  while the other in her had everything he wanted and seen just how silly him being there was. She seen someone not of her world and wanted to introduce something different but, more so chaotic. Louie represented her window in the jail cell. 




We are all chasing it. Success is something that is apart of us that we may never escape the grasp. We all want to have something that the other doesn’t have or, even if they do have more of it than them. Yes, we want success so we may have a better future financial wise but, also because we want to feel important around other people. It really to me is only for a show to put on for those not family. Sure, in some cases you want to even prove or rub it in the face of a mother, brother, father, etc that doubted you and your ability to make something of yourself. Even Jay Z has been through the same thing when it comes to his family. To quote lyrics from one of his songs off his multi-platinum 2009 album “The Blueprint 3”:  

“I felt so inspired by what my teacher said,
Said I’d either be dead or be a reefer head,
Now sure if that’s how adults should speak ta kids,
Especially when the only thing I did was speak in class,
I teach his ass,
Even betters what my uncle did,
I pop my demo tape in start to beat my head,
Peaked out my eye, see if he was beating his,
He might as well say beat it kid, he’s on the list” -So Ambitious 

I ask you, if you were on a deserted island for the rest of your life and you had these two options which one would you REALLY pick if you were being honest with yourself:

  1. Having all of the money, cars, jewelry, shoes, clothes, women or men doing whatever you want, etc you can ever dream of but, you and only you can alone can enjoy and see it
  2. Or, be able to have all of that but everybody in the world can see you and all of your glory on the island 

Which one would you REALLY want? Sure, from a man’s POV it would be alright to have all the women I desire that were there for me doing anything I say but, how long would that last if there was no one around to see it? If we are being honest, I am sure we would all pick option 2. I told one of my co-workers if you managed to make a million dollars yet be transported along with your money to the moon because that was the only way you can use it, what worth would it have then? That is the problem I watched Louie faced in the ep. It was just small details but the nuances are always more of a treat than the actual surface can be at times. When Louie is approached by Seinfeld about the charity and is told where its at I see Louie hesitate a bit about the location being in East Hampton. Clearly a high class location and out of his element. Seinfeld also asks can he perform clean and Louie once again hesitated at hearing this.

This began the thread of Louie being nervous about being out of his comfort zone. Even as he wrote out jokes on the bus ride there he struggled to come up with clean jokes as he ended up being stuck on “Chickens are dumb”. This may of been because he is a normally explicit comedian that is not known for Pg humor, but when you peek more deeply in my opinion you can see the nervousness of entering much richer world. Especially when he gets off the bus and sees where he is at. He instantly starts tucking in his shirt and looking around feeling inferior. That is the reaction that Kanye West was talking about in the video I linked before in my last post. Kanye west was explaining how you feel less of yourself when you see someone walk in to the same place you are in with a more better version of the product you both possess. You see this continue on as Seinfeld clowns him and forces him to wear the security jacket to hide the fact somewhat that he came to the event in just some jeans and his famous black T-shirt.

He later goes on to bomb on stage as Seinfeld watches from the back. He storms off upset after introducing Seinfeld and minutes later getting torched for a couple moments by him about the lackluster performance. Comedy wise no one wants to do bad at all. Eminem eluded to this when compared to being onstage in that type of atmosphere from 2:06 to the 2:38 mark in this link.  Yes, Eminem is a rapper and Louie is a comedian but there is really not too many differences. One just involves words in a more rhythmic fashion. When I look at him being mad I don’t just see it from that view. I see it as a man who bombed in front of the “more important” crowd and became upset at that fact. You really see the importance not only him but we place on money and success. As you get older you become more comfortable with what you have and understand your dreams may not all come true, but before that the dreams were there to begin with.

Its what drives us to get out of bed in the morning as I talked about in my first ever post. The above title “Get Rich or die Trying” is from Rap superstar 50 Cent’s 2003 debut diamond selling album and it embodies everything that I am talking about. It didn’t matter where he grew up and almost being died from getting shot 9 times. He was going to make it no matter what. Fast forward in his career and he has accomplished his goals money wise without question. But, he in 2014 came out with a new album entitled “Animal Ambition” and has another one coming later this year. The question is tho, why? He has “won” right? What purpose is there for him to make music. Sure, he has said he loves it for the sport and the feeling he gets when he makes records for other people to jam too, but when you have “won”  in this game of life how much motivation can you push out? Even on his latest efforts critics say he sounds tired and “Eh” like a man who already has been here and done that. Hip Hop fans as fickle as we are will be upset at him for not being as engaged as he was in 2003 but, logically can you really blame him? 




But during the set something was happening. A woman was laughing at his “jokes” as if it was the funniest thing she had heard. Maybe she was a little tipsy but not that much since she drove later on in the Ep. She was laughing like a maniac at Louie’s jokes despite them not being funny at all. Reasons being because he was awful. Why laugh then, well to quote Louie was “Very wrong for this crowd” the “whole thing was just a train wreck”. It wasn’t really the jokes itself but more so the situation of him being in that environment. When I looked back and rewind to that part I notice the love of chaos with her begin to take its shape. She goes on to say “It made my week. If you only knew what assholes these people really are and the fact that they all hated you, makes you my hero.” I seen a woman who looked at Louie and seen just how serious he took that performance as well as the event he was at.

She seemed like a woman who was glad to have a shake up in her life like actress Kristen Stewart said weeks before cheating on her then boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Her was a woman that had it all, and yet still seemed unhappy and not free. She picked up Louie in her car and drove to her huge house on the beach. As soon as she got there and ran towards the beach and stripped down to her bra and panties and jumped in the ocean. This was a woman that missed the struggle and was glad to spend that moment with someone who was not used to this. Louie I am sure has been in great houses before, but probably never with a woman as hot as her. This was out of his comfort zone even more but I am sure he as we all do seek this type of life. Yet, when you see this woman she had everything and still didn’t feel complete.

The model was chasing chaos and got that in Louie. As they flirted and ended up in bed, Louie confesses that he doesn’t do things like this. He never just hook up randomly with a Model. As he said this she just laughs and enjoys it more. Its like a man or woman taking a virginity. Its a power trip but also a break from the norm. Like when she somewhat mocks her father’s achievement of walking on the moon and  says his name while saluting in a deep voice prior to the bed hop. She became used to the 1% life and missed the struggle. Or, maybe wanted a taste of it since she more than likely was born into money. Well, later on in the ep she not only got a taste, but a plate for dinner, lunch, breakfast, brunch, and even a snack for later on.  



After the two of them were finish in the bed the pillow talk began for a bit until she thought and asked “I wonder if I can make you laugh the way you do for me?”. That then lead to a tickle war on Louie’s body which he hated. In fact, he hated it so much he punched her off by accident and ended up knocking her out cold on the bed. It was later then discovered that that she had serve eye damage that was going to effect her for the rest of her life. With her being a model, that is extremely not good. Like I said in the beginning of this very short post, Louie represented her window in the jail cell. That is a term I pharse and it means she was in a prison of her own choosing. She could of easliy left her nice comfortable life, took some spending change, and went somewhere deep in the city like a club she has never been before and party with the rough necks. She also could of lived there as well in a apartment that was nowhere near as big as her house on beach since she wanted to be free so much. Fact is tho, she didn’t. She just wanted a moment of chaos. Tip toe her feet in the water but not go all the way in. You see, she was just poking the dog of chaos with a stick to mess with it. We all do when we drink, do drugs, argue, etc. We all want just a taste of that rush but not the whole cup. Because once we do, it no longer becomes dangerous and fun. It becomes another system apart of the already everyday system of life.  

In order, knowledge must remain hidden to succeed 

That was the quote I used in my post “What’s, your reason”  when I describe why Jamie didn’t care about death as much as his brother did. I also added in the “Fight Club” movie about in which Tyler Durden character states “The first rule of fight club, is that you don’t talk about fight club”. The reason for these two quotes with the first being mine is, once something is no longer chaos it becomes a system. Eminem was once in a chaotic state career wise which made it more fun to watch. You didn’t know what to expect from him. Years later tho, we know the story top from bottom and are no longer surprised. He has become a superstar and future Hall of famer. He, has become a system. That is what happen with the model’s face. She wanted a taste of chaos for the rush of ditching conformity and ended up with permanent damage to her eye and creating another system for herself. Chaos was no longer the alternative but more so the norm. Now she really was in jail. No more laughing. 


To wrap this up I had a thought as I finished up this post. It may cause my blog to seem meaningless but, I already addressed that concern on a more wider scope in my first ever post. Just like the video above from “Baby Boy”. It deals with the scene and conversation from a money only based while I am trying to deepen the content a bit more than just a paper chase.

What I am saying is despite me observing, researching, analyzing,  interpreting, etc with this ep the show is already done. The characters have moved on and continued on their path. While I am here sitting trying to put pieces together of a puzzle that was never meant to be solved. It makes me think about history and the people that were in the action, and the ones that were out. Who really lived their life the best? The ones watching from the crowds or the people studying it and making meanings to attach? I am here breaking down a 20+ minute show that is already done and over it. Hell, season 4 is over with already as I type this out. I am here sitting down trying to paint a reason and logic on a blank canvas that was never meant to be painted.

I said in the “Whats, your reason” post that we as humans create our own meaning. I just feel like we are making our own history. There is no guideline or map to this that is standard and recommended for us to follow. At least while we are on here. There may be a God that will judge us in the end but we will never know down here. There are people out there that are in the moment and experiencing life as it comes, while the rest of us are just observing and trying to put air in a box and paint it. At the end of the show Louie gets a laugh and sympathy from the bartender girl that rejected him early. She later then offers to get him a drink and spend more time with him. There weren’t any thoughts about life, money, worries, kids, failures, etc. Just in that moment he had won and got the attention of the young bartender. Just “is” doesn’t require a breakdown. If it did, we would seek it and forget its purpose of no purpose. 

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