As I have stated before in a previous post, my father is known for his exquisite and umbrage like tactics when it comes to the “art” of stealing. I have watch this man steal things that would leave you astonished and puzzled as to how he was able to fit large items inside of a small area (Insert Interracial Porn joke here). He is a professional level thief that has helped me gain many things I would have to save, scratch, and claw for if it was not for his burnished touch that would rival Jesus walking on water. Not only me but my family as well. He has helped place my items inside of our family houses to the point you would keep your blinds close in fear for seeing a speeding Rent-A-Center or Aaron truck driving around the neighborhood. Yes, my pops has many skills from being funny, smart, observant, etc, but the one thing that he is most known for is stealing. Which, from one side has its advantages but, from the other side when something goes missing the eyes and fingers automatically point in his direction like a incident that happened a few weeks ago. A tablet that belong to my brother had went missing and, prior to this my father had been making his skill turn inwards on family members due to some money issues. Clearly he was suspect number one and, who could blame my family. I even thought he had taken the tablet as well. It was too conspicuous and elementary not to assume it was him due to history and recent events. For a good hour while searching, me and my family criticized and  bemoaned my father’s past and future actions as we all blamed him for stealing the tablet. Stories of recent  frustrations over being fed up about this going too far had reached a boiling point and was about to spill over, until I looked more deeper under the sink and found the tablet inside of the box. As I did, even tho the box was found fingers was still pointed towards my father saying he planted it there for later. Clearly a lack of inadvertence on my brother’s and mother’s part for not keeping the toy hidden had gone unmentioned. The focus was still on my father’s past and contemporary events of taking. What made it even more worse is another event that happen in which he was accused of stealing yet again, despite only being upstairs to use the bathroom which was near my Aunt’s bedroom. Or, at least I thought until my little cousin’s expensive shades had went missing. Sure, they could of gotten lost some other way but, they was there when he left for work. Now all of sudden gone when he came back. The overreaction this time was understandably and justified. 


I bring up this little peek inside my family’s world because thinking back on it today it inspired me to write this post. My father was the one that was accused of stealing the tablet yet he was later found out not to be the one that had taken it. All while this was going on, if the tablet never was found, I clearly could of taken it myself and pawned it for a couple of bucks and gotten away with it scott free. There would of been no eyes on me whatsoever. The blame would of still continued to remain on my father, and cause the younger kids to lock up they’re items any time he was around. Sure, I could have save limited valuable items from my family from being poached but, the end result would make it worse for my father’s perception in the eyes of my family. Yet, would that of been completely my fault or his for even being in that postilion to begin with. All I am doing is making the score 1-89. Its not like he was on the path to change his ways. He was going to take again. What’s one wrongfully accused accusation going to do? That then lead me  to think about the consequences of exposing too much of yourself and the aftermath it causes. Had my father not been known as a thief the blame would of shifted to my brother for not keeping his expensive toys put up. The blame game would of went around the room to non family members and least liked as my father would of been left unscathed and unnoticed. But since he is at this point in the family a finished book that everybody knows the titles and chapters too, he becomes the first target to get the guns drawn on him. Had he maybe had more tact and not expose the fact that he would was a known thief or, at least not “Shit where you eat” he could of gotten away with stealing the tablet and made some money off it.


It goes to show you a example of what happens when you let people figure you out too soon. There is no more mystification left to be studied. They know your moves 8 steps ahead before you even begin to walk. Even my mother would say “Trust me. I know him like a book”. Great segway into the focus of this post and that being relationships. My mother and father divorce due to many issues but, I believe one of the main things that caused it was my mother finishing “the book” on my father and becoming bored. She even said he didn’t want to do anything but sit around and watch TV, or smoke some weed and call it a day. That was who my father was. It was his natural self. Which, women love but also hate. It has to be a balance. She had figured him out and needed a new movie to watch. Or, at least the same one but with new plot twists and growth in character. Never make it too easy for a woman to completely figure you out. They are the masters of conversion. Its why the dumbest girl can out smart the smartest man. We create the movie to help maintain they’re reality but, we also forget that its just a creation we are putting the effort into and become lost in our own bullshit. Which, women pick up on and become disinterested. Which connects to they way we view are TV shows these days when it comes to Netflix. After we binge watch a show we move on and hunt for something else to sink are teeth into. You, as a man must be able to direct more than one genre of movies and TV shows. If not, you will find yourself canceled. Don’t look at it as being dancing moneys but, more so enjoying the game for what it is. Who wants to watch a movie and figure it out 20 minutes before a development even happens? 



Do you even care about me??? 

Yeah, sometimes during the week 


That was a small example of the many things I have said to a female “friend” when we get into those types of arguments of her questioning my attention towards her. Her reaction to my replies are always the same yet still very funny due to the knowledge I have been bless with from experience and many blogs on the internet. Years prior I wouldn’t even have fathom saying something like this to a woman I was interested in. I would of play my cards right and thanked the lucky stars a woman was interested in a man who once practiced all of his summer vacation trying to master former WWE Superstar The Rock’s eyebrow. Walking on eggshells would be 50% of my focus while the other 60% would of been on her. I made sure not to rock the boat and play it safe along the way. Results? break up and constant friend zone. Even with women I was trying to get attention from I would be shot down. It was weird to me. I was able to capture they’re attention with my humorous ways, interesting thoughts, and even somewhat cocky demeanor. Yet, when it came time to seal the deal it all fall apart. Reasons being was because I completely shifted who I was to fit inside the perceived “This is what I want in a Man” box that they complained and cried about constantly. I remembered being on the phone with a women who friend zoned me after a brief relationship. She would complain about her ex and how much of a dick he was and wished that he was more romantic, kind, loving, etc. I was on the other end of the phone like a little girl waiting to jump in on a game of double dutch. Hoping I was going to get my chance to jump in and hop around in excitement. Every time I would attempted tho, I would crash and burn and become tangled in the rope. I should of smarten up and left the game after failing so many times but, I continued to stick it out hoping I would appeal to her reasoning  and it lead to my downfall deeper into friend zoning myself. It wasn’t until many years later when I stumbled upon a couple of blogs that related to my situation and described in detail word for word what I had been through. I soaked it all up reading everything until it became 2nd nature. Which, was the right way the end result should be. I say that because, women hate Pick Up artists because it HELPS men get women. Its not a genuine and coming from the heart as they see it. Its like a machine talking to them and not the real person. By me becoming engrossed with the information it went from a script to it actually becoming me. Not in a Robocop transformation but, more so a restart into what I liked. It reached the deep and forgotten core I had once lost due to being conditioned on how to act around females which I thought would get me results. Ultimately, it just did the same thing a Pick up artist technique  would cause and that’s a sequester from myself. I balanced it out by looking pass PUA skills and reading deeper into the game of man and women.

By doing this it became natural. In that natural frame I was able to stop playing a role and just be able to be myself with the awareness of what was once undisclosed. With this knowledge, I was able to have more authentic reactions to women and understand why they got me upset, instead of just lowering my head and hoping the emotional wave would settle down. I remembered when I first did this and how her reaction was one of shock and enthusiasm. It was actually a more unaware time in my life when this occurred but, I always remembered it to this day due to me slapping myself for not connecting the dots back then and laughing about it. I remember calling the same girl that had friend zoned me “Lazy” when she didn’t feel like filling out application. Her response was first of laughter. Laughter in a “I can’t believe he just said that to ME” kind of way. She responded with “Excuse me?”. This, was my que to continue on and stick to my guns about how I really felt. I honestly did think she was being lazy for not just getting it over with. I should of kept my stance but, I ended up falling back on my words and laughing it off in a nervous way. I explained over and over again I didn’t mean it in that way (The honest way). I cringe when I think about it now. She said “Uh huh” and the emotional hostage of my time I signed up for continued. In that small moment I had broke the reality and entered in a place unknown to me at the time. Its a weird paradox game women love to play. On one side they want that loving, sweet, and caring side from a man to be blessed on only her and her alone. Only from a man they are interested in or, more so a man that understand how the game is played and can carry them off they’re feet. But, they also know its not 100% him so they do little things to peek into his character. Try and see what makes him tick and pushes his buttons to get him out of that scripted mind frame that only leads to him getting her into bed. That’s why some women stay with the abusive boyfriend. It makes a lot more sense. He is being a more brute and honest version of himself. When he does do romantic things it stands out the most over the other bullshit because its out of character for him. It breaks the reality she was accustom to. Hence why new music always reigns supreme attention wise over last years choices, unless it became a big hit or classic record that will stand the test of time.

In the video above you see a man constantly shifting his character around prior to a women being bored. I don’t approve of being a dancing monkey as I said earlier tho, that video shows the natural side of relationships in a funny way. Its in our nature as men to complete a task and move on to the next. A woman wants the exact opposite and continue to strive for more and more. By breaking that reality of the person she thinks knows, it will help you out in the long term. Eventually she will be accustomed to this and learn what makes you mad and what makes you happy, but the journey of getting there will never be boring. Don’t do it in a way that comes off as performing. Only do it if it is something natural. Women can pick up on BS from a mile away. If she feels like you are doing this just to fuck with her it will cause a road down to break up land. My female “friend” wouldn’t react in a hostile way unless she felt it was real. Yes, I am breaking down the technical side which sounds like its coming off as manipulative but it is very far from it. I am just breaking down how car parts work or, how a TV show is set up. The end result is always what matters anyway. Which is what she approves of. Sure, she may get mad and want to cut my penis off for it but, she respects it more because I am not being fake just for the sake of getting her into bed. Why is the nice guy acceptable when she wants something but, the “Red Pill” way that has been dubbed “The Manosphere” seen has horrible? Both are semantics with the same goal. At least the other is more honest and reaches the core of what that particular man is, instead of what a woman would like him to be when comparing to the context of a romantic movie or book. It connects to a more congenital side that we as men have come to accept from women. Being stagnant has done nothing to help a man before. Being just yourself is only allowed during your Retirement home era. 



The best thing you can do is to regulate how much of yourself you allow not only your girlfriend but, everybody around you to see. I have done some pretty goofy shit in my past that I will have to live with until I die. If I try and block it out, my family will remind me. As a kid, I have dressed up as Batman and walked down the street with my mother despite it being nowhere near Halloween. I laugh it off yet still get a bit ashamed at myself yet, it would be nothing compared to that if my family or friends out out about some other shit that I can never disclosed. Ever. These, along with many other goofy and funny stories will always be the memory my friends and family will think of first. Any other info I decide to dish out will be limited. Privacy is key and should be for you as well. Too much exposure during this Facebook “Tell everything you did” era of the world can end up biting you in the ass. I rather be known as the crazy batman kid than something else more embarrassing. Its why I believe you should as a man keep your relationship with people at a Law and Order level. That show never ends but, you also have to wait for a new episode. Compare that with a relationship. If you do manage to find a long term girl its all about the spirit. Don’t expose yourself too much and have her binge watch your life. Keep some things private and wait it out. Same thing with family and friends. I am not going into a “Big Brother” like rant but, I am sure you have stories about people losing they’re jobs over a Facebook status, tweet, text, etc. That would of never happen had that person kept his feelings and thoughts private to himself. This also extends to women as well. We men can learn some tricks from them as far as disclosing information and keeping things private. Its why they are the better cheaters when it comes to men. With them, its a emotional investment so time and effort is placed in the long term. While men’s cheating is more so for the hunt and short term. We are more in the moment and enjoying the chase which backfires on us and causes a break-up. It would better for us to learn some tact instead of letting our dicks guide us. No, I am not endorsing cheating. If you are unhappy with a chick or vice versa you should leave. Unless you worked out some guidelines it makes no sense to waste that person’s time. No, what I am advocating tho is for guys to stop being so caught up in the concept that was build from humans and think on a more logical sense when it comes to this game of relationships and life. But not too much to the point you lose a sense of living by going hardcore atheist. Apologies for playing devil’s advocate but, as i stated in this post before:

Is the illusion really that bad if it makes people more happy than what reality can ever offer?  

I said no then and also asked if that is a good thing because reality will always win in the end but, okay, and? In order, knowledge must remain hidden to succeed. Not every man can become a MGOTW and follow along the lines with these same men and the growing movement. Society will not last if this knowledge spread like wildfire. So for everybody else what is the alternative? Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t it seems. We, I believe are alone on this planet and therefore creating are own meaning. What else is there for other men that can’t go they’re own way like they conditioned themselves to believe. Go through this world as caveman and be forgotten as if you was never here seems pointless. While being caught up in the system at least has some type of meaning towards it despite it being fake. Should men stay on the boats with thieves, or jump in the ocean with the sharks? 


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