In this modern day of Hip Hop music, the main themes that it is known for is the typical youthful painted gun, with an aimless direction that always seem to hit a stray bullet at established views, and future rules set down by the ground work of those before. The fire that sparks the bullet is a mix of rage and personal perceived misunderstanding from they’re POV as different package yet same version of cool, underground, non-mainstream, sexual expression, freedom, etc. The end results being the killing of old norms from the same bullets in the form of Money, hoes, alcohol, power, crime, murder, and a ruthless undertone of nihilistic and chaotic bliss. Yes, this is the Hip-Hop version that is most known from people today, and its hard not to blame them. But, the issue of “Hip-Hop” is bad is not my main argument. You can google that and find millions of articles and posts about that subject. No, what I wanted to do to help add layers to m,y new post was first establish on how Hip-Hop is looked at. Then, segway into the unseen and rarely talked about undertones of this genre that is barely paid attention too unless you are a Hip-Hop Purist. That being, the technical aspect of it. Because, music these days is seen as just another product to be sold. The feeling of it being something that was on the same boat as its supporters and fans is long gone unless you are too young to understand. Sure, you still have even its young fans that “Get it” when it comes to the business side of this genre more than any other, but still there is a lot more kids that just enjoy the music for what it is. Its not still, but always has been natural. No thought to it. It just is.

The music that is being sold now must compete with social media in the forms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, as well as iTunes, Apps, and other sites that sell stolen MP3s. In that sense, it has a wider demographic it must be sold to in order to be seen as a success. Record labels these days want nothing more than platinum results or else they’re act will be dropped within a year. Most artists are enjoying going the independent route but, even then that standard of success is still over they’re head. With all of that going on its hard to focus on how that person became placed in that position without being distracted by marketing strategies by the exposure of videos, radio singles, press, shows, interviews, commercials etc. The creative side in making a record for the sake in making record vs something perceived natural is a balance that has always intrigued me as I became older. There is a big difference between a record like this, and a record like this one. Both have they’re strengths and purposes but, one is more of a genuine flow, while the other is clearly focusing its attention on a wider appeal for radio pandering to try and sell some records, while the other is looked at as “Just happening”. No effort to it whatsoever. Make no mistake about it tho, both are trying to gain money and more recognition. As I said the differences would last for days but, the main issue is in creation, purpose, no purpose, and execution. The first link being current Rap juggernaut Drake’s “Worst Behavior” has all of the elements needed for rap and a hit song overall. Flow, production, lyrics, swag, cool factor, universal attitude, etc.  While the other Rapper named Manio’s “All of the above” in the second link’s record has the same elements in lesser degree but, it is clear it as a ending in mind. Its figured out automatically which causes the listener who is used to the Hip Hop landscape to pass it off as another product selling me something. The kids and people not too deeply invested will enjoy the record which is the point but, the majority know it is a record made for radio and more money. The feeling then feels separated from the invested fan. 

In the video above from the past hit TV show “Sex and the City”  brings this around for  my main inspiration for this post. Carrie, the main woman in this scene is describing three dates she has been on in the past two weeks I believe. Each of them resulting in bad outcomes as all three men at first displayed “normal” and “acceptable” behavior from her primary female imperative and society as a whole. Until, they reveled deeper layers to they’re persona and objective. They showed a more honest and direct side too soon and exposed the reality of a woman trying to enjoy the show. One man exposed his need for only caring about money, the other showed his natural anger issue, and the last despite being rich still stole children books. I am not agreeing with what these men are doing. Especially the last one tho, its understandable why he would steal doing due to being bored and needing the rush of the struggle again. What I am getting at involves more so the first two men. One showed he was in it for the money and therefore killing the genuine element. The other with anger issues displayed his more natural side and caused her and also the couple behind him to become uncomfortable.  What these two men did is what I am sure has been studied and researched countless times. This is blog is not a scientific blog but, more so a blog about observation and experience of humans, ideas, and thoughts. What they did is expose a element of a  unwritten social contract in humans I have entitled as  “The Bridge”.  A connection between nature and machine. One man shows he only cared about money (Machine) and the other displayed a side that is only seen by family and close friends (Nature). The bridge aspect comes into play not so much as just a balance but, a separation between what is and what should be. Too much nature and you are seen as a crazy and uncivilized. Too much machine and you become nothing more than a robot.  The bridge makes it seem as if it is all magic and part of the show…. 




Why can’t you be more respectful of my feelings and what I care about?” 

Alright fine. You are right and I am wrong. I am sorry okay. 

“Ugh nevermind” 

What now? 

“You are not sincere. You are just saying it just to say it”…. 


I am sure by now you have heard about the most recent massacre involving a young man by the name of Elliott Rogers in Isla, Vista California. He stabbed three men and shot 4 people outside of a sorority house on the University of California campus. It was a tragic event in which 7 people (Including himself) lost they’re lives. While the event in itself was bad, the issue that sparked more attention was the in the “why” this happened. Elliot was a frustrated man that felt like his life would be more completed if he had, had a girlfriend by his side that he can care for and treat as a princess. He posted some videos depicting his need for love and the many times he had failed. His jealousy brooded over onto women and the “Alpha” males as he seen people hooking up left and right while he remained a virgin. But one of the videos I watched and looked more deeper into as it connected with my post today was this one in particular.  From the 1:05 to 2:12 mark is where it sparked my interest about the “Machine” side of this bridge concept. He goes on to say he does everything that women SHOULD find attractive. He dresses nice, has money, very polite, etc. He goes on to speak as if he is in a job interview ad trying to win a position at a company. These are the things that  SHOULD get me hired automatically. I have completed the checklist and SHOULD be reward with this job. Now, he no doubt had all the right things that women do seek in a man with it comes to the security side. Problem is tho, he is doesn’t understand why just this alone is not working out for him. Yes, you did have all the right tools in your box. Any women logically should have been in your arms begging for more of your attention and love. But like I said in my last post women want to enjoy the movie and not worry about how the movie was made. You made it become more of a transaction than a actual “moment”. It wasn’t genuine. It leaned more on to the robot side of things. If you tell a woman while you are on a date that since you drove, paid for dinner, dessert, gas, and any other financial issues like mini snacks at the gas station that you had better be receiving sex afterwards, you can without a doubt bet that your chances are zero to none. Sure, if you say it in a way that lingers between movie scene and romantic novel you may receive sexual comeuppance but, more than likely a woman is not going to accept being treated as a prostitute. Women think that if we expect sexual gratification later on that we are not be sincere about are actions. Problem is we are. No, we don’t expect panties to be dropped as soon as you enter the house but, we still want a chance on getting you inside of the bed. No just a flat out “No” before we have a chance to make a move. By me even addressing this I am seeming as manipulative and scheming but, I am clearly not. I am just addressing the “is” in this situation from a handbook style lesson. I would never talk about this on a date or causal meet up with a woman unless the conversation was aimed towards a end result of just debate and not sex. That was Elloit’s problem. He was painting the scene from a more deliberate, somber, mechanical, and monotonous place. As I said women know what the game is. They always have ever since they were younger and knew how to play they’re cards to the full advantage. That doesn’t mean tho that they want to escape it sometimes and live in the reality foreign from the one that offers them more treats.They understand why men act the way they do when it comes to them. So, why give it up so easily without the man working hard for “it”. Its simultaneous reality and the game driving in one lane. Yes, I know you want sex and, I may want sex too but, lets still play the game without me telling you its a game. If I have to, it breaks the fantasy and makes it more reality. Which is boring and not arousing. Don’t act just get it . And no, this is not me bashing on women or trying add more attention to the humorous “Women Logic” memes but, more so to help not just me but, every guy understand why acting as if you are deserved sex because you obtained items that SHOULD help you with women won’t work by itself. They wear certain things and trade sexual favors for certain men. Not all men. If they did, they will be labeled as a slut. Which, men don’t like for external and long term reasons and, women as well but it extends further than that. Women hate sluts because they give out the “reward” for nothing. They approach it from the more natural side of things which breaks the rules of the game and causes relationships to suffer. Sluts actually aren’t doing anything wrong short term wise. Its more so a unwritten social contract we are born into the moment we become aware. I believe the words slut, hoe, bitch, tramp, etc was used to shun and control women from they’re sexual desires that they deeply wanted to express back then. Thing is, we as humans built are own prison. Therefore, what was here before the prison? Back during the cave man days? There was no words to use that could stop a women from having sex with a man. I understood why it was needed in order to help built a stable civilization tho, a human is a human. You can’t get upset that a mosquito bit you, that a bee stings you, that a untrained dog attacks you. Apologies for sounding like a broken record but, it just… Is. 





This may sound weird and odd but, I actually respect old Klu Klux Klan members. Crazy I know but, I do. At least with them I know what I am getting. I know where I stand with them and how the end result will be no matter what conversation we have. He doesn’t like my race and wish we were no around him and his family. Cool. I understand it. I respect the honesty. Its not fake its how they truly feel. I don’t really respect younger tmembers because they are just following what they’re elders taught them but, older ones I get it. That is how they naturally feel about African Americans and I love it. Its not staged or contrived like most interactions with people are in this PC era of whisper and speak truth in private. Which is a problem now that is effecting this world in many ways. I mentioned Donald sterling before about what he did was wrong from a business level but, absolutely not wrong human wise. It was how he felt and it wasn’t from a script. The reaction he got to me was silly. It seem as if at home we were all angels and non sinners and never heard such things before. Bullshit. Same thing when Michael Jackson died. People forget all those jokes about child molestation and toys they said as soon as he became ill and lay to rest. I bring this up because are natural way will always be apart of us. We all get mad and feel like running somebody over with a car once they do something negative towards us or worse our kids. Its just how things really are. But, we all know we will end up in jail if we let are impulses drive us which makes up pump the breaks and not end up on Youtube from our local neighborhood. It still doesn’t stop the thoughts and feelings we have on a daily basis when we have a boss we don’t like, a child,  friend, boyfriend, and girlfriend but, we control that side to not end up regretting it later. When it comes to sex if you as a man act too desperate and forceful towards a woman you are going to be maced or end up in jail. Is it wrong human wise what you are doing? No and, I am not advocating rape so please don’t assume that but, from a social standard it is very wrong. By calling women bitches and evil creatures you are just expressing some steam that needs to be let loose and its understandable. Its just that, it will make you come off as  a butt hurt complaining man because you can’t play the game correctly. When a boyfriend is not meeting your emotional and sexual needs its only right for you as a women to step out and seek what you desire. The result if caught? You get the slut or whore label from his family, friends, etc. But what exactly did you as a human do wrong? Nothing except break society’s forced contract and standards of what is right and wrong. 

In the video above you seen the real and honest raw truth of what men truly think and feel when it comes to long term situations with women. Sure, you have some that will disagree and more than likely they do feel like the women they have is worth it. The rest tho are different. You may not hear a guy in this PC era admit that in front of the girlfriend but trust and believe its there. We are not looking for any deep meaning as much as women are. Its why I give them credit from thinking pass just flesh. We are hunters by nature and its in us to spread our seed as much as we can IF we can. I say that because you will see guys that have’t had that many options sexual wise and just settle for the first girl that graces them with attention. Yet I would place money and bet that if they had the options to proceed with more women they wouldn’t even consider turning it down. This is not another “We men are dogs and need it like water” because if you have paid attention to the news, more female teachers are sleeping and flirting with students more than any other time in history that I am aware of. That link is just a small sample of the many cases that have happened recently. One side its men and our porn, and the other side its female teachers and students. Yes, not every female is a teacher and in no way can it be compared to men and our porn consumption but, it shows a side that was once rare and only brought down on men. It isn’t just male perverts but also female ones as well. Its natural but still wrong from a enlighten level. Women’s sexual history is just as big as certain men’s count nowadays. Back then she would of been seen as a whore with serious consequences. Now, it is still bad if found out but, it is way more acceptable than it once was. That is the key word: Acceptable. Yes a women is free to have options but it can’t be expressed out there as simple and freely. There is still that “keep it hidden” undertone that roams below the surface. Sure, its cool to admit you like Porn and have many different sexual fetishes you want to express but, you know to keep that to yourself. It teeters too much towards nature and loses balance. There are men called bronies  that expressed they’re love of my little pony. I applaud them for letting they’re real desire come out and not be afraid of the stares and laughs from society. More should be able to be open and honest and, they’re are sub cultures out there for certain things. Its just that it will never be the main culture. Independent artists are doing more better than they once did in the past. It just that they will never be able to compete with the radio and dominant manufactured artists that dominate ears 24/7. Because the bridge is always the main goal despite the fact it has no destination. Its a  ignorant goal that will never be reached but still  must be pursued. 



The bridge is a only a guide that is suppose to help you. Not to be lived on nor hope it has a end result. It doesn’t and never will. Its just a separated between being too much a animal and too much a robot. You seen in movies how the married man gets turned down for sex from the women with almost ease like a Mother scolding a child. Then later on in another movie, when a man does something romantic and gets the girl to a point mentally she will almost do anything for him. The result will end the same way for the romantic guy like the married guy if he doesn’t keep the “magic” going. From TV, movies, commercials, songs, books, personal stories, religion, having kids, marriage, etc. Its all about keeping the “magic” going. In order,  for success to win knowledge must remain hidden. You know its a movie you are watching and those are actors playing dress up. You just in that moment don’t want to hear it.”Game” the named dubbed by the Manosphere is only a tool until it becomes who you are. Or better yet, reach the core of who you are as a person. They way the mainstream media is painting it is wrong and silly. Especially since it supports it without even knowing it. Overall people hate Catfish people, call girls, drug dealers, boosters, bootleggers, etc because it breaks the bridge concept and shows the world there is no bridge at all. Just because we know we are going to die doesn’t mean we want to start looking for caskets early. For some lucky people the rabbit hole never begins or ends. For the rest of us, the bottom never looked more shorter than it does now.  







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