As you already know from my previous post I am a fan of wrestling. It started out around 1999 when I was channel surfing and seen a match involving former wrestler/son of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon. He was at time beating up his Wrestlemaina 15 Opponent around that time X-pac. Watching it, I instantly became caught up in it without knowing the history prior to the events that lead up to this “beat down” in the ring. In that moment, I just knew about two guys going at it and hating each other. That approach to viewing wrestling was not only for that brand of entertainment, but also in movies, music, books, etc. The story was more important and anything outside of that was not noticed, researched, and plain and simply not of concerned. I just wanted to enjoy the show like I eluded to in my post last week. Which, I believed only touched on the female side of the equation when discussing being in the moment. In the video above and several other sites that have models and comment sections, you can see a myriad of attention being placed upon these models from the hundreds to thousands. Some are just links to other sites that people use for a tool to promote themselves, but even then they know the impact and strength these females command when it comes to the pictures they display. Other comments involve negative opinions from men and women ranging from “Whore”, “Fake”, “Slut”, and even in some cases “Die bitch”. Nothing shocking tho in the anonymous era of hit and run when it comes to the internet. Then, the rest of the comments are from men displaying everything from they’re sexual fetish, bank account, feelings, and worship on the pics and vines they comment on. This is a inverse modern day version of Fairytales for men for the women they place on a pedestal, and honestly for some reason hope they read and place focus on them. Yes, these models know what they are doing and understand the consequences when they place themselves out there but, that is just one side of the coin. These women are placing a image out there to market and sell. Its a very pragmatic approach that makes sense from a business perspective. No blame on them whatsoever. But, they also have to understand they are not just selling pics and videos. They, are selling porn like dreams and fantasies that speeds up the biological system from the male point of view. Add that with the ideal of finding “the one”, the  type of girl men should seek, and the constant images of what is deemed “Bad” and “Sexy” in the form of women, and you have a million men passing by the full dinner plate of women and only seeking fast food and dessert version of them. Now, as I said that is not the fault of women. This is the new era of women and you can’t blame them if the men haven’t adjusted to the change and develop a blueprint. But, as I briefly touched on there is another side of the coin that they help cause by displaying themselves out there. They now are subjected to being seen in just one light. Humans have many faces and hats we wear on a daily basis when we interact with people. Its just normal and understandable. But in this case these ladies that are seen by hundreds, thousands, and even millions, they become one size fits all for men and even other women’s prejudices, experiences, qualifications, and personal dogma. This is the show and the audience is just picking and choosing who they’re favorites are. Problem is after the show when they go for a autograph they expect to meet the Character. The actor is the real fantasy… 




One of Eminem’s most successful songs career and creative wise is called “Stan”. It is a song about a obsessive fan that becomes consumed with the image and lyrical content of Eminem’s style around that time. He had posters of the rapper all over his wall, dyed his hair the same color as Eminem, collected every song, imitated cutting himself like Eminem had said in a song, and even waving to him on TV as if the Detroit born MC was waving directly at him. The song ends with the fan driving over a bridge killing himself along his girlfriend because Eminem didn’t response to his fan letters in time. The reason I mention this song is obvious but, also because Eminem is one of the most personal artist of our time. We feel as if we know everything about this man. From his drama with his Mother, girlfriend, addiction to pills, school life, suicide of his uncle Ronnie, etc. We feel as if we are connected to this man passed the music. The fact of the matter is tho, we don’t have a complete picture of what goes on behind closed doors of his K-mart mansion. Only what we see and hear on TV, radio, and songs. He himself even stated this before with the lyrics: 


I already told you my whole life story
Not just based on my description
’cause where you see it from where you’re sitting
It’s probably 110% different –Eminem (Beautiful) 


That is what guys have to realize when it comes to these models they see on Vine, videos, tumblr, etc. Sure, what is being presented to you is the highest level of fantasy and approval when it comes to what we seek surface level wise from a woman but, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever seen this women without any make-up on? Seen them upset? Watched them during they’re period? etc. Doubtful. If you did, it may not be that much of a shock to you but, it would certainly decreased your effort in doing the same sexual acrobats you once would of died to prove once you seen how they are behind the make-up and tight clothes. You’ll see just how they are no different than the women you see on a daily basis. This isn’t to generalize but, more so to let you understand just because they are behind the screen or have a mini cult behind them doesn’t make them any different than the girl that works at Mcdonalds. Only difference is one was able to widen her vision and gain more financial gains then the woman who only settled for a semi-stable job. There are other factors to add in as well as to why the same girl is not in the same position as the model but, its pretty obvious why that is. A dark and cold pillow to swallow that centers around shallowness but, it is what it is. Some women are granted certain things that the less then pretty girls can achieve. Which, works out for them in the end due to having to work harder than the next. Yes, the model will be good money wise if she correctly saves her money in the end but, the girl that was not handed everything on a sliver platter due to her looks will be better off in the long run by having to dig her hands in the dirt and get more messy to achieve more than what was given to her. Those are the girls that should get more attention but, the truth is Burger King looks more fun than a regular home cooked meal. Does it mean its better? No but, the image and attraction of being popular is always a factor. Its easier to get and quick to be made.  What dudes need to do is look at it from a different view. Yes, she is sexy now in those clothes and, the first couple months of dating her would be great for you bragging wise but, understand you will have to be with this girl more than a couple of minutes. The same length of time you spend with “her” during those late nights when you need to, “release” some frustration. She doesn’t disappear once you exit the tab. She will still be there even after you have, “came” to your senses. Will you still feel the same way after you are not as horny as you once were? Are you willing to put up with her trivial ways if she offers nothing but her looks and sexual skills? I am not trying to turn you off completely from them. That is impossible. Yes, its fun to read this and think deeply for a bit but, we are men and we have Dicks. We have needs and vices when it comes to women. Its just nature. What I am trying to help you do like I did when it came to wrestling is understand the reality of it. These women are not cartoons and objects that will “bark like a dog” do as you please and not get mad, sad, indifferent, etc. Sure, if your game is tight you can get a woman to do anything you please. Some will even extend that submissiveness pass the bedroom if you maintain your frame. But don’t assume that it will be like that with your suppose dream girl. She can’t get on the pedestal without some help from you. A woman is not born on the pedestal. A rich girl from a wealthy family only gets attention and power from other people. Without us, that power and money means nothing.  With that, I segway back to the concept of women enjoying the show with more layers to add to it. The movie stars, athletes, rappers, etc they love so much are also just as human as the roles they portray. 





Kanye West is a asshole, douche, arrogant, megalomaniac, self-centered, etc. I am sure if you have paid attention to Hip-Hop music and the media news your opinion about this man is around that area if you are not a fan of just his work. I understand. I am a fan of his but, I can see why this is the impression he would give on to certain people. But, one thing I admire about his career at this stage is you are getting him. Not a look or a image but him. His latest album “Yeezus” was a polarizing effort that left the fans of his music divided.  They were used to one side music wise of Kanye and ended up with something completely different than what we were expecting. I at first hand and still do find the undertone of what he was doing as not only a smart move, but also great and intriguing. He felt like he was being boxed in and needed to restart. He broke that image of what he was becoming and gave us something new. Or, more so human. It has its flaws and contradictions but nonetheless its him. Its always him. As much as the stars hate TMZ I enjoy what the show. Yes, if I was in there shoes I would hate the paparazzi in my face 24/7 but, from this distance and blog purposes it gives us a different view into how these celebs act and feel when off camera. When I see Kanye West react in this way as the paparazzi invade his space it shows a normal reaction. A human reaction. He is not worried about endorsements at that point. Just simply making space so he can get to his destination in peace. 


In the video above, the mistake that video model Jenna Shea made when she was flown out to visit Rap superstar Lil Wayne was that he was exactly like he portrayed himself to be on his songs. That is the mistake women  make when they view these stars on the big screen or in songs. The fans, attention, images, style, power, status, money,etc that these men display will have you confused that what you see is what you get. Sure, a glimpse of who they are is seen but, you have no idea what happens at they’re houses unless the media pounces and catches them off guard. Donald Sterling, former Clippers owner recently just lost his team due to comments he made with his mistress on a recorded phone call that were racist against his NBA legend Magic Johnson, and also his own team by sounding like a modern day Plantation owner. The opinions of him being like this is noting new to those inside the NBA but, they were passed under the rug due to people knowing that’s just how he was or, simply not caring. The reason I bring this up is because of the reaction it caused from society and the NBA as a whole. People were “shocked” and “appalled” as if Donald was the first man to make comments as these. People acted as if they never thought nor talked about these things behind closed doors. Same thing also with the Jay Z, Beyonce, and her younger sister Solange incident that happen last month. They image they showed to the world or, the ones we help create in a way empowered them as a flawless couple that never had any issues. Always perfect and in love 24/7. A live version of a modern day romantic novel. Once the video of the couple’s life became exposed tho, you had the media eat that up as they’re rumors and opinions about the couple began to take shape as fact. Problem is, the situation that happen with them is just as normal as with any family in this world. Its only exaggerated in this instance to God like heights due to the couples accomplishments and world wide attention. It made them seem normal and regular which I believe actually helped them out. Later on, it was brushed under the rug and seen as a private matter as it should be. Yet, it still helps in showing what I am talking about. In that, these men behind closed doors are not as Superhero like as they seem. I am sure if these female fans were to spend more than a CD or Movie length time with these Celebrities they would have a completely different view of them then the one they condition themselves to believe. Now, I am not here to make it seem as if I am above all this and so enlighten passed my flesh. I myself too still would struggle if one of these beauties came around me and more than likely want to open up my pandora box of sexual ideas. Thing is, I also realize that there is more to them than just a cute ass and a pair of firm tits. I wound’t allow myself to get caught up and lose myself just because I have a pretty girl near me. If I did, I would be sure to bet they’re attraction on me would decreased if I placed all my energy on them. If I betrayed my beliefs and self just so I can bed them would surely long term wise cause a break-up or distance.


There is a show going on between both sexes that we know about. Its hard to ignore once you reach a mature age to understand the game of life that clashes with the reality of it. But nobody goes on a date with someone hoping to hear every detail about the person on the other end of the table, or side when it comes to the bar. We want to hear your best sell and hope the fantasy matches up with ours for a long time. Nobody I believe fall out of love in this dance of  dating and possible marriage. I believe once the trailer ends, movie posters get ripped down, and the film comes to end as the credits begin to roll, we start wanting to look for another movie to watch. Which brings up the question, is the illusion really that bad if it makes people more happy than what reality can ever offer? I say no but, is that really a good thing to be happy about in the long term when reality will always win. Sooner or later we all have to get up from the seats and exit the theater and walk back outside. 







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