If ya smellllllllllll. What THE ROCK. . . . . Is cooking.


This catchphrase would invade, dominate, abuse, and torture the ears of my fellow 6th grade female classmates, as eyes would roll and sighs sprang out constantly from they’re lip glossed, metaphorical sassy bullet loaded, and slightly candy coated mouths to the point Coolgate toothpaste would no longer need to invest in commercial marketing, due to the free advertising from they’re pretty little mouths.  My teacher seemed to be ahead of his time as his head would shake repeatedly to the point you would think he was a co-inventor of the Gif as he heard and watch me say terms as “Suck it”, “Rest in peace”, and call any other male friends a “Jabroni”. Yes, wrestling for me and Vince Mcmahon the owner of the company as well money wise was bringing me much smiles, laughs, anger, sadness, etc. Emotionally fixated in a Spiderman like web tangled my spirits in circles and knots as I made myself a comfortable cocoon separated from the mundane and stale reality of life. My pupils were experiencing a lite version of MDMA as they view explosions mixed with real time cartoons and exaggerated 90’s Cartoon Network violence, as I seen men bleed from steel chairs, barbwire bats, and yes even thumbtacks.  I watched fans in the crowed areas scream in pleasure, as they’re favorite Superstars spoke on the mic or dropped signature moves on they’re opponents as they held up signs that pushed the envelop of freedom of speech every night. To semi-quote one of the most humble and nice people in the music entertainment business today, you couldn’t tell me nothing at that age.  I was in heaven as I sat in front of the TV watching every move these comic book hero displayed every night. Nothing would break my reality…… That is, until my Father or older cousin would walk in the room while they’re mouths released a haze of air that would make a Cancer patient’s last days more relaxing from a rolled up dark brown wrapper, and say the reality breaking words to me: 


He is not really punching him. FAKE”…. 

No matter how deeply I dug a hole in the dirt and created my own version a rabbit hole, they’re burning arrow like words of truth and reality would still be drenched  in gasoline and find a way to aim perfectly and pierced through my skin. Tho, as much as I hated it back then looking back as I did with my last post, I am glad it happen. It kept me from being too deeply in graved in wrestling to the point I start acting like this guy later in life when women, work, and furthering myself financially wise should be my main concern. Yet, It didn’t stop tho me from being lost in the ignorant moment while suspending my disbelief  for  a couple of hours and, that was the point. You see, the reason for this “Back the the Future” like rewind is only a small yet important part of the main reason of this post today. Reality and red pill is nothing new for this and other blogs but, while looking back and understanding my current views on wrestling now, it had me thinking on how it related to seeing reality in a new light, while also understanding how women view us men and the Game of relationships. Like I said and ended in my last post, Ignorance is bliss. And with women, its more ironically honest and truthful than you would believe.




With age comes knowledge of what is real, fantasy, and fake. Santa clause is dead, some parents married because of children, rappers and singers have ghostwriters, etc. I would be here all day if I listed everything that is no longer deemed real as it was when young and full of chocolate milk. With that, that also means wrestling would obvious not be viewed in the same way I did when I was much younger. But, that doesn’t stop me from still watching the product even in my 20’s. “How?” you say? Well, its not in the same way a kid would view it or, the way a women would view it when they wrestlers take they’re shirts off and start wrestling with each other but, its more so in a business like way. It started happening around two years ago when one of the hottest and popular wrestlers by the name of CM Punk dropped this epic promo on June 27, 2011. I at the time was about to give up on the WWE due to seeing the same thing over and over on a constant basis. I was on my compute and had it on mute until I decided to un mute it and hear what he was saying. I was shocked and intrigued to say the least. He was, “Breaking 4th wall”  as the entertainment industry likes to say. It felt real and honest despite the context of where this was being seen at. After that, I had got addicted to this type of style that was being presented in WWE. With that, I cruised on the internet and manged to find out about “Wrestling smarks” and the “Online wrestling community”. Before that tho, I had been viewing a certain Youtube wresltling reviewer and his videos were slowly showing a different side of wrestling I had never seen or even bother to think about before. They broke down the product on a business and intelligent level that made me regret even being that deeply involved in it like I was in grade school. As I continued looking, I managed to find two reviewers I visit on a regular basis to get they’re insight into how the show went this week, with also some backstage news and the politics the company is pulling that were once blind to me. Here are a few samples:   






Since then, I view wrestling from different eyes and also in that process  killed any imperative of how I used to invest my attention on the show. The point being of this extended talk about wrestling is that this was one of the first building blocks of my path towards understanding life on a more pragmatic and technical base. By viewing the show in this light I was able to grow up and get rid of childish things somewhat. Childish in the sense that this was a “Magical” and “Otherworldly” experience that was 100% genuine all the time. It made me stop seeing that things were always fair and everybody would have a chance at being a champion. Fact is, not everybody in that company matters. Yes, for TV time to fill up a void some do but, mostly its about making the Star of the show more bigger so more money can be given to Vince McMahon and put into the company. Fact is,  as a wrestler if you are not seeking other options to expand your brand and decide to wait until Vince and the creative team notice and give you a chance, you are most likely going to make a good check until you get injured and be cast off  aside for another young talent. Sure, wrestling is people’s dreams and I get that but, in a dream who envision themselves as second place while other person gets the shine? 

As you continue down the rabbit hole you start to see how viewing things from a business side effects everything around you. From some friends, family, movies, TV, music, etc. It starts to look like the music of the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s that still had some element of genuineness  seem like a alternative reality now. This relates back to the theme of this blog and, my philosophy in general. Once you cross that bridge towards a more concrete view of life, you start to understand that what was once there was never really there to begin with. You as a person was making it seem real when, all this time it was just a condition or another way to make money for people you will never see behind the curtain. Especially when it comes to relationships between man and women. Women I believe understand this transitional motive way before we men are onto the game. It is conditioned onto us to act in a certain way, why a majority of women growing up are given a view of the world that is not on the same level as men are taught to view the world. But, I believe women are not as aloof as it seems as they age with us. I just believe they are just are ahead of the curve way before a man is able to catch up. Yet, if a man does and try to invade another way of viewing things they will be met with eye rolls and anger. Yes, they know its game and dance between man and women but, that doesn’t mean they want to hear about it. 





The smell of the food invades the noses as purses and wallets crack open to pull out credit cards or fresh green pieces of paper filled with men long gone from this world yet, still as or even more powerful than before. Colors of every candy you can image clash together with lights of arcade games, movie posters, and menus that light up to display pictures of food and drinks with number tags under it that make you think you were looking at restaurant style prices. Heads lift up all around as red letters float across a digital screen that showed movie times and directions to help guide you to your destinations way before GPS became a necessity. Minutes later, as the butter becomes buried in the bright yellow popcorn while the sound of ice slowly melts inside of either a Coke or Sprite soda, you enter inside of the dim light theater and search for a seat. Talking, advertising on the screen, cell phone lights, chair screeching, and hands digging around inside of the medium or large popcorn bags fill the room before the commercials on the big screen fade away and the lights follow suit. Trailers for other movies come for a couple more minutes before the main movie’s opening scene begins.  You are now on the mission to figure out the plot, character motivation, twists, history, etc. Welcome to the show. 


This is the equivalent and blueprint of what it is like to deal with the female gender in terms of interaction when in the dating field. Game is not something that I had thought I would write about on this blog. There are many other outlets   that cover this on a daily basis and can dive more deeply than I can. Yet, while looking back on my shift in ideas and feelings about wrestling while also mixing in my experience with women, I seen a connection into how in flows with game dynamics when understanding the reality we as men, fathers, and media create for women. I remember a recent story in which my cousin reveled to me about a interaction he had with a woman in his past. He said one day while he was coming home from work, he seen his then now girlfriend cooking in the kitchen and felt the urge to grab and kiss on her. He proceeded to do this but was halted in a instant by his girlfriend. He asked why and was met with “I am not that type of girl” and of course “I am not in the mood. Now, there are many ways to observe and dissect what happen in that situation but, I seen it in a way that inspired and reminded me of my lazy love for sitting around and watching movies.


What had happen to him is, he was displaying something that was just very natural when it comes to men and are need for sex. There was no flowers, foreplay, teasing, etc. It just got straight to the rotten and ugly core of what this cat and mouse game is all about. It was too close to reality. Women I believe as I said earlier understand the game from a early age and know for a fact that it is a game. I’ll give them credit for wanting to reach pass just our flesh more than we do but, at the same time it is not in the same wave length with what really “is”. I am sure you have seen a comment online under a picture of a very attractive girl with examples like these. You think any of those men really will have a chance to make it pass a hello from a women if they said that to them in real time without the benefit of being anonymous on the internet? Hell no. Sure, women enjoy it for the attention it gives them but, these dudes wouldn’t be left alone with these women. Why? Simple. Just look at what is being said. It hits to close to what it boils down to. Sex. There is nothing flashy nor romantic about it. It just “is”. These men will be labeled as a “pervert” or “creepy” when in fact its just a natural response.  But that is one thing that ironically honest seeking women hate. To quote one of my favorite blogs and try to continue to add the most links on one post more than anybody else: 


Women NEVER want full disclosure. Nothing is more self-satisfying for a woman than to think she’s figured a Man out based solely on her mythical feminine intuition (i.e. imagination).


It breaks the illusion and takes them out of the moment that was never really there to begin with. Women know when a man is trying to flirt with them and, sometimes he succeeds in getting her number due to her being polite and just trying to get him away from her, but, the flip side and other reason he not only gets the  number but, also actual genuine enthusiasm is because the game he displayed caught her attention. She knows he wants her in a sexual way but, he placed enough filters over the obvious to gain her attention and “sweep her off her feet” as the old yet always current saying goes. It connects to viewing wrestling in a more business like sense because now it gave me more understanding of  why my interactions with women had failed. They KNEW I wanted them and, it kill the mood. When a women is watching a movie, she does not care about the actors background, creation in set design, specific camera angles, make-up techniques, box office numbers, etc. Same with music. They don’t care about the reason, creation, and time spent on the lyrics, concept, production, studio selection, producers, etc. They just want to dance to the hook and sing they’re favorite part in the song. Its quite funny when you realize the nature of human mixed with the creation of the dating and marriage is one of the biggest contradictions of all time. We as men from a early age are forced to always be pragmatic, honest, real, and focused when it comes to dealing with this world. Women are as well but not in the same way a man must deal with it. And that’s okay if you can view this from a objective point of view. I am not expecting women to change. They have and not in a way most men are able to deal with but, its all about letting the genie out of the bottle. There is no way back in. Pandora’s box is open and nowhere near close to closing.


The best thing that happen to me I believe is getting my heart stomped and crushed by my first perceived “Out of my league” girl back in the day. She broke up with me, friend zone me, and then started messing with someone close to me. My world was crushed when all this happen. Everything I thought I knew about me and girls was shattered. It broke my reality forever and later on I understood it was for the best. I am now glad it happen early than later. It was humiliating but needed. I, from then on started to see things in a more honest light which then lead me to find wrestling reviewers, and other outlets as I alluded to in the last link online that was on the same path I was on life wise. I understood my problem and knew I was being a try hard and acted too caught up in the idea of love. She seen right through the facade and knew it wouldn’t last. Crazy seeing as I just explained how they love being in the moment right? Yes, but only if the moment is close to genuine as it can be when concerning the man’s side. If not, everything else falls apart for them and they see right through it the act. 


Women want to simply enjoy the show. The best thing you can do is understand this and help them create that scene without being too caught up in it yourself. Let them feel the wind on there face and hair as they wave they arms around while you control the direction of the boat. Don’t try and join them. Understand why you are doing what you are doing, and then just let it be free with a long leash attached to your focus. She will thank you later for it. The medium is and always will be the message. Its why even at this age I can still watch WWE and enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy it back then. Ignorance caused me to have more fun and be lost in the moment but, as you get older that can be dangerous. Its better to be prepared with some tools or end up taken advantage of. So once again: 






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