There is something peaceful in Chaos that I really can’t explain fully in just words. Its a feeling that feels free and almost therapeutic when something related to it happens. I love watching my family argue to a certain extent. It brings to the surface issues that were once hidden into the light and burns a thousands bulbs onto it.  The anger, yelling. fighting, and pure adrenaline fueled passion that is seen in these fights sparks a fire in me as well that I can’t take my eyes off of. I noticed my love of it more and more as I got older and seen it not only my love of it inspired from my home but, everywhere around me. I seen how much chaos plays a part in everyday interactions whether I was at work, school, hanging out with friends, etc. Its the rotten under belly that drives many conversations, thoughts, and ideas. You see the real truth of a person character once they are allowed free range to let loose and expose how they really feel about a certain subject or person. 

In music you can see it plain as day. The artists in Hip Hop especially. At one time rappers like Jay Z. Eminem, 50 Cent, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Dr.Dre, etc were once they talk of the town. These were the artists that drove the mid-90s and mid 2000’s with they’re music, headlines, power, attention, etc. They still do except for two due to being taken off of this planet way too soon but, now the artist that remain are seen more so in the business light. You mention anyone of these people’s names and you will get a reaction of “Oh yeah I like they’re music a lot. They are cool”. After that, these names become a after thought unless current events call them to be thought of again. Sure, those most likely are mainstream fans that like music for the sake of music but, even the ones deep into Hip Hop will treat these artist the same. They used to gain more attention and enthusiasm because it was at first chaotic. The wave they rode in on was unpredictable when they’re careers first started. There was no formulated single, interviews, collaborations, etc. Everything at that time happened because it was natural to a certain extent. They’re music came from a place that was not staged and organized to fit radio. It felt like we as a whole were apart of a movement that seem to never stop. As time progressed and they became successful tho, they started to become predictable. It was no longer a movement and more like a event to sell more tickets and merchandise. Once that happens, the fans move on to something that still feels new and fresh. Its why mainstream music is hated by underground music lovers. That feeling of not knowing what will happen next is still a rush and exciting. It connects to nostalgia. Back when the world was a scary place that you couldn’t control. 

You see it when a new artist, or a artists makes a run in music. A new artists represents a change in order as well as a artist that’s been here before and is finally getting his or her deserve shine. The two latest artists to do that is rapper Lil Wayne and Drake. Now, I am not bringing them and Hip Hop as a whole constantly so younger viewers will hear about my blog but, more so to help paint a bigger picture of why I am inspired by Chaos. Lil Wayne in 2008 sold a million copies in one week in a time that still is extremely bad for music from a business side. Big name artists weren’t selling nor around during that time when he accomplish such a feat. Prior to that he was on countless songs, mixtapes, videos, etc. He had gained a following that was hard to imagine and without a doubt stop. He at that time was the biggest musical figure in Hip-Hop and I believe sold the most units in that year in any genre of music. He caused a shift from the big names and directed all the power in himself which lead to signing a rapper by the name of Drake. Who at this current time is the hottest rap artist of this generation. His musical style has shifted the way Hip Hop sounds as a whole since 2011 and hasn’t stop. He was a new artist that broke the mold of who was a big name and became one in his own right. The chaos aspect is seen here to its full effect. Yes, hard work brought these two men the very deserved success but, also the under layer of that is due to the fans wanting something new to cheer for. Lady Gaga as well in the Pop world caused a shift with her chaos and made the women step up they’re game on the red carpet, music videos, songs, style, etc. The fans bring them up only to tear them down to make room for something new so they can do it again. In WWE the current megastar is John Cena and is hated the most. The WWE company causes him to win the most because he sells teh most. The crowds have hjacked shows due to seeing him in the top spot constantly. They once was on his side but, due to winning so much it has become normal and no longer genunie. The crowds have then gotten behind wrestlers like Danial Bryan, CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, etc… 

You see this play out in women as well. Which, can help you out in the long run game and attraction wise. Women all day hear the same old compliments constantly about them being “Beautiful”, “Lovely”, “Stunning”, “Sexy”, etc. They see the same actions in every single guy with the hope that they can get a chance to take them out on a date or even skip to the point of just having sex. Once you see through this system you can use it to your advantage. Romantic movies that women soak up are not based on pick-up lines and practiced conversations. Its a flow to it. It shows the man coming off as genuine and honest as well as the interaction in itself. No explaining done on his part. Just a natural feeling of things just happening. It has chaotic undertones to it. Take for example the incident that happen with Pop star Rihanna and Chris Brown around 2009. Everybody would agree that what he did to her face was dead wrong. No questioning that. Any other alternative approach to that would result in a man getting his head cut off. Which, crazy enough is a good thing. Now, I am not saying you should cheer and give praise to what Chris Brown did, no. What I am saying ask the right question. Mainly, what caused him to hit her? Was he provoked? Should she have gone that far in what she said? etc? Say this around woman and hold your stance and you will be amazed in the emotions that will spiral out of them. Maintain your stance and you will gain respect for it. It broke the reality of what is suppose to happen and be said. Underneath that they secretly want things to get messy and a bit out of control. You have heard about women and rape fantasies right? Why is that? Isn’t planned and organized love making more hot and sexy? It ca be but, nothing to a woman would be more hotter than a man taking the lead and causing a little danger in the mix. A woman doesn’t like peace for too long. I have seen the women in my life constantly going towards nonsense that they can easily fix but never do. Its not about a solution but more so the “is”. They know how a sex novel will end. Its not about that. Its about the pressure and build up. How many times have you said “Hurry up I don’t want to miss the trailers” when you go see a movie? The trailer’s build up is always more fun and exciting than the actual product itself. Perfect is boring  to quote and link one of my favorite blogs. Elliot Rogers tried to be perfect and he seen the result. This quote from my favorite blog as of now would of helped opened his eyes: 


For all a man’s very imaginative, creative, endeavors to manufacture a romance that will endear a woman to him, his ‘trying’ to do so is what disqualifies his intent. For every carefully preplanned ‘date night’ after marriage, there’s a college girl swooning to bang her boyfriend living in a shithole, sheets over the windows, furniture from the dumpster, pounding shitty beer and sleeping on a soiled mattress on the floor. Romance isn’t created, romance just happens, and it’s a tough, but valuable, lesson when men come to realize that a happenstance bag of skittles, or a ring made from a gum wrapper at the right time meant more to a woman than every expensively contrived ‘romantic getaway’ he’d ever thought would satisfy her need for lofty romance. –The Rational Male 


Chaos as I said brings a ironic calmness to me. It is needed I believe to help people from being in a drug like state day in and day out. Life can seem that way most of time. Its why we go out to parties, do drugs, drink, argue, fight, etc. It in that moment we are free to not be who we want only but, free from definition of what is right and wrong. Its like taking a lion and placing him in a Zoo. He is a lion. He is not meant to be caged up and told what to do. It goes against nature. The people I work with at my job complain about certain things as I do as well but, they never see how much they enjoy the complaining more than the doing. As I told my cousin before its more fun to complain than to actually do. It is more fun to stay in that negative space and be brought down with the crabs in the bucket. There is no point, reason, view, ideology, or long term goal in chaos. Its nihilistic and empty which in a weird way brings comfort when it happens. It shows that not everything in life is all roses and sunshine. When a celebrity death occurs you feel the world as one connecting. Same thing also when the towers fell in 2001. These two things on not on the same level but, you understand what I mean. One of my favorite villains in recent history is The Joker from “The Dark Knight” eludes to this also. I remember one of my favorite quotes of his being:  


Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am, I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it. You know I just, do things


That quote and many other of his connects to not only my first post but also the blueprint to this blog. I am sure I will have a “Behind The Blog” post about him in the future. He represented burning houses, explosions, murder, death, suicide, etc. That is the side of the world we like to hide from ourselves yet love to watch from a distance. I am sure you have took time to watch videos involving fights, car crashes, chases, sexual fetishes, shoots with cops and thugs, etc. Its fun to watch but never be apart of. Yet, if not then what is the other alternative? The system right? Chaos has no goal and the system only has one of control and illusions. As much as we complain about the system we sure as hell don’t want a complete destruction of it from this context. Just a moment of escape like dipping our toes in death but never all the way. Which then brings up the question do we really want freedom, or just windows in the jail cell?…


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