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As I finish up my new post I wanted to take a moment and add another “BTB” moment with you and share another influential person that inspired me not only in life but, also with women and dealing with things on a more concrete masculine frame. I’ll admit, when I first became engaged in entertainment I was only concerned with who was popular. If that person wasn’t well known then he to me was perceived as a straight to DVD movie when compared to one that made it to theaters. Harsh  I know but, when you are young your mind isn’t yours to begin with until mid twenties. That is how I viewed Patrice when I seen his special on Comedy Central one day. I didn’t even bother to watch as I just skimmed through it and turned after i would guess 1 minute into it. He wasn’t popular so I figured I was wasting my time. Due to this I missed a lot of great material live not only from him but many mediums of entertainment. Fast forward and a new mindset has graced me as I travel down the rabbit hole trying to understand life, women, death, etc. I stumbled upon this Youtube channel and instantly became hooked. I no longer had the mainstream goggles on and was able to focus on the material. Then naturally him as a person just added that icing on the cake. This was not a man displaying pick up lines or acts to try and win over at life and women, he was pure ID. Nothing was fake at this point in his life. He was that person. He was being himself and acceptable his flaws. He was no Brad Pitt but he acted like he can have any chick that was in Brad Pitt’s sexual market. I started to dig through and found his Black Philip series on the above link and was floored at the advice he was giving around that time. This was before the Manosphere started to catch fire and become as well known as it is now. He was ahead of his time on the ways women were. I laughed and shook my head in anger at his harsh truths and wisdom. It was so clear as day yet I couldn’t place it into words as he could. He made me start to reach down to the core of who I was even more and to accept myself as who I was. Eminem could be placed in this same category but with Patrice it spoke to me even deeper. 

Sadly tho on November 29, 2011 he passed away due to difficulties he suffered from diabetes. He had a stroke and los feeling through his whole body. Had he survived he would of not been able to move or speak again. Tragic for a comedian. If there is a god that sense of humor is a twisted one. He would later on die and survived by his wife, step daughter, mother, and sister. It happened in 2011 but, recently discovering him I felt the impact currently. I wish he was still around. His philosophy and message is needed now. Especially with how crazy things have gotten in this world. Guys like him are a special treat that only come by once in a decade. Thankfully, there are countless videos on the web that was collected by either fans, family, and friends that will live on forever. His message will be relatable years from now as its a constant battle with life and women as he has stated before. I watch one of his videos at least one a week. The video above is a sample from his classic comedy “Elephant in the room”. I could watch that now and still laugh as hard as did from the time I watched it a month prior. Truth is and will forever be funny. That is where the best jokes are made from. Pain being turned into art as always intrigued me. Patrice made it art, insightful, funny, and relatable with a simple execution that was hard to deny. He as helped me in relationships with women that have made me see just how silly I looked when I wasn’t being myself. Its helped me gain more arousal and attraction that I would of not noticed had I not found him, the manosphere, Eminem, etc. 


You will be miss Patrice. I think you knew too much and had to go. If there is a heaven, I am sure you are having a good time with those snowbunnies and making God laugh at his contradictions. Down below are some of my favorite moments from him that have help inspired and added elements to help me to write this blog. Thank you and enjoy. More posts to come ASAP 





Bonus. Here is his wife Von Decarlo. She has continued on his legacy by selling DVDs of his stand up, unreleased material, etc. She will be staring in her own YV show soon on the Centric channel. Check out her twitter for more details…… Yeah, not bad at all Patrice. Not bad at all 



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