Behind The Blog


Besides being lazy and giving myself more time to think and write out more material, I decided to add a post dedicated to certain videos (More videos. Yeaa!!!)  that helped inspired me, and also distract you while I stir the creative pot inside of my head.

This first post I am certain will be many more to come from Philosopher, Writer, and Speaker, Alan Watts. I am glad I stumbled upon him one day on Youtube. Besides being a fellow Capricorn I felt like he understood life in the same way I see it. Granted, when I first started listening to him I had no idea what he was saying. Naturally, I stepped away from his words and went forward with other things.

Which, is the best thing I could of done. Its amazing when listening to him now how in sync our thoughts are. No, I am not on the same level as him but, none the less, I was grasping and understanding what he is saying a lot more than I did a couple years back. Ego wise,which I know he was not really a fan of, it felt good that I was coming into these ideas and enlightenment he had came to himself in his teachings without ever listening to him, or, anybody else philosophy wise as deeply.

This video here I feel sums up how my thought process is as well as two more other videos below I will post. I have another post I am working on that is in tune with these three videos that will be coming as soon as I find the medicine to get rid of this procrastination. Easy right? OF, COURSE. Anyway, thank you again for your time in reading my blog. I am just getting started.  


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